Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Not Gonna's the LAST SHOW! Go watch it yourself!

No blogging. Will enjoy my favorites show's demise with my double chocolate ice-cream and maybe some wine. Enjoy everyone. Lost will always be my life. The end

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Hyperventilation and Excitement, No Picture Necessary

***LIVE LOST BLOGGING of Episode aired 5/18/2010***

Previously.......starts us off and we re-cap the crap ass killer episode.
Beginning with Jack's eye again and we are off island in sideways time line and Jack has his neck cut. His son is there at his apartment. They are having a great morning. It's sweet. "Don't get weird."
YEAH Clare is there with them for Breakfast. Phone Call: Oceanic airlines has located the cargo --> Jack's Dad in the coffin, except that the phone call is actually the evil Desmond trickster.

ISLAND - Morning on island. Jack is treating Kate from the gun shop. He stitches her up just as she had done so long ago. Kate is reminiscing about Sun and Jin and concludes that FAUCKE MUST DIE.

A life jacket appears on the beach on the Island. Hugo stands near Sawyer and Kate. The are all forlorn. Jack joins the,. Three left and another wreck brought them back to the island. Jack informs about Desmond's existence in a well. They are heading to look for Des.

OFF ISLAND - Locke is at school rolling through the parking lot. Ben sees Des and starts screaming. He starts punching Ben so Ben will remember Des on the island. Ben does have a flash of island memory.

Finally see Ben and Miles with Guyliner walking through the jungle. I love Miles awesome one liners. Ben hid C4 in his secret room behind the bookcase. Miles is hearing dead people. He said Wonky. Awwww Miles is hearing Ben's daughter who has been burried. Ben is sad. He walks to his house to look for the C4. Ben explains to Miles how he could summon the monster via the secreter room, in his secret room. Ben opens the safe and gets all the C4 to blow the plane to hell. They run into Whidmore and Zoe at his house in New Otherton in the kitchen. How did they not run into each other before.
So is this before last week, before Faucke leads them to the plane and then teh sub and he takes the C4 and puts it in Jack's pack back?

STILL ISLAND - in Kitchen. Ben is not trusting Whidmore. He warns of their last chance of survivor. Oh good. This is now, not before last week. Jacob had visited WHidmore to get him back on the island. Zoe warns of Faucke.

OFF ISLAND - Nurse is working on Ben at school. Locke questions Ben about the fighting and stuff. Ben says he thinks he may have saw something. The man, Desmond, was trying to get Locke to let go. Desmond now has shown up at the police station where Miles and Sawyer work. Miles is getting ready to go to an event. Des goes and confesses to being the suspect in both instances of attacks at the school. He runs into Sayid and Kate who are also in the jail.

ISLAND - Going to look for the well. Sawyer questions Faucke's want to kill Desmond. They talk about the bomb blowing up. Sawyer knows he should have trusted Jack. Hugo stops along their walk, because he sees something strange. He runs into the kid that has been hanging out around the island. The kid wanted Ilana's ashes, because they were his and he is lil Jacob, yes? And it turns out that the kid is Jacob....I think. Oh no, when the ashes burn out, they will never see Jacob again.
"You should get your friends, we're very near to the end Hugo." says Jacob.

Fsaucke steps back on the planks on the Island. Zoe make sit back to cabin. There is lots of fast stuff. Ben asks for the walky talkies. Zoe and Whidmore are off. Miles goes too. Guyliner wants to talk to Faucke to get him to leave them alone. "Good Luck with that." So smokey carries Guyliner away. Ben just hangs out on the front porch awaiting Faucke. Faucke says its just the man he was looking for and take out his knife. Faucke says that he needs Ben to kill people for him. He will give Ben the island all to himself. Faucke asks about the rigger. Ben confesses it is Whidmore and tells Faucke where to find him.

OFF ISLAND - Ben runs into his fav student, Alex. She offers him a way home. Ohhh, Alex's man is crazy Danielle, from the island. AWESOME! Love seeing her again. Co que vin night? Danielle is happy to have Ben there with her. Danielle explains that Alex's father died and that Ben was like a father to Alex. So sweet. He is tearing up.

ISLAND - Ben lets Faucke in to explore his closet containing Whidmore and Zoe. She is armed Ben warns. Ben wants to see Faucke attack Whidmore. Ben lead Faucke right to them. Faucke kills Zoe immediately. Faucke wants to know something from Whidmore. He asks Whid to whisper it is his ear. Why is Faucke threatening to kill Penny? Faucke wants to know why Whidmore came back. He explains it was Desmond and his resistance to electromagnetism. Don't whisper Whidmore! Whidmore does whisper something to Faucke so Ben can't hear. Now, Ben shot Whidmore! Ben says that Whidmore doesn't get to see his daughter. Faucke is impressed by Ben's willingness to kill.

Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Hugo get to speak with Hugo now. They can all see Jacob now. Kate is angry with Jacob. She wants to know that Sun, Jin and Sayid didn't die for nothing. Jacob is now going to explain why they died. Jacob is going to tell everything now. One of them gets island duty after he tells them everything about the island. Of course like Seacrest, we go to commercial, before we learn anything.

OFF ISLAND - Locke goes to see Jack in the hospital. They talk of Jack's son picture. Locke explains how he threw away Jack's card and how strange it is that they keep running into one another. Then Locke says that Desmond says he was there to help Locke let go. Freaky deaky. Locke admits that this is happening for a reason. They have a Fate conversation and Locke says he is ready to try and get out of the chair.

ISLAND - The 4 plus Jacob are together at the fire. Jacob begins his story.... Jacob says he made the monster and the monster was trying to kill him. Sawyer is pissed at Jacob for messing with his life. Jacob says he didn't pluck any of them out of a happy existence. They were all flawed and alone. Something they couldn't find. Kate was crossed off because she became a mother. But she can have it. The light at the center of the island must never go out and must be protected from him, smokey, the man in black, Faucke, etc. Jacob wants them to kill the monster. They hope it is possible. Jacob is giving them a choice to determine who shall stay and protect. Jack says that he should do it. It is why he is there. Jack wants to be it. And it is TIME.

Now they are just staring off into space. Sawyer makes a joke about Jack having a God Complex. The bamboo field where Jack landed, the light was nearby. Jack was confused. Jacob gives a cup of the water he has blessed. Jack asks how long will he have to do the job. "As long as you can" says Jacob. Jacob says to Jack, "now you're like me."

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer says that they are shipping all the prisoners to County Jail. Sawyer and Kate have a moment between the bars. "Nice knowing ya" Sawyer says. The three prisoner are in the back of the police transport vehicle. Sayid tells Kate that Des is crazy. Des has a plan to get them out of there. They have to do what he asks them to do and promise they will. They said, ok. Hey, Anna Shows up! She lets them all out at the dock. And it's Hugo giving Anna the money. Cause they never met. Hugo is taking them somewhere. Desmond is taking Kate to a concert, to get Jack?

ISLAND - Ben is walking with Faucke. Faucke explains he likes to walk cause it reminds him that he was human. Faucke is looking for Desmond and sees Des has escaped with a rope. Faucke says that someone helped Faucke out by allowing Desmond to escape the well. Now Faucke says that Desmond will help him destroy the island. Desmond is a fail safe....okay?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - UM WOW, which is different from SHAM WOW!

*****SPOILER POST - LOST LIVE BLOGGING to Episode from 5/11/10*******

Floating boat parts and baskets..... And there is WHO? Who is that? When are we? I know where we are? Is this the birth of the brothers, Jacob and Man in Black? Yes, yes it is!
The stream, seen so many times....Wait am I watching the Island on LOST or the West Wing or a Kaiser Permante, au-natural commercial? Oh it's Claudia who landed on the island pregnant and is found by the West Wing's Allison Janney. Claudia and Allison Janney are in the cave, where Jack found Adam & Eve, way back in the 1st Season. How nice. Now they speak English. (THANK GOODNESS)

Uh oh. Baby, coming?
Yup, baby birthing....the yugo way. Push push push. That is NOT a new born baby... but whatever. Jacob is there, born now. Lovely. Now here, comes the "other baby". Mom says she only picked one name. He is no name baby and in a black blanket, while Jacob wears Black. Then the President's future Chief of Staff punched out Jacob's Mom.

Younger Man in Black maybe, find a black box that he can play a rock game. Jacob goes to play the rock game with Man in Black, but they can't tell mother about it. So the Press Secretary is still alive, weaving. Jacob lies about what the teenaged Man in Black and him where doing with the game. This is very biblical. There is a giant sea turtle. I like jim. Mom goes to talk to the younger Man in Black (MIB). Jacob told his mom about the game. Their Mom tell MIB that he is "special". The game came from their Mom and she informs that the island is all there is. Awww MIB doesn't know what dead is.

They're both chasing the boar! Why do they always have to wear black and white. The boys come upon other hunters on teh island who look like babrians a bit. They hide from them, then run back to tell their mother of the barbarian men. The Mom is worried about the people. They are there for a reason. The Mom will not explain the reason yet. It is not time yet. She says come with me and blindfolds them. She leads them somewhere blindfolded. The Mom says she has made it so that they can never hurt each other. She leads to some glowing part of the stream that is like a cave. Mom says don't go in there and it is light, the warmest and brightest ever. MIB finds it beautiful. Every man wants the light. The men will try to take it. The light cannot go out. Mom says one of the two brothers will have to protect the place. She just says, "It will have to be one of you."

MIB and Jacob playing their game. MIB made up the rules. MIB sees Claudia standing there and she says to not be afraid. MIB runs off to find the woman (his Mom). Jacob can't see her, because she is dead. She wants to show MIB where he came from....a place he's never seen. She leads him to the encampment place. The people came their 14 years ago. Ther were in the ship wreck. Claudia informs that they came from across the see and that she, the dead ghost is his mother. MIB seems pissed. He sneaks off to Jacob who is sleeping in the cave. The go tromping through the woods with a lighted torch. MIB says that there mother is lying and that he is going to the people. Jacob begins punching and yelling at MIB for going to the other people. MIB tells Allison Janney that they don't belong there, and that she killed their mother. Jacob says that he will not go with them. MIB is told he is never able to leave the island. He says it is not true and one day he will prove it. He runs off.

Mom-Janney is watching the ocean and does not think MIB will come back. She admits she killed their mother and that she needed Jacob to stay good and that is why she killed her.Jacob asks why do you love other brother more? She says that she loves the brothers in different ways. She begs Jacob to stay with her and he agrees.

Jacob is the one we now know, he is weaving. Mom-Janney is getting old. She is tired. Jacob is looking after MIB (wonder what he told the people his name is). The two brothers are playing their game. MIB asks why Jacob why he watches. Jacob wants to know if Mom is right about the people and whether they are bad. MIB says that they are indeed all bad. They are selfish, greedy, etc. MIB thinks they are a means to an end, so that he can get off the island. Jacob believes that is impossible to get off the island. MIB throws a knife and it sticks to the well, and it sticks. The magnetism is strange and the people living with him have found something. Jacob doesn't want to leave the island because it is his home.

Jacob returns to his Mom and explains that MIB may have found a way to leave the island. Mom goes looking for MIB. She stares off at him then follows him down a tunnel of what looks like the Temple where he is heating coals in a fire. She always asks him, if she may join him when she comes upon him. MIB has been searching everywhere for the light that his Mom showed him and Jacob before when they were younger. They argue, because MIB wants to know what the island is and Mom will not tell him. But MIB has found the glowing place some way else, behind the rock, hand-made wall. MIB is making a wheel to channel the water and the light. The same wheel at the end of the season before last of LOST. Mom begs for MIB not to go. He says he doesn't belong there. Mom says that she supposes this is good bye and looks teary eyed at MIB. They hug. Mom says she is so sorry, then kills MIB by banging his head against the rock wall. WOW!

Jacob is awoken by his Mom in the cave. She says its time. They go tromping through the woods. The go to the stream, toward where the light is. He asks what's down there. Mom says it is the heart of the island. Jacob must promise that he will not ever go down into the light. She pours Jacob some wine. When he drinks the wine it means that you have accepted to protect the island. Jacob complains that she has wanted MIB to be the one to drink. Mom says it was always supposed to be him, Jacob though. She begs him to take the cup and drink again. He does. Now she and Jacob are the same, so she says.

See MIB laying in the grass with a bloody back. The well has been destroyed. Black smoke is scene and the people in the hutches are burned and dead. The camp is afire. MIB finds his game. He is distraught and then turns angry faced.

Mom has changed her tunic to white? Maybe, I can't remember. Mom sends Jacob to get firewood before it rains. He says I'll see you back home. When she returns to teh cave there is already a fire and the woven blanket is destroyed. SHe finds MIB's game and the two stones. She is killed with a spear by MIB. He looks sad and asks why she wouldn't let him leave. SHe says because she loved him then says thank you and dies. He has tears. Jacob comes upon them. He attacks MIB and begins punching him. He then drags MIB to the cave of light. He knocks MIB out and sends him down the stram to leave. The light goes out and then out comes the smoke monster. Uh oh. Scary! Jacob is confuzzled. He washes his face. He then sees his brother laying on a rock dead, stuck in a tree. He cries and hugs his dead brother. Jacob brings his brother back to their cave. He buries his Mom and MIB with the black and white rocks.

FLASHBACK to the rocks being found by Jack and Kate, and their discovery of "Adam and Eve".

Jacob says "Good-bye Brother." Then we fade out to some Doors.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - With All That, I Need Some Candy. Apollo Bar anyone?

****LOST SPOILERS - LIVE Blogging to Episode on 5/4/2010.******

Begin OFF Island in the hospital as Jack wakes up Locke. Locke is disoriented as he is awaking from Jack's surgery. Jack questions Locke about treating his spine. He calls Locke "A Candidate" for a new procedure they are working on. "I can fix you" says Jack. Yeah, Peggy Bundy is here and tears and hugs and love.
Peggy hugs, Jack and says thanks for saying him.

ISLAND - Lack awakes in a boat. Jack is on Hydra Island, so says Sayid. We now see Sawyer's group with Kate, Hurley and Sun/Jin group at Hydra, at the cages. Sawyer pulls a gun, Whidmore threatens to kill Kate because she is not on the "list". Then, Whidmore talks to his peeps and requests that they hurry, because, "He's coming..." He must be Faucke of course.

OFF ISLAND - YES it's Bernard. I love him. His last name is Nadler. Jack wants to get a patient file for John Locke. He is looking for emergency surgery details on Locke. Yup. Jack, Benard was on the same flight. That's right! Old Ben asks, why Jack is so interested in Locke? Apperently Locke was in an accident with his Dad, Anthony Cooper. Car accident??

ISLAND - Jack is getting out of the boat. Sayid explains that there was a mortar attack. The group has scattered into the jungle. Faucke tells Jack that they have to rescue Jack's old boat group. Faucke is trying to rally them together...before Whidmore knows what hit him. Jack says he is NOT leaving the island. Faucke reminds that Jack's friends do want to leave and he hopes Jack will leave too. Faucke says he needs Jack's help to convince the others that they should follow him. Faucke points out that he could have killed Jack, before and right now.

Kate & Sawyer are in the cage on Hydra Island, this time the same cage together. Sawyer informs that Kate's name was crossed out on the list of names on the cave wall. Sun and Jin discuss their daughter. Awwwww. Smiles, tears, ring exchanges, kisses. Lovely. So it looks like the grid just went down that encircles them around the main building area on Hydra. And here comes smokey! People are firing at smoke, that seems smart. Really? Kate stretches out to reach the keys off a dead Whidmorian, and Jack suddenly appears and lets them all out. He announces, "I'm with him." Him being Faucke of course.

ISLAND - Jack and all walking through the island. Jack says he will take them to the plane but he is not getting on it. Sawyer thanks, Jack. Sayid is with the, says Jack. Faucke is waiting.

OFF Island - Jack is at an office looking for Anthony Cooper. He runs into Peggy. Jack is investigating into the accident that hurt Locke's back. Jack says saving Locke's life is not enough. Peggy leads Jack into the dining area of an old folks home. We see, Locke's father drooling and staring into space. Peggs explains that Mr. Cooper is John's father.

ISLAND - The people guarding the plane, who are Whidmore's shoot at Faucke, while he is in Faucke form, not smoke. However, they still die. He of course is fine. Faucke takes a watch off one of the dead guards. He is now on the plane looking at wires in the ceiling. Is is a bomb? We can't see what he is doing....

Lapidus, Sawyer, Jack and company approach the plane. Lapidus is going to investigate the plane. They see the dead men laying on the ground. Faucke admits that he killed Whidmore's people who were guarding the plane. Faucke said that Whidmore wanted to kill all the losties, Sawyer, Sayid, et. al., by blowing them up. Perhaps Faucke was disarming the bomb on the plane. Faucke is worried that the plane is not safe now. Faucke says that they should use the submarine instead. Everyone agrees. Jack will help get them to the sub, but Jack is not leaving again he says. Faucke says, "Fair enough". Clare apologizes to Faucke. Sawyer says to Jack that he doesn't trust Faucke. He wants to make sure that Faucke doesn't get on the sub. Sawyer says to Jack he will take care of it.

OFF Island - Locke awaking again in the hospital. He talks of pushing the button in his half dazed awakeness. Locke says that he "wishes that you would have believed me."
Clare shows up, and Jack goes to the hallway candy machine and buys his Apollo bar from the machine and he gets it this time. Clare shows Jack a music box that their father wanted her to definitely have. Apparently their father drank himself to death. Clare and Jack find that they were also on the same flight 815 from Sydney. Weird!! They look at the music box together. Of course it sings, "Catch a Falling Star". Jack doesn't know why their father wanted Clare to have the box. Jack offers that Clare come stay with him, because they are family after all.

ISLAND - Everyone is crouching in the grass near the sub dock. Gosh, they got their uber fast, no tromping through the jungle scene. Sawyer says they are going in HARD (twss). Sawyer makes the plan. Sawyer gives Jack the wink wink about Faucke and him not trusting him. Faucke smirks. Uh oh. They approach the sub in two teams. No one seems to be there at the dock. Sawyer opens the sub's hatch and sneaks in with Lapidus. They have guns and are creeping up on a worker in there. They ask for the Captain, but they knock the captain out when they find him. Apparently, Lapidus is not only an ultimate helicopter and plane pilot, he can also drive submarines! They get ready to start the sub. Jack puts on his backpack in the grass and runs towards the sub with Clare, Faucke and Kate maybe. Jack pushes Faucke into the water as he told Sawyer he would. There is some kind of other commotion and Kate is shot. NOOOO!!

Now there is a shoot out. They put Kate into the sub. Faucke is climbing out of the water on the dock and firing at the people firing at him. Kate is in pain. Jack enters the sub with Kate and looks for a First aide kit. Clare is still out there. Sawyer calls for Clare and tries to get her to the sub's hatch with covering fire, but as he sees Faucke, he decides to instead close the hatch, because he does not want Faucke to come with them. Oh no! Faucke tells Clare, trust me you don't want to be on that sub. Well CRAP!
Kate asks where Clare is and says that they can't leave her. They are looking in Jack's backpack for something to stop her bleeding and they find in Jacks pack, the is ticking. Jack, "We did exactly what he wanted."

STILL Island - Jack says that they have to get to the surface NOW! They watch the timer tick down. Commotion, craziness, Sayid investigates the bomb. Jack suddenly recalls the dynamite and Guyliner and tells them all that nothing is going to happen and that Faucke can't kill them. Faucke is not allowed to kill them. Jack says that it is a Fuacke trick and he wants them all to kill one another instead because he can't kill them. Sawyer says he doesn't trust Jack's logic and pulls a wire on the bomb. The timer stops and then the count down goes faster. Sayid informs that he didn't kill Desmond and tells Jack where to find him, then he runs off with the bomb. It explodes and Sayid is gone. Sad.

They are now all sinking, in the sinking sub. Uh oh. Water water everywhere. Kate is passed out from the gun shot. Sun is trapped under something heavy. There just has to be another crises doesn't there...other than the water. Sawyer goes to help get Sun free and Jack too. Hurley leaves with Kate, after Jack convinces him to go. The sub continues to sink. Water water water. They are moving the medal thing from Sun. They succeed and then the sub rocks and Sawyer is struck in the head. Something else of course. Now Sayer is passed out too. As it turns out, Sun is still trapped behind a pipe or something and can't get free. Sun begs for Jin to go and save himself. Jin wants Jack to save Sawyer and convinces Jack to go. Jin is staying with Sun... this is crappy. Stupid Faucke.
So Jack is saving Sawyer, Sun and Jin remain in the sub, trying to get Sun free, and Sun continues to beg Jin to go. Jin tries to free her over and over. Jin says he won't leave her ever again.  Tears, sad.
Now they are dead and we see their arms stretched out and their hands lose grip.

OFF Island - Locke is leaving the hospital. The orderly asks who is picking him up. He says his fiance, Helen, aka Peggy is picking him up. Jack informs Locke that he went to see his father. Locke tells Jack the story of how he became a paraplegic in this timeline. Locke was in a plane crash with his father, where he was flying. Locke had told his father to trust him while flying and now he blames himself that his father is now injured. Jack tells Locke that his father is essentially gone, and "What happened, happened", and you can let it go. Jack says he can't let it go himself either. Jack says that he was hoping that Locke could let it go first. Locke just rolls off down the hall and says goodbye. Jack yells at Locke, that he can help him and he wished Locke would believe him. Locke stops for a moment, but still goes.

ISLAND - they arrive back on the beach out of breath. Thankfully Sawyer survived the writer's massacre in the sub. And Kate too. Jack informs that Jin and Sun both drowned. Hurley cries. Jack walks back to the ocean to cry alone looking at the moon.

Locke, sees that the sub sunk. Clare is concerned that the sub sank with everyone on it. Faucke says not all of them are dead. Clare asks where Faucke is heading off to, which Faucke responds, "To finish what I've started."

- Can you make your own decision about leaving the island? Jack doesn't want to, can Faucke force him to? He apparently needs him to leave...hmmm??
- Now I thought Faucke couldn't kill them. How is it that Jin and Sun died.....oh I guess, Sayid with the bomb and an accident  of her getting trapped killed her. Jin decided to kill himself.
- How many times did I write "Apparently" in this post? I still LOVE the show, but I think I am extra bitter this episode because 3 people died in one mother flipping show. UGHH!
- So who do you think are the two in the cave that Jack comes upon in Season One in the cave near the fresh water? Kate + Sawyer, or Kate + Jack.
- Is this show really going to be about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle, I hope not. I have faith!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Drinking the Locke Kool-aid, Ain't Good

*****SPOLIER POST - Contains LOST Live Blogging from 4/20/2010 Episode*****

Showing of last week’s LOST and again I feel as though I need to say WTF, Desmond? Hitting a man in a wheel chair, I mean really.

Oh no, it’s the Jack/ Faucke show down. I am worried. The whole gang is here. It makes me feel sick, RUN Jack, RUN AWAY! Nooo. Faucke is Yucko! They are sitting in the forest and talking….Only Jack has a gun. Jack, asks “Why John Locke?”Apparently, Faucke needed a dead body to appear. Jack asks if Faucke was Jack’s father before, and of course, YES! Thanks for asking Jack. 1 Question down. Faucke lead them to water. Faucke has always wanted to help them leave, but they were trapped on the island because Jacob chose him. To fly away it has to be all of them, as we have learned. Oh noes, Faucke is calling John Locke a sucker. That is LAME.

OFF ISLAND – In the Ambulane with Locke and Ben. Locke wants to find Helen, aka, Peg Bundy, and tells them his name. Oh Locke and Sun come in on the same Ambulance. Looks like Sun is recognizing him.

ISLAND - Faucke walks Jack out to the Clare. Ohh it’s a Brother sister reunion between Crazy Clare and Jack. Very very lovely, please bring me tears. Clare gave up hoping that they would come back to the island and she is really glad that Jack has decided to be on Faucke’s team. Crazy Clare repeats the rule that, the second you hear Faucke talk, you are with him, just as it’s been warned before in other shows. Jack is confuzzled.

Hurley and Sawyer. Nice. Sayid is from the Dark Side now. But you can bring people back from the Dark Side so Hurley reminds us. Star Wars, duh. How did it become daytime, so suddenly.

OFF ISLAND – Sawyer and Kate at the police station after he had caught her downtown several shows ago. There’s some back and forth and sexual tension. It’s adorable. And Sawyer points out the obvious weirdness that the world is trying to put them together. Why didn’t you arrest Kate in the elevator at LAX? Kate figured it out, it was because Sawyer was trying to hide he was there.
Miles pulls over Sawyer over to discuss the shooting involving Sayid, Sun, Jin, Keamy and company.

ISLAND - Kate says that Sayid is different now. Faucke wants to leave and they all have to go together, so they repeat again. Oh here comes Zoe. Zoe wants Desmond back, but says that, “they have something of theirs [Whidmore’s]”. Why do they keep referring to Desmond, like a thing? And Zoe displays Whidmore’s mad rocket skills, as a rocket lands and explodes right nearby where she stands to confront Faucke. She gives Faucke a walkie-talkies. He smashes it and says, “Here we go!”

OFF ISLAND – Non crazy Clare at the adoption agency building in LA. So Desmond goes up and starts talking to her randomly. He is now following her…this is odd. What the eff? Des, you are crazy. Desmond is telling her she needs a lawyer to go to the adoption agency. This is a little crazy. The lawyer that he is going to see is def Mike’s ex wife. I bet cha. So Clare somehow listens to Desmond. Oh I am wrong it is Ilana. Since when is she a lawyer? Since now, I guess. Apparently Ilana has been looking for Clare and asks to speak to her for a moment, sans off-island, crazy Desmond.

ISLAND – Clare goes up to Hurley, “What’s going on?” Hurley – “People trying to kill us again.” Faucke is trying to lead everyone to the other island. He has this whole separation plan. It seems a bit suspect and Sawyer doesn’t seem to believe in Faucke. Sawyer has a “deal” with Whidmore, as he tells Jack. Sayid and Clare are nuts. So Jack, per Sawyer is supposed to get away from Faucke…okay. Faucke orders Sayid to go kill Desmond and to do what he, Faucke says. And so Sayid walks off….

Sayid with a gun, walking toward Desmond in the well. Des questions what Faucke offered Sayid. Of course it was his darling wife, Nadia back from the dead. Desmond is questioning Faucke’s power to Sayid. Desmond asks him, “What will you tell her when she asks what you did to be able to be with her again?”

OFF ISLAND – Sayid is back at Nadia’s house and is packing back up his suitcase, swiftly. He says that everything is going to be okay. He tells Nadia that he is leaving and can never come back again. The doorbell rings, it’s Miles from the LAPD. Miles says he needs to ask questions…..Sawyer catches Sayid in the back yard.

ISLAND – Desmond’s boat, or someone else’s’? Who’s is this? Sawyer says that they are going to ditch Faucke with the pilot that looks like he stepped out of a Charlton Heston Movie. Ha! “Clare ain’t coming”, says Sawyer. Clare has been, “Drinking the Locke Kool-aid!” Ha! Kate is mad because she swore she would bring Clare back. They swim out to the sailboat. Where was this boat before?

With Faucke in lead, there’s more tromping through the woods. Jack talks with Clare and asks how long she has been with Faucke. She says she trusts him and that “he was the only one that didn’t abandon her”.

Faucke is looking for Sayid, he questions Sun. She is mad because she believes he took away her English and of course, Faucke tells Sun he didn’t. Faucke is going to make sure that no one got left behind, so he says. Jack separates “his crew” to follow with him, to go and meet Sawyer. Clare watches them all run away. Faucke asks Sayid where he has been. Sayid said he shot Desmond and “Go check if you like.” They go of toward the boat.

Now Jack is running through the woods with his company. Jack is looking for Sawyer and the boat. They see them. They are all trying to get off the idland. But Crazy Clare comes gun toting to ask where they are going. Uh oh… They are leaving the idland says Kate to Clare. He’s not one of us. Kate says that they can get her back to Aaron. She reminds that Clare should have raised him. Please come with us Clare. She lowers the weapon and gives it to Kate. Clare says that Faucke will be mad if he finds out where they are.

OFF ISLAND – Back in the office building or hospital, okay office building…we have Jack and son, both in matching suits. Too cute. Ohh the lawyer was looking for Clare because of Jack’s father’s will. Awww. Ilana asks if they believe in fate? Because she found Clare. Clare tells Jack that they are related. Jack face palms….and his phone rings. It’s the hospital about Locke, I am sure. Jack has to reschedule.

ISLAND – Now they are all chillaxing on the sail boat all calm and peaceful like. Lapidus asks Sawyer what is happening and Sawyer gives the lowdown, about going to meet up with Whidmore. Sawyer goes to talk to Jack. Jack says it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. Jack says he remembers how wrong it felt the last time he left. Sawyer orders Jack off the boat, unless he is with them. Sawyer is done with the island, but Jack disagrees. So how is this Sawyer’s boat? Well, Jack apologizes for Juliet’s death and jumps off the boat. Kate Screams after him! Sawyer, “He changed his mind”. Kate is torn between the 2 men, as always.

OFF ISLAND – Sun opens her eyes in the hospital. Jin is asleep next to her. She calls out to him. She asks what happened. Effing subtitles. Ohh their baby is fine here. It’s over, Jin tells her. Okay… This is sweet but can the meet up on island now, please?
Jack is walking through halls of same hospital with his son, not Sun. His son tells him good luck, as Jack goes into surgery prep. Okay, so Jack is now going to work on Locke in the hospital. Wonder what he’ll say when we he sees him. Jack’s just amazed. He should me SHOCKED!

ISLAND - Jack out of breath back on island, having swam from Sawyer’s boat. He runs into Faucke & company on the island. Uh oh… Faucke is pissed cause Sawyer took his boat. Zoe and her band of brothers meets Sawyer and crew on the beach as the boat lands there. But wait, Oh yes! The Sun/Jin reunion! YES!! Finally. Wonderful. Oh she can speak Engrish now! All Tears and everyone smiles. We’ll never be apart again. Awwww. Sawyer takes a sideways glance at Kate.

Zoe/Whidmore crew suddenly pulls their weapons on Sawyer’s just landed boat crew, as per a walkie talkie order. And one of the awesome Zoe Rockets is fired at Faucke on the other island as he is on the beach. Explosion! Jack tries to warn everyone to move. Jack’s hearing is damaged in the explosion. Faucke takes Jack away and saves him from the beach-splosions. What is happening? Fauck says to Jack, “you’re with me now.”


- Does Jack working on Locke off-island mean that Jack can fix Faucke on the island?

- We got confirmation that Faucke was acting as Jack/Clare’s Dad, and probably all the other dead folks, except for those that Hurley can see

- Where did this boat come from? Faucke kept referring to it as his boat.

- Why did Whidmore renege on the deal? Is he the bad one? Where is Ben in this party? Was he with them or is he gone with Guyliner to blow up the plane? Where are they?

- And Desmond, he can’t be dead? Sayid couldn’t have lost his face with Nadia by killing Desmond. He didn’t want Nadia to know what he had done in his sideways timeline, and would not want her to know of his bad deeds in the island timeline, either.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - We All REALLY Do LOVE Hugo

*****SPOILER LIVE BLOGGING OF 4/13 Episode of LOST***********

Everybody loves Hugo. This is lovely. YES, Hugo is going to see Charlotte, maybe at the museum, but is currently with Miles' Dad. Hugo is the Man of the Year, ya'll.

OFF ISLAND - Hugo's Mom is pissed that he needs a girl. And she set him up on a date tomorrow with Rosalita.

ISLAND - Hugo places a new flower on Libby's grave. So sad. Now he is talking at her grave. Tears! Ilana interrupts, and tells them they need dynamite. Awwww Hugo tells Ilana about Libby. Sad times. Crap now he's hearing voices, but now he sees Michael, who tells that he is "Here to stop them from getting everyone killed." Alrighty.
Michael warns that people are going to die, if they blow up the place and that Hugo must do right, because people listen to him now. I think it's the man in black, not dead Mike!

OFF ISLAND - Mexican eatin' Hurley. Bet he gets to see Anna Lucia, oh no, it's Libby! Yeeeahhhh it's Libby! Not his blind date. Oh she has a secret to tell it's about the island. She's going to tell the connection stuff we learned last week with Desmond. Libby is REAL dammit, HUGO! Believe her. Stupid Doctor from Stupid Mental Hospital.

ISLAND - Ilana has the dynamite. They are ready to go across the island to blow up the plane. Now Hugo is second guessing the plan from Ilana. There seems to be a bit of a show down and now Ilana is blown to pieces. Well SHOOT!
Sawyer talking to Faucke. Twiddling thumbs and widling wood. Lovely. And in walks Sayid, sans Desmond. He is bringing Faucke to a tied up Desmond.
Still Island. So Hurly finds his Marbles (he’s no longer crazy, or is crazy again?) and now he wants to follow Richard’s suggestions.

OFF ISLAND – Desmond sees Hurley eating at the Chicken Place! Awesome. Hugo is sooo pissed and bitter. I hate mean Hugo. Maybe we’ll learn if Desmond gets to hook up with Penny in this off island life. Nope he talks to Hurley about his own dispair.
Desmond tells Hurley to go with his gut and to try to see if he does know Libby. How nice.
ISLAND – Faucke talks to Desmond. “He has nowhere to run to, Bruutha.” Questions being asked of Desmond. Electromagnetism blasts, and walks with John Locke. But Desmond, it’s really Faucke!

Why can’t Ben be blown up? I AM SO SICK OF BEN! He has served his purpose. I am done with him. I love how Sun just rolled her eyes at Ben’s nonsense. They arrive at Black Rock. Hurley was missing and now they see Hurley running at them, he pre-blew up the dynamite at Black Rock…..alrighty.
No more Dynamite store available on the island. But at least they are all alive and unhurt. Michael told Hugo something so he did it, so he tells Miles. Again, I love Miles and Hurley talking.

OFF ISLAND – The Doc at the Mental Hospital is the same in all timelines. Hugo is going to bribe the Doc into letting him see Libby. Ohhh the wreck room is the same as when Hugo was there! Same drawings I think. Libby asks if Hurley remembers, and he says “No”. But he still wants to know how Libby thinks she knows him. It is kind of sweet. Libby has crazy memories flowing back of “another life”. Ohhh, she remembers the Plan Crash Life, on the Island. CRAZED! Libby looks old in this flash sideways. Very Touching. Hurley is asking crazy time, Libby, out. Loving this.

ISLAND – Faucke and Desmond are trompsing through the woods again. The strange kid is there again. Weird. Who is he?

Now Richard wants to go to the Barracks to get explosives to blow up the plane. Hurley says that Jacob says they have to instead, go talk to Locke. Guyliner tests Hurley, asking what the island is. There is a Guyliner show down with Hurley and Co. and the band must break up. Ben and Miles go with Guyliner, PS they are NOT on the list. Jack trusts in Hugo and that they should go talk to Locke. Sun just sits. She wants to see hubby. OH NO! Now Hurley is bringing Faucke exactly what he wants. This is not good.

More torch bearing tromping through the woods, entails. I missed what Sun wrote….Heading to see Faucke, heading to see Faucke. Jack tells his sad times, self esteem issues. Jack is supposed to let go. OKAY now, no one knows what to do here. Someone have an answer, someone. Uh ohhh whisper voices. And Hugo no longer freaked by them. He looks around for Michael and calls out for him. Hugo explains the whispers in one fell swoop, and inadvertently explains that the whispers are from stuck souls on the island, who are stuck on island because of what they did. Ohhh, Michael apologizes to Libby kind of, via Hurley.

OFF ISLAND – Hurley gets his date at the beach with Libby. How lovely. Ohh, “A date they never had.” Soooo sweet. Libby serves to build up Hurley’s self esteem and he has island flash backs or sideways, as they kiss. Awesome. Desmond is stalking Hurley now. Too too too strange. Creepster stalking. Why?

ISLAND – Faucke says to Desmond that they are “Here”. Why is it the well? Why is it not the hatch? Oh wait; this is where they can spin the donkey wheel. What is this nonsense? Faucke explains that this is a great electromagnetic place. Faucke tells Desmond that Whidmore is only interested in Power, not answers. Desmond doesn’t believe Faucke. Faucke doesn’t trust Desmond, and thus, throws Desmond down the well. That just sucks. “We don’t have to worry about him anymore?” says Faucke to Sayid or Sawyer or both. And in walks Hurley, Jack and Sun. Hugo, “Ummm, Hey!” Hugo says that they have come to talk to Faucke. WOW! Hurley is being awesome. But don’t trust him, Hurley, LOOK OUT!
Sun, Jack and Lapidus slowly come out of the Woods. Jack is just filled with sadness.

OFF ISLAND – Desmond, is at a school and watching Locke in his wheel chair. It’s Locke’s school and Ben’s school where they teach. Ben comes to question Desmond about being such a creepster. Desmond says that he has a son named Charlie in this sideways timeline, and is looking at schools for him. Then Desmond, follows by running right into John Locke, in his mother flipping wheel chair. WTF?

- Again, WTF? People dying, being blown up, falling down wells, and running over people.
- Does Desmond know what he is doing? I think he is trying to fix the island timeline, perhaps.
- Thanks to Hugo's question, we know what the whispers are. Although, they don't seem that great to listen  to Hugo, They seem to be trapped souls in hell, aka the island.
- Just seriously, Desmond had to hit a man in a wheel chair? That's just cold, Desmond.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Desmond, Bruuuthaaa!


Began with the eye shot. We have My Bruutha, Desmond!

Penny's Dad and Penny's Hubby show down. Ben shot Desmond, and killed Jacob. Ben's a douche. Whidmore tells Bruuthaa that he is now back on the island and Des responds by trying to escape. He's pissed. The island is not done with him yet.

"What is Desmond doing here?" asks, Jin. Tests are scheduled,....GAHH this is moving fast! Where are these effers? Testing what the magnetic fields? This is nuts. I SEE RABITS! Crap, they're gonna do this stupid rabbit time shift thing with Des. So stupid. Why is Jin just hanging out too? Well that was stupid, do people not talk to one another? Why does this place look like a cabin? That guy is FRIED. YUCK. Don't hurt Desmond, DAMMIT!

Still Island - removing the dead fried guy. Why are we looking at this again? Srsly. DON't hurt Desmond. MOTHER EFFER! Des will be fine because of his catastrophic electromagnetic crap he got when the hatch blew up? So Des can save us all? Go DES! Already freed himself, and Whidmore confirms, he may be able to protect us all! What will happen? I am scurred.
Lights Flashing. Crazy rays, and now clouds.

OFF ISLAND - Des sees Hurley and he confirms the carrousel number for baggage. Des helps Clare. I miss her non crazy look. Des has the hots for pregnant chicks. He also can tell what baby Clare is having. A boy. Des gets picked up by George Minkowski from the ship. Des has his own driver and stuff. Wonder if he is working for Whidmore? Des you may not want company, but it seems you were hitting on preggars Clare though. Weren't you Des?
And he is working for Whidmore. Just like the other characters, they have a connection in both timelines.

OFF ISLAND - Oh wait, I thought Whidmore was Charlie's father for a sec. But no. I guess he will save Charlie for us. So here, Whidmore LOVES Des. Awesome. Wonder what turn of events had that happen.
IT'S CHARLIE!! I love that Charlie and Des have the connection both places too. So, did Charlie, just try to commit suicide? Oh no, I guess he just needs a drink. makes sense.
Charlie, is pissed about the babysitter, Des. Wait what's his job? Oh whatever. I love their accents,...keep talking.
Charlie tells a story about his love in his near death experience. I think he is talking about Clare, but it's hard to tell. In my mind it's about Clare. Des gives Charlie a "Choice". Very island-esque.

Driving around in the car, the DriveShaft song is on. Now Charlie, is offering Des, a choice, but no HOLY F*CK they go off into the water. Charlie is drowning and Des gets out. This is CRAZY. Is Charlie really gonna die by drowning again? **DES has a flash sideways about the NOT Penny's BOAT incident.** Crazy. Des goes back and gets Charlie out of the car. Charlie appears knocked out still.

STILL OFF ISLAND - Des is in the hospital being questioned. Is that Harper? I don't recognize the Doctor. Who cares. Des is going to get a MRI. Uh ohhss. What is going to happen with this madness?
FYI - MRIs Suck BAD!
Odd he has visions of Penny. Then he has a panic attack. He needs to fine Charlie. Now he runs into Jack, and then there's Charlie running down the hall in a hospital gown. WOW! Charlie knows that Des saw something, just as Charlie must have when he almost died on the plane. AHH shucks, wanted to see Charlie's bum. Charlie tells Des to start looking for Penny. I assume, that Charlie is looking for Clare, even though he doesn't know he is looking for her yet.

STILL OFF ISLAND - Whidmore is informed that Charlie is MIA. Now he's mad that Des couldn't deliver Charlie to Mrs. Whidmore. So we finally get to meet Mrs. Whidmore. YIKES. Oh of course it is Eloise Hawking. Does that mean that Penny and Daniel are related? WOW she's major understanding with Des. Interesting.... Of course he hears, "Penny". And now Mrs. W is pissed at Des about looking at the list. This is crazy ridiculous. She's schizophrenic. How is she always "so in the know?" Hawking is like the all-knowing, God-like being. She says to Desmond that "You're not ready." Des goes to leave, but wait, no. WOW. DANIEL!! Whoot. Is Daniel the Rockstar? Are Daniel and Desmond gonna throw down, because Des didn't deliver him Charlie? GAHH Commercial!

STILL OFF ISLAND - Yes, here Daniel goes by DAN! That is awesome. More Love at first sight, crap. GEEZ! Charlotte, he loves Charlotte. Dan is a musician, but he wrote quantum mechanics. Somehow, Dan knows about the sideways island timeline. Crazy. Dan knows that Des is looking for his love, Penny. The Whidmore family is all in the know. Oh, Penny is Dan's half sister. Where and when you can find her???
NO FREAKING WAY! She is running the stadium like Des and Jack had done, so long ago. Freaky.

ISLAND - And Des wakes up, back on the island in the sideways different island timeline. Des is the only one that can transfer back and forth! Of course he is. AWESOME! Des is on board with doing anything to help. GREAT!
Zoe asks what's happen to Des. He said, a lot can happen in a quick amount of time. And then of course, Sayid comes to save him?? WTF? Sayid, NOOO!

OFF ISLAND - Des had passed out, when he shoke Penny's hand. She's his constant. Ohh Des asks Penny to go for a coffee. So nice. OH WOW....he's working both sides? I have no idea?? So confusing, but awesome and wondrous. I love it!


- Too many to count. I love everything about this.

- Nothing too new learned, Danny and Penny are related, Whidmore is Danny’s Dad

- Desmond, as if we didn’t know before, is VERY special

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Sometimes Your Package is a Who

****SPOILER POST - LIVE Lost Blogging of March 30th Episode***

Okay who are we now? This is weird. I hate the night vision point of view.
Island - Faucke speaks to Jin. They discuss the cave that Faucke showed Sawyer

OFF Island - Sun and Jin centric episode. They escape the clutches of the FAA at the airport. So they aren't married here...interesting.

Island - Faucke is running an errand and Sayid is worried about his absence of feeling.
Jin tries to escape the Faucke contingent, and the Faucke camp gets attacked by tiny arrows, shot by large nerds. They take Jin.

Island - Now at the Beach with the people. Waiting for Richie Rich, ole eyeliner to come they all wait. Sun is PISSED. She wants to garden instead. Jack comes to explain the crazy lighthouse to Sun. She wants to be left alone. I think she just wants to get some.

OFF island - Damned subtitles. LAME. I like Sun's cockiness and she shows Jin some bra and boobs! So then they ummm, do it, I guess.

Island - Faucke startles Sun in the garden just as she gets a papercut. Faucke is trying to get Sun to his camp, but Sun ain't fallin for it. She runs off and Faucke chases her threw the tall grass. Faucke, is just mean and too crafty.
Even after the commercial, Faucke continues his chase.

OFF Island – Now in bed in LA with subtitles. Oh NO! Keamy is there, he’s gonna capture Jin and lock him in the freezer!

Island – Sun hit her head while she was running away. Now Ben finds Sun and she tells about Faucke.
Faucke returns to his camp and finds the passed out people that were attacked by tooth picks. “Where is Jin?”
Okaayyyy, so Jin is trapped in that weird video room that Karl was in so long ago. Guess he’s watching some videos. HE decides to turn it off. Room 23 is where it is thanks, Zoe or who ever you are.
Jin just wants to leave to go find Sun. The crazy lady, Zoe wants some answers to Jin’s old maps.

Now back to Fauck’s camp with crazy Claire and company. Crazy Claire is afraid to go home now, she has traded positions with Kate almost….and why is Kate’s name not on the wall. Great Faucke, way to entice people to hurt one another.

“No cause that would be ridiculous.” Love you Sawyer for making a mockery of it all. Faucke and Sayid heading over to the other island, by way of boat, because, thanks to Sawyer asking, we now know Smokey can’t just head over to the other island in his smokey form.

OFF Island – Keamy is being crazy, searching Sun’s room, then they invite another dude in. These guys are not cool. They are looking for the envelope of money. They send for a translator. It’s the Russia guy, Mikhail. Sun plans on giving the money to them from her acct and blah blah blah. Father can’t know, blah blah blah.

Island – Jack is inspecting Sun’s head. Sun can’t speak English anymore. Sucks.
Then Guyliner walks in. Now they’re leaving again…”pack your bags”, he declares.
Faucke is getting shot at and he walks past the pilans but not through them. Whidmore confronts Faucke about Jin. Faucke exclaims, “A wise man once said that war is coming to the island. I think it just got here.” Fun!

Island – Guyliner says they are going to stop Faucke. Sun is pissed again. Effing subtitles. Sun needs to get some BAD!

OFF Island – Sun’s father took her money from her account. Oh noes!
Here goes Jin, being put in the Freezer. Don’t worry, Sayid will save you Jin. Keamy informs that Paik was in the know about the relationship between Sun and Jin. Keamy was supposed to kill Jin, but there is no fee to pay him now.

Island – They are nerds! She’s a geophysicist. Poor Jin always getting locked up, now released to speak to Whidmore.
Ohhh Whidmore lets Jin see his baby. Whidmore MUST be good. Baby picture sharing means you’re good. Whidmore is trying to stop Faucke from leaving the island. Ohh and he plans to show Jin his package. His package is a Who!

OFF Island - Sayid comes to save Jin. They have a connection. Also Sayid has a great accent off-island. Jin wants to be free. Sayid gives Jin the means to be free, but does not free him. Now Sun is taken to the restaurant to meet up with them. They see the dead Paik mercenaries. There is a bit of a stand off and more subtitles. Jin shoots Mikhail and blinds him, nice! But Sun was also shot. EFF! She was even pregnant. CRAP!
Island - Jack gives Sun a pep talk. She gets to write. Jack found a tomoto is Sun's garden after 3 years. Special tomato! Jack asks Sun what Faucke said. Jack offers to help Sun find Jin.
Kate and Sawyer discuss the crap that's going down. Sawyer is pissed. But Faucke says he doesn't like secrets, so Sayid is investigating. AND WHAT THE EFF? NOOO! It's my Bruutha, Desmond!
- Sun and Jin are so close to being together, but their fate may keep them apart
- Having your dead wife talk to you makes you change yourself REAL FAST
- The Smoke Monster is restricted by some things, water, pilans, running quickly away
- Sawyer thinks that Smokey is kind of rediculous

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - So, Who is Really the Bad One?

****SPOILER POST - Post is Live Blogging of Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Episode of LOST****

Ilana again?? Where is Guyliner? Ilana explains the candidates on the island to the Jack, Hurley, Sun brigade.
So now what Richard, time to explain the next step. Yes, tell us the secret Guyliner. No, they're not in Hell. Really, Guyliner....

ISLAND - Ilana is going after Guyliner. We're all talking about the illusive Guyliner.....okay, ready to flash back now....oh we did!

FB - And we're in the Canary Islands. Nice! Isabella is pretty and sick. (SIDE NOTE -The Lost creators did not borrow Isabella's name from Twilight, I can assure you....I think). Spanish, doctors, death, and crosses oh my.
I don't trust the mean doctor who has the cross. He is a dick and Guyliner may have killed him. Opps. Oh no, she died why he was gone. Now Guyliner, has nothing. Poor Guyliner, he must wear the eyeliner scar for the rest of his days, much like the Scarlet Letter.
Wow, this priest is a mean too. No forgiveness for Guyliner's sin.

Still FB - They are taking Guyliner to die for murdering the doctor,,,. And Whitfield (some guy from Black Rock?) is going to save him, no, I was just wrong. Now he's going on the Black Rock ship, to the new world. But I bet they'll get Lost, ha! Umm, the Black Rock's prisoners see the statue and the ship is what destroyed the foot statue...okay.
As the boat is shipwrecked it appears that all are alive, including Guyliner of course. So the Captain is just killing all people like a madmen. Crazy. This is an effed up history that Guyliner has....Oh wait I guess Smokey killed all the people and now he is going to investigate Guyliner....but he's saved. Strange.

Still FB - Guyliner is trying to cut himself free from the chains. He's close to death, trying to free himself. Sad times. LOOK! There's a Boar! Oh no, he lost his tool. Wow! He sees Isabella in his dreams she also says that they are in Hell. Are they? Seems so...this is depressing me thoroughly.

THANK GOD! Literally....wait no, isn't that the "Man in Black" from before? with Jacob.... They are dead!?! That guy is so the devil, not Jacob/God....I don't want them, all the Losties to be dead. They gotta kill the devil. Ummm, okay.

FB - Guyliner is eating. Oh this guy is NOT nice. He is trying to get the guy to kill Jacob. I do not trust him because he is in black and white is better. This sounds racist. But it is so how it goes in this dark/evil comparison realm.
So, Guyliner does what he is told and heads toward the statue, that has been destroyed by Black Rock. But he is getting punched out by Jacob (in his white shirt).
GOOD! Jacob says that he's NOT DEAD! YAAAYYY! He tries to drown Guyliner to prove a point. They're gonna talk.

Still FB - Guyliner FINALLY got his own blankets. Jacob must invite people to the island, ok. Jacob says he is not the devil (duh, of course he's say no). He brought the ship to the island. Okay, so the island is the cork of a wine bottle. Interesting. Jacob gives Guyliner a job to be his intermediary to all people on the island. Here, Jacob gives him the everlasting life. Oh no, the man in black gave him the chance to change his mind. DON'T DO IT GUYLINER!
He buries his wife's cross necklace.

Island @ Present - Guyliner goes to area where he buried his wife's necklace. He says he changed his mind out loud. He calls out for Faucke, aka Man in Black. BUT Hurley comes to change his mind by informing him about Isabella being there and that he, Hurley can talk to her. Hurley passes on a lovely message. Tears...
He puts on his wife's cross. Hurley tells us that we have to stop Faucke/Man in Black from leaving the island!!
Wait are there 2 men in Black? Oh wait this is from before.
Someone else can take Jacob's place, YES!

- Thankfully we are not in Hell on the Island
- Someone can take Jacob's place and keep the man in black on the island
- There is definitely a good/bad thing going on here

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Take Me to Your Leader

******SPOILER POST - LIVE blogging of LOST episode from Tuesday, March 16th******

Are we heading into a Sawyer/Jin Episode? Why would Sawyer leave the New Otherton, oh that is right, Fuacke talked him into coming with him. Is this a Kate-Sawyer reunion? Yes, it is. And anti-climatic, as usual. Why did Kate just follow Faucke? Again, Kate is DUMB!

OFF ISLAND - GOD BLESS AMERICA! We have Sawyer centric episode and shirtless Sawyer. And Sawyer's shenanigans with the cash and junk, oh wait, so now Sawyer is getting busted, or rather the chick is getting busted, because Sawyer is a mother flipping COP! That is just plain hot right there. I also love that he is working with Miles. Miles can be a legitimate investigator with his super powers. Love it!

ISLAND - With crazy Clare and her crazy squirrel baby. Thank god, Kate please put the squirrel baby out of it's misery. Kate's like WTF, Clare? So you're asking questions finally, you moron.

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer makin calls and working with Miles. Awesome Sawyer has a date,... Miles, asks "Do you want to die alone?" Miles can tell that Sawyer is lying to him.

ISLAND - Hiking adventures never cease on LOST island. Faucke has man boobs. OK, so Faucke admits out loud that he is the smoke monster. And the smoke monster can be killed? huh? How? Sending Sawyer over to Hydra island for investigations, cause Sawyer is a great liar. NICE, way to make a man feel useful.

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer goes on his set up date from Miles, and it's with Charlotte. Awwww. Oh wow, Sawyer in a suit is gorgeous. This is the greatest episode ever! Oh my goodness, Jimmy Boy still has his bad attitude and hot temper to match his hot bod.

ISLAND - Sawyer back to Hydra island, first time, since he was here doing the nasty with Kate, I think. He cuddles Kate's clothes. Um wow!Faucke's island group is like manic central.
And Sawyer finds the plane! The plane the plane! And a pile of dead people. This episode goes from good, to just crazy bad. Oh wow, there's actually a live one, here.

OFF ISLAND - Aww Charlie's bro. So nice. And Miles is PISSED at Sawyer for lying to him. A little harsh about going to Australia maybe? Miles gives Sawyer (or Jim as he's known off-island) the kiss off.

ISLAND - Gives the live one, named Zoe some water. Zoe claims that when she returned from gathering wood, all the people were dead.
Poor Kate crying by herself. Faucke comes to talk with her. He discusses the crazy Clare situation. She asks where Sawyer went.
Sawyer figures out that Zoe is not who she says she is. And now we see more people with guns. Sawyer surrenders.

Kate and Faucke chill on the beach. Wow, Kate is being uber bitchy. I like it. So Faucke is trying to bond with Kate, but comes off creepy.
More trompsing through the jungle, but now headed to Whidmore's submarine.

OFF - ISLAND - It's almost like Sawyer does the sames shizz on or off the island, just like all the other sideways story lines "Little House on the Praire" giving meaningfull messages since the 1980s.
Sawyer goes to make up with Charlotte. She bitches him out and slams the door in his face.

ISLAND - Sawyer finds a double padlocked door on his way to Whidmore, inside the sub....don da don! Now, Sawyer talks with Whidmore. Sawyer is trying to arrange his way plus some others off the island with Whidmore assistance. Trust will obviously be an issue. Saywer is going to lead Faucke to Whidmore in exchange of a way off the island. Let's see how he does this madness, or is he lying to Whidmore? Hmmmm...

Kate walking alone in the forest. She comes upon Crazy Clare, who apologizes. Is this for real? I want it to be. Why does Clare have to be so crazy?

Sawyer comes back to Faucke. He informs that the passengers from the plane are all dead. He also tells Faucke the entire plan he told Whidmore. Why Sawyer, WHY?

OFF-ISLAND - Miles walking down the street and gets picked up by Sawyer. NICE. He tells Miles all about the Sawyer guy that caused the death of his parents. Um wow, something odd just happen. Sawyer got hit by Kate's car as she tried to escape. They can't stay apart those crazy cats.

ISLAND - Yup they're together here too. Planning their escape. Then they look all seductively at one another. Ohh yummmm.

- Yes indeedy, Faucke is doubly confirmed to be the smoke monster, so he said
- Whidmore has arrived, with men with guns
- Kate is dumb, but she can cause Sawyer's shirt to come off. Always good!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Cheese Carrots

***Contains SPOILERS from this week's lost that aired on Tuesday, March 9th 2010***

So this week do we get to fine what of Hurley and Jack. No, right now we are running with Ben. Oh good, they are going back to the beach.

OFF ISLAND - Licing with Ben as your teacher. Odd. We are learning about Napolean. "He might just as well have been dead." Yeah it's Arzt! He blew up, on the island. NICE. Locke suggests that maybe Ben should be the Principal of their school. Interesting....not really.

ISLAND - Ben explaining about the smoke monster now. Ilana wants Miles to explain how Jacob died. Miles does his freaky shizz and then properly informs that Ben killed Jacob. Will Ben meet his end? Nope, Ilana just laid that awesome woman guilt trip.

Still Island. Now at the Beach. We never get out of this little section of the island as it seems. Maybe if they left it more often, they would have foundb the lighthouse.

OFF ISLAND - Ben is heating a dinner for his Dad. Looks like Dad has cancer. Oh, his Dad is his same Dad from Island. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Oh they are day dreaming about the Island life they may have been missing. Ohhh, Alex is here! She is a student. Oh, I missed Alex.

ISLAND - Ilana, Sun, and company, are rebuilding at the beach. Candidates to replace Jacob! We just learned an answer! I love learning answers.

"Cheese Carrots." I love Hurley's one liners. Jack is leaving and Hurley is trying to stop him from going back to the Temple. YES! It's GuyLiner, Alpert.

Ben is being nastalgic for all of us. How awesome. Suddenly, Ilana is pointing a gun at Ben and having him walk. Is she executing him? She is first tying, him up, and now making him dog his own grave, because of his murdering Jacob. Ilana doesn't mess around.

OFF ISLAND - The East India Trading Company is being studied here with Alex and Ben. This is touching. And now Ben can get to be PRincipal, but off island he deserves to be leader.

ISLAND - Ben is digging his own grave. So Jacob cared about being killed, so says Miles.

I love that Hurley asks if Guyliner is a Vampire. Hurley's questions are the best. Guyliner informs that all the people at the Temple are dead, but Kate and Sayid weren't there. I love that Jake after 6 seasons, has learned how to ask questions instead of standing there, all sad face. What? Now Guyliner warns Jack and Hurley not to believe Jacob... Huh? And like Faucke is trying to leave the island, Guyliner is trying to figure out how to die.

OFF ISLAND - Arzt and Ben are talking about taking over the school.

ISLAND - Now back in the belly of the ship with Guyliner and company. When Jacob touches you, it's a curse or a gift to keep you alive forever. Jack is going to help Guyliner die via explosion. And we learn another can't kill yourself, you must be killed by another. Ahh ha.

Jack wants to talk with Guyliner. He sends Hurley away. Jack explains the lighthouse to Guyliner. AHHHH the fuse is burning to the dynamite. What is going to happen? And the fuse fizzled. Wonder if Guyliner is pissed that he died. Jack suggests going back to where they started.

Ben hears bad sounds at the gravesite area at the Beach, it's smokey, AKA Faucke. Ben asks, "What are you doing here?" So can Ilana not see Faucke? Of course Faucke is asking Ben to stay in charge of the Island. Faucke releases Ben and tells him to come to Hydra and how she can kill Ilana there. She goes after him as he runs away.

OFF ISLAND - Ben goes to see the principal. Ben gives the principal email messages that implicate his behavior with the nurse. This is blackmail and now Ben has to choose between Alex and himself.

ISLAND - Ilana chasing after Ben in the jungle. Ben got to the rifle and is now pointing it at Ilana. She asks what he is waiting for in shooting him. Ben tells about his difficult decision between Alex and the island. Yup, he faces the same thing off island as well. Ben says he must go to Locke because he is the only one that will have him. But Ilana says she'll have him. Ohhh, teary eyed.

OFF ISLAND - Oh no. Did Ben give Alex up again? Oh wait, Alex got a good letter of reccomendation. Oh Good, Ben choose right. YeahhH!

ISLAND - Ben and Ilana come back to the beach. Que, Jack and Hurley?? Oh and Ben goes to help Sun. How lovely. Again, where the eff is Yin? Awwww, Slow hug shot. Why are they making me so teary?

WTF?? What the, huh? Ohh it's Widmore in a Sub.

- This show mader me tear up several times, all the father-daughter Alex memories and nice Ben, and the Hurley-Sun reunion.
- Learned some things. FINALLY. Biggest secret - the candidates were to be the new Jacob.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Kate IS Stupid


Ready for my Questions to be Answered. So this is a Sayid centered Episode. Damn his hair is greasy. Nadia is very pretty. Okay in this alternative reality Sayid does not get the girl. Poor Sayid. Whoot Sayid works on Contracts too! I feel like Sayid and I are kin!

ISLAND - Sayid is going to get us some answers, but only about him and the tests from three weeks ago. LAME. Like I've said before, we have the Black/White, Good/Bad, Yin/Yang thing going on.....we get it. Get more answers Sayid. Beat it out of this man. The, "it's just a baseball" fell to the ground. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

STILL ISLAND - Crazy Clare and Faucke. Clare is looking for her son and heading in the temple for her son. He's not there Clare. Why does she believe Faucke?

OFF ISLAND - FYI - Sayid loves black wife beater shirts in all alternative realities. Sayid's brother is bad news, he also does not prefer wife beaters. Sayid is NOT that man anymore, but still likes his black wife beater, always.

ISLAND - Sayid is leaving and is banished because he's evil. Here comes Crazy Clare to deliver a message about "Him". So the Others, and mainly Lennon just now figured out Jack and Hugo were gone. Observant.
Now Sayid will be assisting Dogen...will he be torturing Clare? Okay no. Will Dogen use Sayid to kill the evil that is Faucke?. To be good, Sayid must commit murder...interesting.

OFF ISLAND - Seems like Sayid's bro is a DICK. The kids are not down with him. Brother, attacked, in hospital. There goes Jack. Hi Jack! Oh no, now Sayid is going to kill his brother's attacker, off island. Sayid is a killer no matter where he is, just as much as Jack is a doctor.

ISLAND - Kate runs into Sayid and sends her to speak with Miles. I love that this temple has a simple door but they could not find the place for years upon years. Oh Crap, here comes the Clare/Kate show down.

Now Sayid tromping through the jungle. Strange noises and now Sayid says bring it, he them stabs Faucke, who says, "Why'd you go and do that?"
Now Faucke has the knife. Will he kill Faux Sayid or Fayid?
Faucke wants Fayid to deliver a message to Dogen. But then asks him about what he wants from the world.

OFF ISLAND - Apples and Potatoes. Sayid stayed at the house and did not attack the attacker, apparently. Sayid believes he is evil off the island.

ISLAND - SO maybe Fayid agreed with Faucke, or maybe not. But he delivers a message to the others, informing them about Jacob. The Others are free. Can leave the temple and join the man or die. Well those choices suck.

Kate is looking for Clare. Goes to see her and finds her singing the falling star pocket song. Kate explains where Aaron is and Clare looks pissed. Clare warns, that "HE is coming and they can't stop him." Obviously this is Faucke. But why does Crazy Clare have to sound like a crazy person awaiting Dracula's return? I love Clare, but can someone cure her crazy, please?
Still on the island. Fayid delivered his message and now the Others are panicking

OFF ISLAND - Strange dudes come to question Sayid at his brotehr's house. They also speak Arabic, like to short order cook and prefer breakfast foods. Oh I hated this dude, forgot his name. He always seemed like such a DICK though. Martin is his first name, but we called him by his last name, Keamy before. This is a typical Mob shake down for more borrowed money, situation. But Sayid can take names and kick ass. And there is someone locked in the freezer. Yup, it's Jin.

ISLAND - Where the hell is Island, Jin? Did he come back to the Temple? I forgot. Fayid asks Dogen why he didn't kill Fayid before? Dogen tells his sad tell of drunk driving....srsly? Thanks Carlton and Damon for the Drunk Driving Message...featuring Jacob. FYI - It really was a baseball. DOgen knows that Faucke offered Fayid a similar bargain. Then, Fayid dramatically tackles DOgen in the water. There goes one of the most interesting characters remaining in LOST. Lennon is obviously distraught as he walks into the scene. Now he is dead.
Smokey invades the Temple. Kate goes to get Clare and somehow Miles where everything is. Holy crap now, Ilana saves them with Lapidus, Sun and crew.Sun learns her husband is on the island, and finally someone else asks where Jin is. Tied up at Clare's place?

Sayid is not to be saved, as he tells Ben. Ahh too much is happening. Thank God someone has a plan (Ilana). Kate and Clare go into the courtyard and see the massacre. How did they get out of the hole? Kate goes out to Faucke and the Others. No one talks to her and she just follows. Kate is stupid.

-I did not receive any answers.
-I often stand up for Kate, mainly because I love the Evangeline, but she is plain dumb.
-Can't effing wait until next week! Jin-Sun reunion. Bigger Kate-Clare showdown. So exciting.
-NOOOO, only 10 more.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Cancelled this week.

I am in pain and miserable = no live blogging. :(

Woke up Sunday with some neck pain, that turned into lots of neck pain on Monday and now Tuesday. I am a very sad panda. I know my 5 readers will be dissapointed. Oh well. Check out these great LOST sites:,,20313460_20344822,00.html

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost is Life LIVE Blogging - WTF??

***Contains SPOLIERS from Tuesday Feb 16th LOST episode. ***

Neighborhoods on LOST all look the same. So this alternative, off-Island, LOST is going to be about Locke. Poor John. He now has Hurley's bad luck, but he is getting some lovin from Peg Bundy, aka Helen so all is good and can enjoy coffee in the tub. Locke may always be into destiny or at least surrounded by those that will reinforce a dependence on destiny, both on or off the island.

Island - We are the flying smoke monster which is nice, this could be a video came, called Smokey Island. So Richard was caught by Faux Locke, or as I call him Faucke.

Off-island - Back to his cubicle and the office. And they still call him Colonel. So Locke didn't go to the conference and now he is fired. Wow.

Island - Faucke discusses the way Jacob ruled Richard on the Island. Faucke said he never would have done that. WAIT, what did Faucke just see/ A boy, what?

Ben is in Jacob's laire and goes into talk with Ilana. Ben explains how her people died. She then takes the ashes that were Jacob. And apparently Faucke is now recruiting for his new Hell Army. This is most def a heaven and hell motif going on here.

Faucke goes into a cabin in New Otherton, where music is playing. Most likely it is Sawyer's cabin... And yes, here he is. Apprently, Faucke admits he is indeed dead, or that "Locke" is indeed dead. This cannot make sense to a drunk person.

Island - Sawyer in New Otherton, in his underwear, NICE!! In his underwear but he has shaved, that is odd...oh wait not really. Even drunk Sawyer can tell that it is Faucke and not Locke. NO! Don't put pants on!

Off island - Locke has his box of stuff. It's Happy-go-lucky Hurley, blocking in Locke. Hugo, not "hurley" is giving some of his luck to Locke.

Island - Walking with Ilana, see Sun, Ben, et al. They're all about to leave the statue/Jacob area. Sun suggests they bury the dead, real Locke.

Now Faucke and Sawyer walking through the woods. Can't believe Sawyer left with him. They see the kid again. Faucke chases the kid. Kid says, "Remember you Can't Kill him. That is against the rules." Faucke responds with a very Lockian statement, "Don't tell me what I can't do." WTF???

Still on island - Sawyer screaming for Locke, but Richard shows up. Richard tells Sawyer about Faucke's evil plans to kill everyone. "riiiighhht." Again, Faucke is so the devil.

Off-island - Locke is at the temp agency, Hugo suggested and freaked by the interview. Yeah!! It's Rose. She is the supervisor, here. Rose tries to be "realistic" and explains that she has terminal cancer, but she lives her life. Ohh poor Rose.

Island - Books, Faucke does not know about Steinbeck. Well that sucks. But Sawyer may just pull a Lenny on Faucke, or he may try to. "what I am is trapped." So smokey was a man, once? Sawyer, I wish you would just shoot him, really I would.

Still island - Ben is questioning the hell out of Ilana, as they carry dead Locke to the Losties, graveyard. At least Locke will be where he wanted to be. Locke would like being buried there I think. Sad times. Poor dead, island Locke. Is it fitting that Ben is giving the eulogy when he was the one that killed him and Ben admits that Locke was a better man then him? Yes. Love this.
Pilot Lapidus is all Rosencrantz and Guildenstern burying Locke and cracking jokes, all by himself.

Off-island - Locke makes an attempt to call Dr. Sheperd, but then hangs up. Locke's bag arrives from the Oceania courier. Locke admits to not going to the conference and shows Helen his bag full of knives. Locke is taking Rose's advice to heart. Maybe his life will turn around after his acceptance. But I do hate hearing Locke say there are no miracles. Off-island LOST needs a christ figure and bad!

Island - So Sawyer continues to follow Faucke. Is this how Faucke is gonna kill Sawyer? Cause if he dies I will punch someone. Okay, that was extra close.

Now we have a black and white stone in some sort of cave in the mountain. Faucke throws out the white rock into the ocean. Faucke and Sawyer walk through a doorway and see a rock with names listed and crossed out. "James that is why you are here."

So it's all a game, this finding of good and bad people on the island. Between Jacob and Smokey (the man in black or the black stone). Is there more?

Off-island - I love Locke as a coach! That is perfect for him. And a teacher. He couldn't find another thing better to do. Where is Walt? Ben is a teacher too? SHUT UP!!

Island - Sawyer wonders about the writer of the names. Jacob died yesterday. I love Sawyer's matter of factness. "Jacob had a thing for numbers." Some of those who have died since yesterday, still have not had their names crossed off. So Faucke says that Jacob manipulated all the people on the list. You were a candidate to protect the place.

Faucke's 3 choices:
1) Do nothing
2) Accept the job, become new Jacob and protect the island (but nothing to protect it from according to Faucke)
3) Just get the hell off the island.

How do we get off the island? - Together.

Again, overall WTF?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


***POST CONTAINS SPOILERS from LOST 2nd episode of this last season.**

No shoes and typewriters. Sayid is fine and Juliet is not and Sawyer is pissed.

Back to the alternative realty. Hey it's that guy from Heros. I miss Claire. Wonder when they filmed this scene? And Claire was in fact still pregnant and she wanted her suitcase.

Island Time - Who are these people?" asks Sayid. Hugo is now the leader, so says Miles, and "That's pretty great!" Jack is confused by why Sayid is thanking him.

The Other leaders need to talk to Sayid alone. Questions questions. Fighting, fighting and now Sawyer the outlaw, "Don't come after me". Sawyer doesn't want any life now as it seems, or needs to grieve more. Who's Sawyer, he's un predictable.

Kate is gonna track Sawyer, despite his warning.

Off-Island - Now we see Kate's rest of her off island experience, post airport.
Garage dude, gets Kate out of the cuffs. Kate has only Claire's bag full of baby trinkets and no clothes that we see for her to change into yet. She feels bad?? Maybe??

Island - Kate, Jin, and some Other-others are going to look for Sawyer. Teary goodbye for Jate or Kack.

Island - head Other Dogen, is checking out Sayid's oura and giving him piercings. Nice. Or electrocuting him, either one. Why Why? So that was a test. Sucks to be him. Guess he failed the test, cause the Lennon guy (hippie looking dude) says, "I just lied to him, didn't I?" Did Dogen fake the test? I think he did!!

Off-island - Still Kate's story, and she brings back Claire her stuff. Off-island Kate is going to help Claire? The couple didn't show up taht was to adopt Claire's baby. Hmmmm??

Island - Why the temple. Ticker Ticker sound and black smoke. Geez Other dude, don't have to be a dick. Kate is tricky tricky. She escaped the Other dudes. Why am I calling everyone a dude?
Sayid says he was tortured, not that it was a test. Weird. Whateves. Now Jack goes to visit Dogen. Sayid has the sickness. Jack has to give him this pill, and won't for now. Your friend, got shot by someone in 1970's, helping Jack and now DOgen is playing on Jack's conscious. NICE. Give him the medicine Jack! Do IT!

Side note - Where is Harper? Lostpedia says she's still alive. Shouldn't someone tell her that Juliet is gone so she can give her bitch face smile?

Still Island - Miles is looking at Sayid and questioning him. Hurley, "You're not a Zombie, right?" In the food court, what?? Diagnosis discussion and Jack gives Sayid the pill, but honesty prevails for Jack. He cannot tell a lie, or it's difficult for him to. J explains that he didn't fix Sayid, it was them. Do you or don't you?

Jin now questioning about the Ajira plane. Kate is not looking for Sawyer per se, but trying to escape with him.

Off- Island - Couple should be nice based on neighborhood so says Claire. Claire is unusually friendly with Kate for just having been held at gun point. DO the adoptive parents story, is that the husband left the mom. She can't do it alone, but now Claire has to. Claire is now in labor. That was quick compared to the island.

Island - New Otherton village with Kate. Sawyer unburied something from under his old house. Shoebox of memories? He finds Kate. (Can't believe there is only 20 minutes left - Ugghh!)

Off-island = Going to the hospital with Kate and Claire. So Kate is gonna be with Claire again while she is in labor. Doctor GoodSpeed, aka Ethan....NICE! Having a baby now or later. Claire says she is not ready and the baby's heart beat flat lined. Oh woe he was always Aaron to Claire. She named him and everything. Trippy that Kate is with her now, isn't it?

Island - New Otherton, Kate talks to Sawyer and tells him that she needs to find Claire. What did Sawyer say? Lunch Time? Sawyer blames himself for Juliet's death because he didn't want to be alone. "Some of us are meant to be alone." He was gonna ask her to marry him. So sad. Sawyer tells Kate to leave.

Dogen is playing spinny with a baseball. Must be significant, or not. Dogen likes to remain separate from the people he rules with his speak. He was "brought here", like them all. By Jacob perhaps? Jack will not give the pill to Sayid unless he knows what's in it. Dogen plays the you have to just trust me card. Jack one ups with throwing back the pill and Dogen Freaks. Alright so it's poison.

FYI - Anna from V commercial looks like a chick from a LOST Oceana fake airline commercial. And Hi Juliet!

Off-island - Claire admires her baby's portrait. The detectives come into Claire's hospital room to question Claire. Claire covers for Kate. Ummm Why? At least Claire questions Kate and Kate tried to claim the innocence card. Clare gives Kate her credit card and then Kate says Claire should keep the baby. Rude and evasive much?

Island - Morning. Sawyer still ignoring Kate at New Otherton. Lennon is shocked at Jack's balls in taking the pill. Frankly, so am I. Jack does drink the tea offered to him. Dogen explains that Sayid may now be "claimed". Sayid will be gone, just like it happen to Claire.

Jin is now found by the other others. He tried to run away and Island Claire saves Jin before the Other dudes, try to kill him. That is odd. Shall we call Island Claire, Crazy Claire. YES, of course.


+ More Claire! We kind of learn she went evil. Learn that Sawyer was going to propose.

- Very very few questions answered.

Random thought - Kate, Claire, & Aaron have some sort of connection, whether off or on the island in both realities.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's that time again!.... It's LIVE LOST BLOGGING, TIME

This blog contains LIVE LOST BLOGGING.
Starting it's starting!! Beginning with creepy Ben voiceover describing the history of LOST. Ohh the memories. I miss Clarie! But now I want new LOST...Please Ben stop talking and play me a new episode. Ugghhh. I am going to watch and not type anything, in protest.

OKAY, now it's really LOST time. They have to show the "previously on LOST", first. Uggh, just get to it DAMMIT! (Shoot I have to pee, or am so excited that I feel like I could pee my pants, either one)

White Screen............we're back on an airplane, with Jack. He's looking around. That stewardess chick came back and gave Jack more booz. We have turbulance. Now, Rose comforts Jack about the turbulance....more shaking and now nothing...still flying. "They made it." Benard came back to his seat. How sweet are they?
Jack goes to tiny bathroom and looks over himself in mirror, sees small cut on his neck. DESMOND!!! Yes, he is next to Jack on the plane, and Jack remembers him, from somewhere... "Nice to meet you, or see you again." The sky is very clear out there as we dive down to the ocean seeing the island under ground, and the 6 toed statue. LOST LOGO TIME!

Okay, flashing back to last season and the dropping of the hydrogen bomb down and Juliet getting pulled down. Can we say, not a new scene? Oh, WOW!! It's Kate in a TREE! Monkey Kate. Is this now or then, or when? Kate's hearing is annoying me. Where is Kate? Oh it's Miles. Kate and all the Losties are back at the Hatch Door, after the Hatch exploded.

How is Jack there and on the plane? What is happening?? Sawyer is so effing pissed. He is still hurt about Juliet. Sucks.

Now, back on the plane with Kate and her marshall guy. Wow this guy is so annoying talking to Hurley in the plane and Hurley is the luckiest guy, huh? Sawyer, yummmm.

And now, everyone is back on the island too. The LOSTies are in both places at the same time. Kate found Juliet!! Sayid is dying. Dammit. Uh oh, what are we hearing??? Hurley with a gun, really? It's Jacob coming to talk to Hurley on the island.

Sun and Jin on the plane. Jin is being the dick he is. AHHHHHHHH!!!! It's Boone! Of course in the plane version of the Losties, Locke was able to go on his walk-about, as he tells Boone. Also Boone's siter, Shannon stays in Austrailia.

We get to see the faux Locke and crazy Ben staring at the fire. Faux Locke says Jacob is gone and is sending Ben to fetch Guyliner, Richard. Lapidus and Sun discuss the situation and Ben now fetches Richard to speak with John. Guyliner shows Ben, the dead, real John Locke. CRAP COMMERCIAL.

Unburrying Juliet in the former Swan hole. Where is Jscob going and without shoes? He's gonna save Sayid, I hope. Oh no, Jacob died. Okay....go to the Temple, with the guitar case.....hmmmm. Oh this is so sad, I hope they get to Juliet.

Back on the plane again. Oh no, stupid Charlie probably OD-ed. Drugs are not cool, but Charlie is. Wonder if Evangeline was happy to have him back on set again. I am thinking, YES!
Jack and Sayid working on Charlie. Yup yup! BRING HIM BACK! Ewww, gross. See Drugs are NOT COOL! "am I alive", asks Charlie.

Back to the Island Losties, hopefully saving Juliet while they remove a beam. He's gotten to her, Sawyer has gotten to her! She's alive! Oh this is making me teary. The Juliet/Sawyer thing is adorable. Hurley shares the temple plan with everyone. He looks very determined.

Now we are at the statue with Faux, Locke, Ben, and Guyliner. Faux Locke is in Jacob's chair. Guyliner is not coming in, but burley gun guy is. JACOB IS DEAD. Now the shoot at Faux Locke. There's a bent bullet on the ground and then some freaky noises. Ole smokey is coming back to get these suckers. Ahh, but smokey won't get you within the ash circles. Interesting. Now what Benjamin? Of course, we now know that Smokey is Faux Locke. Interesting.....

On-island, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet at the Swan hole. "Kiss me". I hope she doesn't die, but I think she is gonna. She didn't get to tell him her something, important. Poor Sawyer. Sad, sad sad.

On the plane LOSTies. And Charlie says he was supposed to die. Weird. Buckle up....almost home?? No! No they're not! Poor Charlie being led away. He gives Jack the evil eye. Everyone is exiting. Locke still in wheel chair. Sad Lost Musak plays. Well least there is one more hour of this "WTF beyond WTF episode".

Morning on the island. Sawyer is pissed. Sayid is near death and we have to go to Temple. Sawyer is going to bury Juliet and Sawyer is not following anyone after he does it. He asks Miles to stay and gives Jack the death stare.
They're all bringing in Sayid through the magic hole to the Temple. In the lower levels there are paths and some of the dead French Dudes. Weird weird voices. Is Smokey coming? And Kate disappears. This is some freaky stuff. Oh good, it's the others. Love Hurley--->> "Guess we found the temple."

Kate in the airport with her Marshall. She has to go potty. He sends her in to pee. She is gonna get free. Watchy watch. And there she goes. She's so violent. And now with Sawyer on the elevator and he helps Katie get away.

Back to the island. Sawyer, burying Juliet with Miles. He asks what she wanted to tell Sawyer. Miles gets real weird and kneels to the ground. Miles then says that Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer that, "it worked". What worked?

Now they are at the Temple. And the Stewardess from the first plane is there and a bunch of other people. Hurley says that Jacob sent them and he has that guitar case. They look inside and see a symbol of some kind. It's made of wood, old asian dude breaks it and gets a letter out that has the Losties names on it, I guess. The strange dude says that if Sayid dies, they are in trouble.
In Airport with Sun and Jin. Jin has a crap ton of money with him. Sun denies knowing English to customs.

Back to Temple. This is a lot of acting for these poor people and for me to type about. They are at "the stream" and the water isn't clear. They ask who did this to Sayid and they warn that there are risks if they do "this." They are gonna put Sayid in the water. They flip over an hour glass and Sayid flales around while they hold him in the water. The Losties try to stop the Others. Waiting for the hour glass. Sayid appears to have been drowned. Oh no. They lie him out and the Others tell them that Sayid is dead. Jack administers CPR with Kate by his side. Kate tries to stop him. More sadness.

So LOST stuff is on Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel tonight! Whoop whoop!

Back in Airport, Sayid looking at pic of his lady and Kate is down in baggage area trying to escape. Frogurt gets mad at Kate for trying to steal his cab. Hurley in front of Kate at the cab stand on phone. Kate is almost escaping..gets in cab with Claire. Yeahh! Claire.

The two kids from the tail section of the flight give the island Losties food. The Others bring in Sawyer and Miles. They make Hurley go see the old asian dude. Hurley tells that Jacob is dead. The Others freak out all over the place and they put powder/ash every where.

Ben figures out that the monster is faux Locke. Faux Locke explains to Ben what Real Locke was thinking when Ben killed him. Ben asks what the smokey faux Locke wants and it turns out that Smokey, faux Locke, (or Faocke) just wants to go home.

Only 5 more minutes left...back to Sayid in the Temple. Miles is looking confused over Sayid. Kate is cleaning off Sawyer and Kate tells him that the Others are now protecting the Losties, maybe. Sawyer says he isn't gonna kill Jack, so Jack'll suffer.

Back at the airport, Jack is on the phone with his mom about the loss of Jack's dead father. Locke tells Jack that they only lost his father's body, not his father. Jack asks about Locke's condition and says that no condition is irreversible. He tells Locke that he'll give Locke a free consult.

Back on the island where the flare went up in the air from the Others at the Temple. Richard is confused. Faocke and Ben exit the Jacob cave. Faocke tells Guyliner that it is good to see him out of the chains, then sucker punches him. Faocke then announces that he is very dissapointed in everyone. Ooookay.....Real, dead Locke, lays there, dead.

Temple, time. The Others say that they need to speak to Jack seperately. Jack argues, and Sayid awakens. END.


+ Lost is always good, because it is Lost. We get to see what could have happened if there was never an accident. We got to see Boone, Claire, and Charlie!
- Srsly, WTF?? WTF?? Really Carlton and Damon. Really?