Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - We All REALLY Do LOVE Hugo

*****SPOILER LIVE BLOGGING OF 4/13 Episode of LOST***********

Everybody loves Hugo. This is lovely. YES, Hugo is going to see Charlotte, maybe at the museum, but is currently with Miles' Dad. Hugo is the Man of the Year, ya'll.

OFF ISLAND - Hugo's Mom is pissed that he needs a girl. And she set him up on a date tomorrow with Rosalita.

ISLAND - Hugo places a new flower on Libby's grave. So sad. Now he is talking at her grave. Tears! Ilana interrupts, and tells them they need dynamite. Awwww Hugo tells Ilana about Libby. Sad times. Crap now he's hearing voices, but now he sees Michael, who tells that he is "Here to stop them from getting everyone killed." Alrighty.
Michael warns that people are going to die, if they blow up the place and that Hugo must do right, because people listen to him now. I think it's the man in black, not dead Mike!

OFF ISLAND - Mexican eatin' Hurley. Bet he gets to see Anna Lucia, oh no, it's Libby! Yeeeahhhh it's Libby! Not his blind date. Oh she has a secret to tell him....bet it's about the island. She's going to tell the connection stuff we learned last week with Desmond. Libby is REAL dammit, HUGO! Believe her. Stupid Doctor from Stupid Mental Hospital.

ISLAND - Ilana has the dynamite. They are ready to go across the island to blow up the plane. Now Hugo is second guessing the plan from Ilana. There seems to be a bit of a show down and now Ilana is blown to pieces. Well SHOOT!
Sawyer talking to Faucke. Twiddling thumbs and widling wood. Lovely. And in walks Sayid, sans Desmond. He is bringing Faucke to a tied up Desmond.
Still Island. So Hurly finds his Marbles (he’s no longer crazy, or is crazy again?) and now he wants to follow Richard’s suggestions.

OFF ISLAND – Desmond sees Hurley eating at the Chicken Place! Awesome. Hugo is sooo pissed and bitter. I hate mean Hugo. Maybe we’ll learn if Desmond gets to hook up with Penny in this off island life. Nope he talks to Hurley about his own dispair.
Desmond tells Hurley to go with his gut and to try to see if he does know Libby. How nice.
ISLAND – Faucke talks to Desmond. “He has nowhere to run to, Bruutha.” Questions being asked of Desmond. Electromagnetism blasts, and walks with John Locke. But Desmond, it’s really Faucke!

Why can’t Ben be blown up? I AM SO SICK OF BEN! He has served his purpose. I am done with him. I love how Sun just rolled her eyes at Ben’s nonsense. They arrive at Black Rock. Hurley was missing and now they see Hurley running at them, he pre-blew up the dynamite at Black Rock…..alrighty.
No more Dynamite store available on the island. But at least they are all alive and unhurt. Michael told Hugo something so he did it, so he tells Miles. Again, I love Miles and Hurley talking.

OFF ISLAND – The Doc at the Mental Hospital is the same in all timelines. Hugo is going to bribe the Doc into letting him see Libby. Ohhh the wreck room is the same as when Hugo was there! Same drawings I think. Libby asks if Hurley remembers, and he says “No”. But he still wants to know how Libby thinks she knows him. It is kind of sweet. Libby has crazy memories flowing back of “another life”. Ohhh, she remembers the Plan Crash Life, on the Island. CRAZED! Libby looks old in this flash sideways. Very Touching. Hurley is asking crazy time, Libby, out. Loving this.

ISLAND – Faucke and Desmond are trompsing through the woods again. The strange kid is there again. Weird. Who is he?

Now Richard wants to go to the Barracks to get explosives to blow up the plane. Hurley says that Jacob says they have to instead, go talk to Locke. Guyliner tests Hurley, asking what the island is. There is a Guyliner show down with Hurley and Co. and the band must break up. Ben and Miles go with Guyliner, PS they are NOT on the list. Jack trusts in Hugo and that they should go talk to Locke. Sun just sits. She wants to see hubby. OH NO! Now Hurley is bringing Faucke exactly what he wants. This is not good.

More torch bearing tromping through the woods, entails. I missed what Sun wrote….Heading to see Faucke, heading to see Faucke. Jack tells his sad times, self esteem issues. Jack is supposed to let go. OKAY now, no one knows what to do here. Someone have an answer, someone. Uh ohhh whisper voices. And Hugo no longer freaked by them. He looks around for Michael and calls out for him. Hugo explains the whispers in one fell swoop, and inadvertently explains that the whispers are from stuck souls on the island, who are stuck on island because of what they did. Ohhh, Michael apologizes to Libby kind of, via Hurley.

OFF ISLAND – Hurley gets his date at the beach with Libby. How lovely. Ohh, “A date they never had.” Soooo sweet. Libby serves to build up Hurley’s self esteem and he has island flash backs or sideways, as they kiss. Awesome. Desmond is stalking Hurley now. Too too too strange. Creepster stalking. Why?

ISLAND – Faucke says to Desmond that they are “Here”. Why is it the well? Why is it not the hatch? Oh wait; this is where they can spin the donkey wheel. What is this nonsense? Faucke explains that this is a great electromagnetic place. Faucke tells Desmond that Whidmore is only interested in Power, not answers. Desmond doesn’t believe Faucke. Faucke doesn’t trust Desmond, and thus, throws Desmond down the well. That just sucks. “We don’t have to worry about him anymore?” says Faucke to Sayid or Sawyer or both. And in walks Hurley, Jack and Sun. Hugo, “Ummm, Hey!” Hugo says that they have come to talk to Faucke. WOW! Hurley is being awesome. But don’t trust him, Hurley, LOOK OUT!
Sun, Jack and Lapidus slowly come out of the Woods. Jack is just filled with sadness.

OFF ISLAND – Desmond, is at a school and watching Locke in his wheel chair. It’s Locke’s school and Ben’s school where they teach. Ben comes to question Desmond about being such a creepster. Desmond says that he has a son named Charlie in this sideways timeline, and is looking at schools for him. Then Desmond, follows by running right into John Locke, in his mother flipping wheel chair. WTF?

- Again, WTF? People dying, being blown up, falling down wells, and running over people.
- Does Desmond know what he is doing? I think he is trying to fix the island timeline, perhaps.
- Thanks to Hugo's question, we know what the whispers are. Although, they don't seem that great to listen  to Hugo, They seem to be trapped souls in hell, aka the island.
- Just seriously, Desmond had to hit a man in a wheel chair? That's just cold, Desmond.