Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Cancelled this week.

I am in pain and miserable = no live blogging. :(

Woke up Sunday with some neck pain, that turned into lots of neck pain on Monday and now Tuesday. I am a very sad panda. I know my 5 readers will be dissapointed. Oh well. Check out these great LOST sites:



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost is Life LIVE Blogging - WTF??

***Contains SPOLIERS from Tuesday Feb 16th LOST episode. ***

Neighborhoods on LOST all look the same. So this alternative, off-Island, LOST is going to be about Locke. Poor John. He now has Hurley's bad luck, but he is getting some lovin from Peg Bundy, aka Helen so all is good and can enjoy coffee in the tub. Locke may always be into destiny or at least surrounded by those that will reinforce a dependence on destiny, both on or off the island.

Island - We are the flying smoke monster which is nice, this could be a video came, called Smokey Island. So Richard was caught by Faux Locke, or as I call him Faucke.

Off-island - Back to his cubicle and the office. And they still call him Colonel. So Locke didn't go to the conference and now he is fired. Wow.

Island - Faucke discusses the way Jacob ruled Richard on the Island. Faucke said he never would have done that. WAIT, what did Faucke just see/ A boy, what?

Ben is in Jacob's laire and goes into talk with Ilana. Ben explains how her people died. She then takes the ashes that were Jacob. And apparently Faucke is now recruiting for his new Hell Army. This is most def a heaven and hell motif going on here.

Faucke goes into a cabin in New Otherton, where music is playing. Most likely it is Sawyer's cabin... And yes, here he is. Apprently, Faucke admits he is indeed dead, or that "Locke" is indeed dead. This cannot make sense to a drunk person.

Island - Sawyer in New Otherton, in his underwear, NICE!! In his underwear but he has shaved, that is odd...oh wait not really. Even drunk Sawyer can tell that it is Faucke and not Locke. NO! Don't put pants on!

Off island - Locke has his box of stuff. It's Happy-go-lucky Hurley, blocking in Locke. Hugo, not "hurley" is giving some of his luck to Locke.

Island - Walking with Ilana, see Sun, Ben, et al. They're all about to leave the statue/Jacob area. Sun suggests they bury the dead, real Locke.

Now Faucke and Sawyer walking through the woods. Can't believe Sawyer left with him. They see the kid again. Faucke chases the kid. Kid says, "Remember you Can't Kill him. That is against the rules." Faucke responds with a very Lockian statement, "Don't tell me what I can't do." WTF???

Still on island - Sawyer screaming for Locke, but Richard shows up. Richard tells Sawyer about Faucke's evil plans to kill everyone. "riiiighhht." Again, Faucke is so the devil.

Off-island - Locke is at the temp agency, Hugo suggested and freaked by the interview. Yeah!! It's Rose. She is the supervisor, here. Rose tries to be "realistic" and explains that she has terminal cancer, but she lives her life. Ohh poor Rose.

Island - Books, Faucke does not know about Steinbeck. Well that sucks. But Sawyer may just pull a Lenny on Faucke, or he may try to. "what I am is trapped." So smokey was a man, once? Sawyer, I wish you would just shoot him, really I would.

Still island - Ben is questioning the hell out of Ilana, as they carry dead Locke to the Losties, graveyard. At least Locke will be where he wanted to be. Locke would like being buried there I think. Sad times. Poor dead, island Locke. Is it fitting that Ben is giving the eulogy when he was the one that killed him and Ben admits that Locke was a better man then him? Yes. Love this.
Pilot Lapidus is all Rosencrantz and Guildenstern burying Locke and cracking jokes, all by himself.

Off-island - Locke makes an attempt to call Dr. Sheperd, but then hangs up. Locke's bag arrives from the Oceania courier. Locke admits to not going to the conference and shows Helen his bag full of knives. Locke is taking Rose's advice to heart. Maybe his life will turn around after his acceptance. But I do hate hearing Locke say there are no miracles. Off-island LOST needs a christ figure and bad!

Island - So Sawyer continues to follow Faucke. Is this how Faucke is gonna kill Sawyer? Cause if he dies I will punch someone. Okay, that was extra close.

Now we have a black and white stone in some sort of cave in the mountain. Faucke throws out the white rock into the ocean. Faucke and Sawyer walk through a doorway and see a rock with names listed and crossed out. "James that is why you are here."

So it's all a game, this finding of good and bad people on the island. Between Jacob and Smokey (the man in black or the black stone). Is there more?

Off-island - I love Locke as a coach! That is perfect for him. And a teacher. He couldn't find another thing better to do. Where is Walt? Ben is a teacher too? SHUT UP!!

Island - Sawyer wonders about the writer of the names. Jacob died yesterday. I love Sawyer's matter of factness. "Jacob had a thing for numbers." Some of those who have died since yesterday, still have not had their names crossed off. So Faucke says that Jacob manipulated all the people on the list. You were a candidate to protect the place.

Faucke's 3 choices:
1) Do nothing
2) Accept the job, become new Jacob and protect the island (but nothing to protect it from according to Faucke)
3) Just get the hell off the island.

How do we get off the island? - Together.

Again, overall WTF?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


***POST CONTAINS SPOILERS from LOST 2nd episode of this last season.**

No shoes and typewriters. Sayid is fine and Juliet is not and Sawyer is pissed.

Back to the alternative realty. Hey it's that guy from Heros. I miss Claire. Wonder when they filmed this scene? And Claire was in fact still pregnant and she wanted her suitcase.

Island Time - Who are these people?" asks Sayid. Hugo is now the leader, so says Miles, and "That's pretty great!" Jack is confused by why Sayid is thanking him.

The Other leaders need to talk to Sayid alone. Questions questions. Fighting, fighting and now Sawyer the outlaw, "Don't come after me". Sawyer doesn't want any life now as it seems, or needs to grieve more. Who knows...it's Sawyer, he's un predictable.

Kate is gonna track Sawyer, despite his warning.

Off-Island - Now we see Kate's rest of her off island experience, post airport.
Garage dude, gets Kate out of the cuffs. Kate has only Claire's bag full of baby trinkets and no clothes that we see for her to change into yet. She feels bad?? Maybe??

Island - Kate, Jin, and some Other-others are going to look for Sawyer. Teary goodbye for Jate or Kack.

Island - head Other Dogen, is checking out Sayid's oura and giving him piercings. Nice. Or electrocuting him, either one. Why Why? So that was a test. Sucks to be him. Guess he failed the test, cause the Lennon guy (hippie looking dude) says, "I just lied to him, didn't I?" Did Dogen fake the test? I think he did!!

Off-island - Still Kate's story, and she brings back Claire her stuff. Off-island Kate is going to help Claire? The couple didn't show up taht was to adopt Claire's baby. Hmmmm??

Island - Why the temple. Ticker Ticker sound and black smoke. Geez Other dude, don't have to be a dick. Kate is tricky tricky. She escaped the Other dudes. Why am I calling everyone a dude?
Sayid says he was tortured, not that it was a test. Weird. Whateves. Now Jack goes to visit Dogen. Sayid has the sickness. Jack has to give him this pill, and won't for now. Your friend, got shot by someone in 1970's, helping Jack and now DOgen is playing on Jack's conscious. NICE. Give him the medicine Jack! Do IT!

Side note - Where is Harper? Lostpedia says she's still alive. Shouldn't someone tell her that Juliet is gone so she can give her bitch face smile?

Still Island - Miles is looking at Sayid and questioning him. Hurley, "You're not a Zombie, right?" In the food court, what?? Diagnosis discussion and Jack gives Sayid the pill, but honesty prevails for Jack. He cannot tell a lie, or it's difficult for him to. J explains that he didn't fix Sayid, it was them. Do you or don't you?

Jin now questioning about the Ajira plane. Kate is not looking for Sawyer per se, but trying to escape with him.

Off- Island - Couple should be nice based on neighborhood so says Claire. Claire is unusually friendly with Kate for just having been held at gun point. DO the adoptive parents story, is that the husband left the mom. She can't do it alone, but now Claire has to. Claire is now in labor. That was quick compared to the island.

Island - New Otherton village with Kate. Sawyer unburied something from under his old house. Shoebox of memories? He finds Kate. (Can't believe there is only 20 minutes left - Ugghh!)

Off-island = Going to the hospital with Kate and Claire. So Kate is gonna be with Claire again while she is in labor. Doctor GoodSpeed, aka Ethan....NICE! Having a baby now or later. Claire says she is not ready and the baby's heart beat flat lined. Oh woe he was always Aaron to Claire. She named him and everything. Trippy that Kate is with her now, isn't it?

Island - New Otherton, Kate talks to Sawyer and tells him that she needs to find Claire. What did Sawyer say? Lunch Time? Sawyer blames himself for Juliet's death because he didn't want to be alone. "Some of us are meant to be alone." He was gonna ask her to marry him. So sad. Sawyer tells Kate to leave.

Dogen is playing spinny with a baseball. Must be significant, or not. Dogen likes to remain separate from the people he rules with his speak. He was "brought here", like them all. By Jacob perhaps? Jack will not give the pill to Sayid unless he knows what's in it. Dogen plays the you have to just trust me card. Jack one ups with throwing back the pill and Dogen Freaks. Alright so it's poison.

FYI - Anna from V commercial looks like a chick from a LOST Oceana fake airline commercial. And Hi Juliet!

Off-island - Claire admires her baby's portrait. The detectives come into Claire's hospital room to question Claire. Claire covers for Kate. Ummm Why? At least Claire questions Kate and Kate tried to claim the innocence card. Clare gives Kate her credit card and then Kate says Claire should keep the baby. Rude and evasive much?

Island - Morning. Sawyer still ignoring Kate at New Otherton. Lennon is shocked at Jack's balls in taking the pill. Frankly, so am I. Jack does drink the tea offered to him. Dogen explains that Sayid may now be "claimed". Sayid will be gone, just like it happen to Claire.

Jin is now found by the other others. He tried to run away and Island Claire saves Jin before the Other dudes, try to kill him. That is odd. Shall we call Island Claire, Crazy Claire. YES, of course.


+ More Claire! We kind of learn she went evil. Learn that Sawyer was going to propose.

- Very very few questions answered.

Random thought - Kate, Claire, & Aaron have some sort of connection, whether off or on the island in both realities.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's that time again!.... It's LIVE LOST BLOGGING, TIME

This blog contains LIVE LOST BLOGGING.
Starting it's starting!! Beginning with creepy Ben voiceover describing the history of LOST. Ohh the memories. I miss Clarie! But now I want new LOST...Please Ben stop talking and play me a new episode. Ugghhh. I am going to watch and not type anything, in protest.

OKAY, now it's really LOST time. They have to show the "previously on LOST", first. Uggh, just get to it DAMMIT! (Shoot I have to pee, or am so excited that I feel like I could pee my pants, either one)

White Screen............we're back on an airplane, with Jack. He's looking around. That stewardess chick came back and gave Jack more booz. We have turbulance. Now, Rose comforts Jack about the turbulance....more shaking and now nothing...still flying. "They made it." Benard came back to his seat. How sweet are they?
Jack goes to tiny bathroom and looks over himself in mirror, sees small cut on his neck. DESMOND!!! Yes, he is next to Jack on the plane, and Jack remembers him, from somewhere... "Nice to meet you, or see you again." The sky is very clear out there as we dive down to the ocean seeing the island under ground, and the 6 toed statue. LOST LOGO TIME!

Okay, flashing back to last season and the dropping of the hydrogen bomb down and Juliet getting pulled down. Can we say, not a new scene? Oh, WOW!! It's Kate in a TREE! Monkey Kate. Is this now or then, or when? Kate's hearing is annoying me. Where is Kate? Oh it's Miles. Kate and all the Losties are back at the Hatch Door, after the Hatch exploded.

How is Jack there and on the plane? What is happening?? Sawyer is so effing pissed. He is still hurt about Juliet. Sucks.

Now, back on the plane with Kate and her marshall guy. Wow this guy is so annoying talking to Hurley in the plane and Hurley is the luckiest guy, huh? Sawyer, yummmm.

And now, everyone is back on the island too. The LOSTies are in both places at the same time. Kate found Juliet!! Sayid is dying. Dammit. Uh oh, what are we hearing??? Hurley with a gun, really? It's Jacob coming to talk to Hurley on the island.

Sun and Jin on the plane. Jin is being the dick he is. AHHHHHHHH!!!! It's Boone! Of course in the plane version of the Losties, Locke was able to go on his walk-about, as he tells Boone. Also Boone's siter, Shannon stays in Austrailia.

We get to see the faux Locke and crazy Ben staring at the fire. Faux Locke says Jacob is gone and is sending Ben to fetch Guyliner, Richard. Lapidus and Sun discuss the situation and Ben now fetches Richard to speak with John. Guyliner shows Ben, the dead, real John Locke. CRAP COMMERCIAL.

Unburrying Juliet in the former Swan hole. Where is Jscob going and without shoes? He's gonna save Sayid, I hope. Oh no, Jacob died. Okay....go to the Temple, with the guitar case.....hmmmm. Oh this is so sad, I hope they get to Juliet.

Back on the plane again. Oh no, stupid Charlie probably OD-ed. Drugs are not cool, but Charlie is. Wonder if Evangeline was happy to have him back on set again. I am thinking, YES!
Jack and Sayid working on Charlie. Yup yup! BRING HIM BACK! Ewww, gross. See Drugs are NOT COOL! "am I alive", asks Charlie.

Back to the Island Losties, hopefully saving Juliet while they remove a beam. He's gotten to her, Sawyer has gotten to her! She's alive! Oh this is making me teary. The Juliet/Sawyer thing is adorable. Hurley shares the temple plan with everyone. He looks very determined.

Now we are at the statue with Faux, Locke, Ben, and Guyliner. Faux Locke is in Jacob's chair. Guyliner is not coming in, but burley gun guy is. JACOB IS DEAD. Now the shoot at Faux Locke. There's a bent bullet on the ground and then some freaky noises. Ole smokey is coming back to get these suckers. Ahh, but smokey won't get you within the ash circles. Interesting. Now what Benjamin? Of course, we now know that Smokey is Faux Locke. Interesting.....

On-island, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet at the Swan hole. "Kiss me". I hope she doesn't die, but I think she is gonna. She didn't get to tell him her something, important. Poor Sawyer. Sad, sad sad.

On the plane LOSTies. And Charlie says he was supposed to die. Weird. Buckle up....almost home?? No! No they're not! Poor Charlie being led away. He gives Jack the evil eye. Everyone is exiting. Locke still in wheel chair. Sad Lost Musak plays. Well crap...at least there is one more hour of this "WTF beyond WTF episode".

Morning on the island. Sawyer is pissed. Sayid is near death and we have to go to Temple. Sawyer is going to bury Juliet and Sawyer is not following anyone after he does it. He asks Miles to stay and gives Jack the death stare.
They're all bringing in Sayid through the magic hole to the Temple. In the lower levels there are paths and some of the dead French Dudes. Weird weird voices. Is Smokey coming? And Kate disappears. This is some freaky stuff. Oh good, it's the others. Love Hurley--->> "Guess we found the temple."

Kate in the airport with her Marshall. She has to go potty. He sends her in to pee. She is gonna get free. Watchy watch. And there she goes. She's so violent. And now with Sawyer on the elevator and he helps Katie get away.

Back to the island. Sawyer, burying Juliet with Miles. He asks what she wanted to tell Sawyer. Miles gets real weird and kneels to the ground. Miles then says that Juliet wanted to tell Sawyer that, "it worked". What worked?

Now they are at the Temple. And the Stewardess from the first plane is there and a bunch of other people. Hurley says that Jacob sent them and he has that guitar case. They look inside and see a symbol of some kind. It's made of wood, old asian dude breaks it and gets a letter out that has the Losties names on it, I guess. The strange dude says that if Sayid dies, they are in trouble.
In Airport with Sun and Jin. Jin has a crap ton of money with him. Sun denies knowing English to customs.

Back to Temple. This is a lot of acting for these poor people and for me to type about. They are at "the stream" and the water isn't clear. They ask who did this to Sayid and they warn that there are risks if they do "this." They are gonna put Sayid in the water. They flip over an hour glass and Sayid flales around while they hold him in the water. The Losties try to stop the Others. Waiting for the hour glass. Sayid appears to have been drowned. Oh no. They lie him out and the Others tell them that Sayid is dead. Jack administers CPR with Kate by his side. Kate tries to stop him. More sadness.

So LOST stuff is on Nightline and Jimmy Kimmel tonight! Whoop whoop!

Back in Airport, Sayid looking at pic of his lady and Kate is down in baggage area trying to escape. Frogurt gets mad at Kate for trying to steal his cab. Hurley in front of Kate at the cab stand on phone. Kate is almost escaping..gets in cab with Claire. Yeahh! Claire.

The two kids from the tail section of the flight give the island Losties food. The Others bring in Sawyer and Miles. They make Hurley go see the old asian dude. Hurley tells that Jacob is dead. The Others freak out all over the place and they put powder/ash every where.

Ben figures out that the monster is faux Locke. Faux Locke explains to Ben what Real Locke was thinking when Ben killed him. Ben asks what the smokey faux Locke wants and it turns out that Smokey, faux Locke, (or Faocke) just wants to go home.

Only 5 more minutes left...back to Sayid in the Temple. Miles is looking confused over Sayid. Kate is cleaning off Sawyer and Kate tells him that the Others are now protecting the Losties, maybe. Sawyer says he isn't gonna kill Jack, so Jack'll suffer.

Back at the airport, Jack is on the phone with his mom about the loss of Jack's dead father. Locke tells Jack that they only lost his father's body, not his father. Jack asks about Locke's condition and says that no condition is irreversible. He tells Locke that he'll give Locke a free consult.

Back on the island where the flare went up in the air from the Others at the Temple. Richard is confused. Faocke and Ben exit the Jacob cave. Faocke tells Guyliner that it is good to see him out of the chains, then sucker punches him. Faocke then announces that he is very dissapointed in everyone. Ooookay.....Real, dead Locke, lays there, dead.

Temple, time. The Others say that they need to speak to Jack seperately. Jack argues, and Sayid awakens. END.


+ Lost is always good, because it is Lost. We get to see what could have happened if there was never an accident. We got to see Boone, Claire, and Charlie!
- Srsly, WTF?? WTF?? Really Carlton and Damon. Really?