Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Can't Write....

Can't write LOST is on. But I am writing during the commercial breaks. It's good, as it should be. I love LOST! They're back!

Just stopping in to write to myself and those out there that read this freakin' thing to say that alas, I did work out, even if it was for only 20 minutes on my treadmill in my apartment. Although, to be fair, I should be aloud to count the 10 minutes it took me to maneuver the blasted big piece of crap, so that I could plug it in and lay it out in a workable manner. As usual, Syd was very curious and eyed the contraption with a longing to get back on it again, or at least that is how I interpreted her big, teethy dog grin.WAIT, the show is back on.....

Besides, the working out and re-arranging my apartment so I can utilize my treadmill, this is the first week, that I have actually eaten healthy and watching everything that I eat. I have been writing it all down so that I can monitor what exactly I've been doing to make me so blimpish. Anyhow, I am proud to say I lost 3 lbs. Not too shabby for a first week. Ahhh...LOST back on...

Next week, I am gonna try out my friend's gym that is right down the street to see how I like their classes and the like. Should be fun. I haven't been to a real gym in forever. I love work out classes. Its the greatest, kind of like Mrs. Hawking!

In other news, I completed and filed my taxes all in one day! It's much easier to complete your taxes as a single, no dependent. Okay, married filing separate, but you get the point. I can't wait to spend that refund check! I am buying new running/walking shoes. Maybe I can do that half marathon one day after all! Oh, back to LOST..... talk later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Obsession Speak, Moving On

It seems that I have had too much going on to keep up with writing. Too many re-readings of my Twi-crack, too much TV watching of my fav shows, like LOST and Big Love, or too much time searching the Internet for more New Moon Casting news (also part of Tw-Crack). But no, those obsessions are not the real reason for my lapse in writing, although definitely part of it.

More than these obsessions, are the things that are going on right now with my job, that have caused me to need these distracting obsessions. I have been working between 50-60 hours a week, and still have more work than I can possibly get done. When I finally get home, all I want, all I need, is "my own kind of heroin".

What is worse then needing these mindless distractions and obsessions, is that the Twi-crack obsession is slowing waining thin. It's difficult to to admit that my Twi-crack crazy is running out. I am scared to admit this ridiculousness, because I am worried about what I am going to do with all of my boredom and loneliness without having something to obsess about. It seems scary. It also seems obnoxiously annoying. I guess we all need something to get us through new transitions and uncomfortable times.

On a happier note, I have actually begun working out, and dieting again. I am slowly manipulating my obsessions into that new preoccupation. It's keeping me a little more busy. It's keeping me from over loading on Twi-crack, kind of. Is it bad that two friends have given me new books to read in the past week? Thanks for the hint.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 more Random Things about Me!

Yesterday, Shell was shocked that I could come up with 25 random thoughts, but I think that this is a great writing exercise and it is getting me to continually write so I am going to keep going until I have a full concise thought to get out.

1. I passed the Maryland Bar Exam on the first try! Yet, I don't practice in a courtroom, but it's nice to know that I always can.

2. I have to wear hats at work frequently to keep my body temperature up. Taking blood thinners in the winter time, is a B!

3. I blame my coumadin on everything, from my nose bleeds and heavy bruising (toadly founded) and my computer hating me (possibly unfounded).

4. I never thought that I would be working in contracts, but I like most people I work with, I have great job security, and am never bored. Very burnt out, but never bored.

5. I may never be able to have children, although I have never tried, the blood disorder that I have is one of the very few conditions that one can have, which may cause a miscarriage in the 3rd trimester. This pisses me off to no end. But I have never tried and anything is possible, we shall see.

6. I am trying to make my friend have a child for me when it comes time, because her child turned out perfect and she was in so much of a better mood when she was pregnant. It's really best for everyone involved.

7. I don't want to have a child by myself, but I plan on doing just that if I can't find myself a baby daddy by the time I am 41. Don't ask....41 just seems like a good number.

8. I am pretty relieved that I don't have kids at this point in my life because, because I love Guinness and my wine way too much right now.

9. The entire time I was married to my ex-hole, Irish, Marine, wasband, I never even liked Guinness and refused to drink it out at pubs and the like. For some reason now, its my fav. Go figure!

10. I can't bring myself to put Xmas away. It just makes me happy. I love my Xmas cheery decorations. I have taken the lights off my porch so the general public does not have to deal with my inability to put the stuff away.

11. I have been recruiting more people to read the Twilight series, and now people blame me for their lack of sleep. Mustly I like to make people become as obsessed as I am, so as not to feel too crazy.

12. I once lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers and need to remind myself that I do have the ability to lose the weight I have put on by eating my feelings, post separation from wasband.

13. I love working out once I get going, I just have to get over there. FYI - it's another excuse, but in the evening when its dark it's a bit scary to walk over to my apt complex's gym. We need more lights over there, or I am taking my dog.

14. My two animals are named after cities. Sydney the german shepherd and Savannah, the black and white cat.

15. My left leg will always be a bit thicker then my right leg, in the calf/knee area due to the vein damage from my DVT clot. Sometimes there is a one inch difference in width, if I have been standing still for long periods without good blood circulation.

16. I can only take Tylenol or codeine, or stronger. For some reason, Ibuprofen and other pain killers affect the coumadin (blasted rat killer), and only Tylenol is permitted. We all know how Tylenol barely works on mild headaches, imagine being in real pain.

17. I have been in three car accidents. One with Jodie driving, one with Myrna driving, and one with Shell driving. After the car impact, each of their first words were, "Are you okay?'

18. I have the palest skin ever. I once got a sun burn while sitting in the shade of an airport hanger, with SPF 30 on. The sun burn was so bad that I missed work the next Monday because I couldn't wear clothes.

19. Even though I am crazy lonely and sometimes wish to have a significant other in my life, I am determined to just be me, for an entire year after the separation from ex-hole.

20. I can't believe that I am where I am at this point in my life, but am thankful for all that I have.

21. Every morning for the past three, I have woken up very nauseous feeling. Unless I am the new, alternative virgin Mary, I can't be pregnant, but what the hell?

22. I have discovered that I really like sci-fi, but that I am still learning more about shows and books that are out there to enjoy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

23. I am a champ at senseless calling. In fact, my friends who are driving long distances have been known to contact me to talk because they know that I can carry on a conversation for hours about nothing. My friends also have come to expect that when they ask me what's up when I call them, that I will usually tell them, "Nothing", because I am really just senseless calling.

24. I really want an Edward, but I know that a Jacob would be better for me. Mostly I want to date/be/love someone who treats me like I am a Bella.

25. I am utterly impressed how Stephanie Klein can write so eloquently every day, when I struggle to write small blurbs that are 25 random thoughts in my head.

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Thoughts Survey from FB

I REFUSE to tag anyone to make them do this, because it has toadly reached viral proportions, and I am just doing this as an exercise, seeing as how inept as of late I have become at consistently blogging.So people, don’t worry about being forced to adapt to the notes feature in FB, just please enjoy my ramblings.

1. I never went bowling until I was 25 years-old. My parents weren’t into it and at some level they believed that bad people hung out at the bowling alley. I actually scored a 22 once in an actual bowling alley, not Wii bowling. It was sad, but funny.
2. I carry a water bottle almost anywhere I go. I am constantly thirsty due to the awesome drug combo I take.
3. Although written about before, I have a rare blood genetic defect that less than1% of everyone in the world has, and as a result I have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life. 4. My best friend that grew up on the same street also has had very rare medical issues and has an auto immune deficiency that is the most rare of all auto immune deficiencies. What was with the water on Lisa Drive?
5. I don’t have a passport and although I once lived 20 minutes from Mexico, I have never been out of the country.
6. Due to 2 different water incidents from my early child hood, I am a bit afraid of the water. I almost drowned when I was 4 after falling into a pool, and my dad jumped in and saved me. Subsequently, I got stung by lots of jelly fish and spent the rest of a family vaca taking pain killers and spreading aloe all over my legs. However, I do like boating, kayaking, and sailing, despite my fear.
7. I can’t play just about any sport, and now have even a better excuse than my overall clumsiness. The blood thinners caution against playing anything that could even remotely cause internal bleeding, head injuries, or other bodily harm.
8. I once broke my right index finger doing jumping jacks, once fell and cut my ear while putting on my pajama pants, and many times have twisted my ankle falling down stairs. Take that Bella!9. I used to share the ownership of a pet frog with my friend Jodie (crap, now you are tagged). I think its name was Hannibal.
10. I can watch any movie and critique it and can even find merit in any terrible movie, no matter what movie it is. I can also repeatedly watch movies over and over, thus irritating those around me.
11. I enjoy living with someone, but like the idea of living alone as well. But I think everyone kind of feels the same about this.
12. I once won lunch for my office. It was great and was supposed to be for a huge, 50 person office, and I only worked at an office of 5 people. We all had leftovers for a full week.
13. I once worked at an office where the owner’s dog came to work every day, even when the owner was away on vacation. His name was Rugby and he was very cute. 14. I have seen Twilight 3 times at the theater and am planning one more viewing. I have read all the books twice.
15. I have seen each Harry Potter movie at least 5 times and have read the last three books in the series twice.
16. I sometimes do wish that mystical creatures like vampires and werewolves were real, although I don’t think they are. But I do believe in ghosts.
17. I usually have to have one chocolate thing every day. Granola bar, hot chocolate, whatever.
18. To maintain my PT INR (blood test to monitor how thin my blood is) I drink one glass of wine a day. Shell can often be heard asking me if I remembered to drink my wine yet. Seriously folks, my hematologist has said, either never drink at all, or you must drink one glass of some kind of alcohol per day to keep the blood levels in check. Guess what avenue I took.19. I love to see famous people, not for autographs or anything else. Just the story of saying I saw them. So far, other than concerts, I have seen, Carrot Top at the airport, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, and Jessie Jackson at an event in Wash, DC, and President Carter at an event at Univ .of MD.20. I have only been camping twice ever. Once with my mom and bro in KY and once in the CA desert outside of San Diego.21. I have several besties that I have known for a good long portion of my life. One friend that I have been friends with since I was 2, one since I was 8, several since I was 10 – 12, and several for 10 - 15 years. When I find the good ones, I keep them!
22. I cannot remember the names of songs or the names of musical acts, although I can sometimes tell you any movie that some random actor has ever been in. It’s a bit strange.
23. I wanted to go to law school my whole life, which I did and graduated in 2003. I never really knew what I wanted to do after actually going to law school, but I always wanted to go.
24. Although I can be funny, I am nowhere near as funny as my dear friends that are in my life. I think I surround myself with people that not only make me smile, but that can also leave me in stitches.25. I always wanted a dog growing up and I have had the fortunate experience of raising two puppies and caring for a one year old shelter dog. I currently have one cat and one dog. Animals rule!

26. EXTRA ONE - Despite no longer truly being a member of their society, military families and the ties that bind you to them are truly exceptional, and I miss belonging to that society sometimes.