Monday, December 1, 2008


I am too exhausted tonight to write much even though I did almost nothing when I got home. But tonight I decided to be thankful for getting to live in San Diego, California.

I mean you can't really be toadly unappreciative about living in a perfect climate paradise, that although mostly brown, allows you to enjoy short sleeves and nice light jackets all year long. In San Diego, you can go hiking almost any time of year, except for rattlesnake season. You can train for marathons all year long, go camping in the desert after a short hour drive east, you can see the sun set over the water, and can even run 5Ks with you puppy on Thanksgiving.

San Diego, was definitely an experience that I would have never had if I was not married to the wasband, and although I am very thankful to be back on the east coast, I am thankful that I got the experience of living in a place so different from where I grew up. If I had never been married to the wasband, I would have never experienced living in this south western paradise.

Please note for all those that notice how I describe San Diego as being mostly brown. Yes, the water is blue and you can see some green patches in this photo, but please also take note of the large brown, rocky hills and mountains in the background.