Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Baby Dan, Baby Charlotte & 100th Episode

Oh Nooes! Desmond has been shot. Baby Charlie is adorable. Oh, it's Mrs. Hawking. She is NOT the mother of Ben Linus. Her son is Danny Dan.

30 years back again. Dan + Miles = win. Faraday has been in Ann Arbor, Hmmm. "How did you get back here?" Dan says, oh and by the way, my Mom was WRONG.

Whooooaaa LOST turned into STARTREK. Weird.

Is this baby Faraday? Perhaps? Yup. Looks like he was once a kid. Good to know. Ohhh he hair braces and everything. Moms talking about Destiny. Mom has job? Darhma? WHoooaaa Daniel is gonna "make time". Can you say foreshadow?

Back at 1970's Darhma, Headed to the Orchid. Phil's an ass, Sawyer. Just get rid of him. Waiting waiting waiting. Mile's Dad and Dan meet and greet. Oh, we saw this before.

Evacuation?? Swine Flu? Oh wait no eletromagnitic. "I'm from the Future."

Mile's Dad is now totally going to go bisirk. Miles here is your son. Awwww He is gonna save baby Miles.
Dan, graduating. Now, eating. Mrs. Hawking is kind if bitchy. Is she Ellie from the past? Did we find that out? Well, I guess it is obvious. Whidmore gave him a grant to do research. Grooviness.

Whattayou want Mom's? Ohhh a present. The journal? Is she dying, why is she leaving and saying, good luck? Yup, journal.

Back again to 70's. Parties over people. Sawyer is breaking it down. What do we do?

Hurley ->Wishy washy. Uh oh...Knock Knock. Daniel? Twitchy. hehehehe
Deep breathy voice, Daniel speaking, wants the hostiles. One of them is Mom and she can get them off. Brilliant.

Commercials. Uggh. FYI - Grey's Anatomy looks GOooooOOOD!

Ohhh we get to see who was talking to Dan, last season opener. Daniel can't remember anything. Whidmore, visiting Dan, he offers a NEW opportunity for Dan = go to island, again. Weepy Dan. What if, Dan What if?? Whidmore DID put it there. Ben wasn't lying about that!!
Whidmore is breakin it down to Crazy Dan. Dan's mind will be healed. (That island is awesome. Shell should go there.) Whidmore sounds like Dan's Mom, because Whidmore is Dan's Dad? FYI --I've decided this.

Fonzi times!?!?!?! God, love Hurley.

We don't belong here.....Uh ohhhh. Juliet is PISSED!! She was like, don't call her Freckles, Dammit! 1970's Dan, where are you going? Ohhh Charlotte. Baby Charlotte is VERY cute. I want her hair. Maybe I can change things.... YES YOU CAN, DAN!!
Great now there is a show down, at the motor pool. Run run run! Nice shot there Jack. Sound the alarm!!

Piano playing....Dan still remembers, kind of. Moms is here. It's Mom's business to know. Mom says TAKE JOB! Crazy Dan, says No. Magic Island can make it better, all better, crazy Dan.
Awwww, "will it make you proud of me?" Tear. He's a go, for island trip.

Back 1970's. Takin' jeep to the outside line. Entering the code. Just a scrap. Faraday is now telling it like Miles was. This is our now. OK, let's go find the others. I love the Darhma outfits on them. Juliet wants to make sure La Fleur has back.

Oh noees. They are all pissed at Sawyer. Black Darhma uniforms = mean, stupid men with guns.
So, Why your momma an idiot? Because of this one accident, the hatch will happen, then the plane crash. Because of this, than that, than this....blah blah blah. Ok we have said, whatever happened happen has been said twice. Variables need to looked at, people are the variables.

Wow, Super Dan can do anything! Kate is like so, how? Oh, by exploding a bomb, that's how. Got to go find JUGHEAD. Dammit, commercial.

Back to the first scene in the show. FULL CIRCLE. Mrs. Whidmore, does not know anything now. Oh Desmond is in recovery. Good! Desmond says, he promised not to leave again. Awww kisses. Whidmore enter stage left, Desmond is alright, says Good.
Sacrifice. Oh, it is his son. SLAP!! I think he still wants Eloise.

1970's now. We are all used to insane. Insane = GOOD LOST. Oh, here they are at the camp. Wish him luck. Go Dan nutso. Wanna talk to Eloise. Oh good, it's eye liner. Where is that bomb? Oh great, no more Dan. Who are you? Oh, I am the son you just shot.

Great LOST, next week looks great too!
Best Part - of course Hurley's Fonzi references and seeing all the stuff in the past that we were like WTF?
Worst Part - There wasn't any. That was the best!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....O 6, Take 2

Voice over guy, sounds pretty freaky.

Story of Oceanic 6. Exciting. Is this going to just be this guy's voice and tons of stuff I have seen already. Cause if it is, I'll watch it, but, Live Blogging might be off.

Okay, so far just a lot of explanation.....

Can't live blog to this shizz. Will just watch it. Educational but not bloggirific enough.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesdays....Chewley and the Hillls

So more random thoughts to write out, but all one liners (or close to):

1) I named my new fake BF, Chewley. I think it's a cool name.

2) Am excited that I entered the Twitter universe but wish that I had an IPhone now.

3) My dog has gotten me out of speeding tickets. She rules.

4) The guy on Fringe is pretty freakin' hot. Not Pacy, the guest star bad guy.

5) Can't wait to do the Breast Cancer Walk at the end of May.

6) I have a new vicious strain of jealousy flowing through me lately.

7) Have only one more Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book to read before Book Club next week.

8) I had a 5o cent Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee today thanks to my resident, "Deal Finer/Baker/Martha effing Stewart", Mekana.

9) Still haven't gotten vacuum fixed. Effing vacuum and pet hair again.

10) I'm still not ashamed of my TMZ, HHH, or Twilight addiction, the Hills watching embarrasses me a wee bit though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live LOST Blogging.....Miles "Gift" and Hurley helps George

What the heck, am I watching? Is this LOST?

Ohhhhh Miles! Baby Miles is freaky. I like him, he found some dead guy. Mr. Vonner. He was screaming for Kimberly. Oh, Baby Miles must seem crazy. Maybe he gets to go into the Institute with Hurley. Miles is helping Kate & Sawyer.....I think. Ohhh Sawyer calls him, Little Ben. Baby Ben is better.

Circle of Trust, No Questions asked. I dig the circle of trust, but did the tape get fixed? La Fleur's busy. Body Bag, huh? Miles can tell what the accident was and how it happened. Miles talks to dead people like the little kid in that movie with Bruce Willis.

Hard hats to carry a dead body, weird. Do we get to hear Miles actually talk to the dead? Yes, but we do not get to hear them answer. Dammit.

Teenage Miles. Crazy. Luuvv the Mohawk. Are they in England? No, it's his mum. Miles looks a bit like a skunk. Miles' father blows. Sucky father. His body is on the island??? Maybe..."The package" = the corpse. Dr. Chang = Miles Dad?? Who knows.....

Hurley rocks. Hurley + Miles also Rocks.
Kate now talking with Juliet. Oh crap Ben's Daddy is peeved and going to security. "Here we go..."
Hurley's writing in a composition book. Luv the interaction between these two. Hurley is crazed about his sandwiches. Uh oh, he's gonna find the dead guy. "Dude there's a body back here." Miles CAN talk to dead people. Hurley is so perceptive.

Look its the Otherton village disguised as an "off island" place. He's selling his services to football player's daddy. Gosh, he is ruthless. Cost extra. Miles, geez. He's going to like read his palms, ha!

LOOK it's Naomi. Groovy.

New Otherton was such a cheery place in the 70's. Except for crazed, drunken Roger. He'll die soon anyhow. Luv Kate's 70's clothes, bell bottoms, ROCK. Roger doesn't appreciate them.

Miles/Hurley, YES! Hurley actually sees the dead people, Miles senses the stuff about the dead people. They are both nuts. Hurley calls it, "his Power". Awesome!

Wow, look what they are building!!! Polar Bear feces, Ha! Wow, Dr. Chang is a douche! Crap, he is Miles Dad! I am toadly on it today.

Going to a restaurant....Miles has an audition. Dead body in the kitchen, hope I never eat there at that restaurant. Miles does his thing....Felix, Delivery to Whidmore, Photos of empty graves, and purchase order or an old airplane. 1.6 million dollars!! Woohoo.

Miles/Hurley = more goody. Now what...going to other station. Body gone, hmmmmm.
Jack helping Roger now like Kate was trying. Roger is a total douche,--to borrow Hurley's word. Kate has a weird thing for Roger's kid, that Kate....Jack is like back down. Uh oh, now they will all be against Kate and Jack.

Riding back, sans body. Orchid is classified. 3 month old son.....That's your name too, Miles. Hurley is sooooo obvious. Dr. Chang is very authoritative, ohhhh secret road..... VERY COOL.

They're building the Hatch...the one that crashed the plane, Miles.

Miles now pre-island, I think. Crap, he is getting kidnapped. Try to talk Miles out of working for Whidmore. What lies in the shadow of the statute.....What the hell, from last week's episode too?? Miles has a gift, like those from Heroes. 3.2 million = double of what they would pay. Ah ha! Wrong team Miles. Is this a new team? The shadow of the statute Team?

More Hurley + Miles. Miles is breakin' it down. Dad was never around, Hurley, gosh. Ohhhh, Hoth is for Hurley's script for Empire Strikes Back. Hurley RULES!!! Love that he wants to help George Lucas. Why does Sawyer call Jack, Doc, when he is the janitor?

Uh oh they are all looking after Kate and her jibber jabber. Silly Kate. It's a development. Miles didn't erase the tape. Ugghhh Miles, what the hell? "Get some rope". I love wild, punching Sawyer! Only 10 more minutes, NOOOOOOO.

Raking rakin raking. Miles is talking to the Daddy of the football player. He gives back the money to the Daddy and admits to lying. Profound stuff about talking to your son and saying I love you. Nice, Miles.

Miles back at Otherton with Hurley. Still love them together. Bonding over dumb Dads. Too awesome. And another Star Wars comparison to Empire. Yeah! Hurley is my man! But I liked the Ewoks. Tears, Baby Miles and Miles Daddy. Cuteness.

Now Scientists from Ann Arbor, I wonder who.... Faraday??? Yup, of course. "Long time no see".

Thank GOD they pointed out twice, that LOST will be on next week as a "SPECIAL" and then the 100th episode in two weeks. That was for all the people that need their LOST, every week, like me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Tuesdays....Charlotte & Sydney

10 more random thoughts.....

1) I am terrified of snakes. Always have been and can have snake nightmares pretty easily.

2) I hate staying home from work, but I get sick pretty easily and have realized what my body can and can't take. I feel lazy and blahhhh, but better than this morning.

3) I think that it's weird that I have not had any caffine today. I didn't feel like making coffee at 1pm when I woke up today.

4) Shell and I decided that if we are going to have any other kids (or my first kid) we were going to adopt one of the little baby girls from China who needs a home. I already have named my little one -> Charlotte. I think we are both slightly nuts.

5) I think my dog is trying to tell me something when she sits almost in front of me and just stares. But what the hell is it?

6) I think that I am actually a KStew supporter now. Loved her performance in the Cake Eaters and going to see Adventureland this weekend with Tina. Weird.

7) I have an obnoxious amount of red in my closet esp in cozy clothes. I went in to change after a bath earlier and was astounded by how much red is in there, and how bad the red shades clashed.

8) I need to go to the store to buy more carb friendly foods, like milk, cottage cheese, other low-fat cheeses, more veggies, etc. Tomorrow, maybe??

9) I need to clean the eff out of my apartment. I still need to put the rest of my kitchen back together and get my effing vacuum fixed. I hate my broken vacuum, I also hate pet hair.

10) I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can work out. I miss it, my body misses it, but when I feel dizzy, treadmill exercise is a bad bad idea. Especially with my clumsiness factor, can you say.....broken finger from doing jumping jacks.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Home sweet Home, but Dead is Dead

Time for LOST!!!!

And dammit I forgot to effing work out tonight because I was Blog-sessed on the Internet.

New way to begin, there's a horse. This is very Robin Hood-esque.

Purple shirt, eyeliner, so hot, Alpert. Baby Ben squinting through his eyes at Charles. Young Charles is def more attractive than older Charles W. Ahhhh, Ben first says he wants to be an other, and Charles says something about "them". Is that what he just said. I have to re-wind later. Yup, "just because you're living with "them", doesn't mean you can be one of us." Interesting....Don't know why, just is. Why didn't he say Darhma, or these others here in this camp. Who is "them" in their conve? Probably nothing...

Ohh yea!!! The Locke scaring Ben scene again! Luuuuvvv it! Punch him out, John. Going back to be "judged"....Locke can judge him. Dah Dah dahhh, the Monster. I thought it was called, "smokey". Only by Calrton and others. FYI - see the "smokey monster" pic above.

Oh, back to Season 1 with other characters and beat-up Ben. Ben is such an a-hole. Don't give him the gun. I wonder if Cesar will run the Island like Cesar.

Now when are they. Ohh, Ethan is older. Like 10 years later from when Baby Ben was shot. Oh and the Baby Alex, his "daughter". Run from whispers.......

This show is filled with wack crap. Now when? Oh back to the season 1, take 2, with diff characters. Ben had an office? Ben is as cold as ice and is a bull-esser to the max. Luuuvv it. You have to love that about Ben, you just have to. "Best Interests of the island". Hmmmm an apology, Locke is becoming all the "clever-or". Let's see Ben be judged. Let's!!

For the love of all things holy, Ben. Jeepers. Why ya gotta shoot people? Nice apology, Ben.

I want to canoe! Home Sweet home. Someone else hurt his arm...but who? Ohhh boy, summoning the monster, smokey. All shucks, I love the bold Locke, just calling it out like it is. Look, Charles was the a-hole back then, when Alex was a babe. It's like Ben is Locke and Charles is Ben. Don't you love the cyclical nature. Where is his child? Where is Penny, if Charles is on the island and Alex was already born?

Okay back to the Darhma houses....maybe its Claire in Ben's old house. That would make me smile. I miss Claire. Prob, not. Of course it's just Sun. Oh good, Locke is there, Sun. Too cooool. Toadly awesome. I also love that Locke was all shady, like half in the dark like we used to see Christian in Jacob's cabin.

FYI - for a second there I thought the vicky secret commercial was LOST back on, because they were in the forest with the models.

Back to the stare down. Love LOST for the stare down. Oh good, they explained everything during the commercial, I feel relieved. Does Lepidus have eyeliner on also? I think, yes. Watch your back, Sun. And walk away, hope Lepidus turns into a werewolf. Let's wait for BEN! Fun fun. Oh we get to see in there this time with Ben and his summoning. But last time, didn't it look different. Whateves.

Back at the well, where is the donkey wheel? I like that they get to "flush the toilet" to get smokey out. Now Alex is older. Where is Penny, will we see her? Oh, Penny is off the island with someone. Oh ok. Hmmm, did the island want Alex dead? Ben banished because it's inevitable. ewwww. Time for a time warp, to the "present" with Sun.

Jack must've lied. Have no idea about anything do you Ben. Dead is Dead. Scares the living hell out of Ben, whoa. Oh good, smokey is here, or not. Cute part with Locke coming out of the jungle, and Ben couldn't control him. And Locke just knows everything. Nice reversal. I love Ben but I am almost ready to see him and all his Hot and Cold, dead and gone.

"Present" with Sun and Locke. Oh boy! The dock. Now we get to see Ben hurt Penny or Desmond, or whatever. Ohh and back to Sun's present (my way of describing, the now). Ben hates John knowing. I like it. Oh goody, the temple!!

Yippee!! Under the temple. So excited to see under it. I am sorry, to Desmond. Ben, don't tell me you did. Nooo. Oh let us see......he shot Des, What the eff? Weird, Ben has a soft spot for kids. Crazy. Who would have thought? Little Charlie is the cutest, by the way. Yippeee, no one was killed. Because Des is the bomb. Thank god, Megan and I heart Desmond.

Dammit. 10 more minutes. Why doesn't LOST last longer?

Pretty water. Dammit, he's not a werewolf. Lepidus should totally be a ww. Yalana is crazed. She knows about something. Oh Back to B & J and they are under the temple wall. Coooooll. Is under the temple like the map from the dome wall thingy, I think?? Why is Ben being teary? Don't be teary Ben. Don't believe him either Locke. Dammit. Never trust Ben. Oh, Ben fell. There are ruins and hieroglyphics. What does that mean?Ohhh, here comes smokey. Yum. ohhh, Alex flashbacks.

Look, it's dead Alex. Creepy. Say it, "Yes I will follow him, I swear". I think angry, bold Alex rocks. Also, I guess Ben gets to live. Efff. I am about done with him, but whose kidding who, Ben's character rocks. Ben gets to live and we get to see some more creepy shizz next week. Good LOST week, I'd say.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Method to remember to Blog...Random Tuesdays!

So I have decided to institute Random Tuesdays, which entails me completing a list of at least 10 random thoughts inside my head on every Tuesday.
I figure it will help me get those thoughts out and maybe come up with some better ideas for complete blogs, and more than just my LOST live blogs. So, here goes....

1) Why are there so many blog websites? How does one choose when they want to start a blog? I know I chose mine because my "Blog Hero", Stephanie Klein, used blogger to post hers. There is WordPress, Blogger, among others. So confusing. Don't get me started on Twitter...I don't have an I-phone, so difficult to do that all day, when I am not computer attached.

2) I love other people's playlists. Especially when it is crazy good alternative mellow, and alternative punky stuff. I guess those two are my favorite genres.

3) I love it when I have "discovered" things about myself that I know that I like, because I like it, not because a significant other, friend or parent wants me to like it.
What I have found that I like:
- Sci-fi stuff, that is more fantastical, like vampires, wizards and zombies books, movies, and TV shows
- Music categories described above, and 80's remakes
- Purple colored grape flavor, like sugar free grape koolaid, YUM!

4) Work reviews suck! I hate having to talk about yourself.
Significant accomplishments = Um, arriving every day and not wanting to scream when I am over stressed and overworked.

5) Spunk Ransom has HOT suspender pants.

6) Carlton Cuse, always begins his shows with showing someones eyeballs. And he likes Lance Reddick, who plays Mr. Abbadon, the Major Daniels from the Wire, and the head guy from Fringe, a whole hell'uv a lot. And is that a vampire on Fringe tonight?

7) I wish that I could have a tattoo. I am so jealous of body art, but the truth is that I don't think I could ever decide what I'd want a pic of forever. Sydney?

8) I think my security program on my computer is majorly slowing down my computer. It sucks. What do I need to do to fix this?

9) When my animals are all curled up to sleep, they are too effing cute.

10) I am beginning to think that there are either hippos or rhinos that live above my apartment.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Freckles is Crazed again

Jin up, grab radio. Phil online, found shot Baby Ben. Of course he's still alive and there is a doctor on the island. Everyone gather together, to search the grid of the island. Ohhh, but it could be one of us. Crank the wench, be-atch. Why, are all the cars blue? Kate met the Daddy of Baby Ben and then saw the shot Baby Ben.

Flashback/forward thing. It's in the 2000's. Luvin' the scrunchi Kate! How did she get to be so motherly? We get to see Kate visit Cassidy for Sawyer. Fade to commercial, or LOST title. Ugghhh!

How does this Cassidy B know about the baby not being Kate's and why did Kate tell the truth to her? Did K give Aaron to the Cassidy B? You know she was lying about Clementine. Horace is crazy suspicious of everyone. I am suspicious of Horace. Watch the three amigos Miles.

Daddy of Ben is concerned now for BB. Ohhhh Sawyer is so effing clever, he knows whose keys were used. GET Jack!!! Such Cheery otherton house decor. I LOVE CURLEY!!! Back to the Future reference. Miles is gonna break it down. But it was confusing, but yet not confusing. Oh, here they are looking for Jack, finally. But Jack says, No. Hmmmmm, show down in the quaint otherton house. Ughh. I hate commercials.

Jack don't let him die. But he does have a point, about the time thing and the fixin' him before thing. New you and old you. Wasn't that said before? Bad guard that Miles. Hey Juliet, did an okay job. Transfusion time. Roger does really start caring and I am starting to feel bad for him. Oh, Roger knows his son, hates him. Tear, again. I do feel bad for Roger, or is he just as manipulative as Ben?A boy needs his mother but, Ben took a daughter from her mother. Hmmm.

Oh they are breakin it down more, Hurley style. Time is not a straight line anymore. It's a donut. GOOD POINT Hurley! Why didn't Big Ben know it was Syiad? Bad glasses, new perscription needed?? Juliet stare into space--> the others, they can help.

Sneaking out the patient, al la dumb 80's movie, etc. GO Kate, be bad ass. I love Kate for her ballsiness. Back to pre-island, post 1st time on the island. We get to see where Aaron was taken. Good. Aaron's indeciveness of what to drink, reminds me of the 'Kins. HOLY CRAP!! Where is Aaron? Oh good. About freaked. Go Kate go kate, get Baby Ben some help help. Uh oh, whose this? Sawyer...good he's gonna help. Gooooooood Sawyer.

Kate, not Cassidy again. Dammit, Clemintine does exist. Kate wasn't surprised....expected the eventual taking of Aaron from her. Kate did take him.....Sawyer broke her heart. Hmmm. Why are you helping, Sawyer? Man, I almost believe Sawyer's fondness for Juliet. Btw, Juliet is pissed!! I heart Jack's tatooes. They are rediculous.

Blahhh. Bonding in the forest with Kate and Sawyer. LUUVVV IT!

Sawyer/Kate not a good thing. Juliet/Sawyer = good thing.

Ahhhhh, the Others! Dammit, only 10 more minutes.

Ohhhh did Kate give Aaron to Aaron's Mom's Mom? That would be awesome. We'll see. Ballsy Kate, just came out and said it. Kate did protect him. But now she's mending her ways. She's brought her a photo. But she better give him to her. Oh good, she is going to! Kate came back to find Claire. Whattt? Not what I expected her reason to be, well, because it's not, but part of it is maybe. Like 10%, maybe 25%.

Back to the island and the 70's. Gosh he seems sexy. Richard Alpert is S-E-X-Y. Eyeliner and all. Can you Richard? Can you save him? Innocence will be gone -> Dammit Sayid you did create bad Ben, you stupid effer. Who is Charles? Where are they going? Where was that rock formation place? One of the stations? Am confused...I LOVE THIS MOMENT!! Locke gets to scare the S out of Ben! Love it!

LOVE: BTTF reference, Miles breaking it down, Kate and Sawyer bonding, Sawyer "doing it for Juliet"

HATE: Sayid not at all seen in this episode, Sayid created Ben, Mentioning of a Charles, Charles, who? Where is Daniel?