Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Freckles is Crazed again

Jin up, grab radio. Phil online, found shot Baby Ben. Of course he's still alive and there is a doctor on the island. Everyone gather together, to search the grid of the island. Ohhh, but it could be one of us. Crank the wench, be-atch. Why, are all the cars blue? Kate met the Daddy of Baby Ben and then saw the shot Baby Ben.

Flashback/forward thing. It's in the 2000's. Luvin' the scrunchi Kate! How did she get to be so motherly? We get to see Kate visit Cassidy for Sawyer. Fade to commercial, or LOST title. Ugghhh!

How does this Cassidy B know about the baby not being Kate's and why did Kate tell the truth to her? Did K give Aaron to the Cassidy B? You know she was lying about Clementine. Horace is crazy suspicious of everyone. I am suspicious of Horace. Watch the three amigos Miles.

Daddy of Ben is concerned now for BB. Ohhhh Sawyer is so effing clever, he knows whose keys were used. GET Jack!!! Such Cheery otherton house decor. I LOVE CURLEY!!! Back to the Future reference. Miles is gonna break it down. But it was confusing, but yet not confusing. Oh, here they are looking for Jack, finally. But Jack says, No. Hmmmmm, show down in the quaint otherton house. Ughh. I hate commercials.

Jack don't let him die. But he does have a point, about the time thing and the fixin' him before thing. New you and old you. Wasn't that said before? Bad guard that Miles. Hey Juliet, did an okay job. Transfusion time. Roger does really start caring and I am starting to feel bad for him. Oh, Roger knows his son, hates him. Tear, again. I do feel bad for Roger, or is he just as manipulative as Ben?A boy needs his mother but, Ben took a daughter from her mother. Hmmm.

Oh they are breakin it down more, Hurley style. Time is not a straight line anymore. It's a donut. GOOD POINT Hurley! Why didn't Big Ben know it was Syiad? Bad glasses, new perscription needed?? Juliet stare into space--> the others, they can help.

Sneaking out the patient, al la dumb 80's movie, etc. GO Kate, be bad ass. I love Kate for her ballsiness. Back to pre-island, post 1st time on the island. We get to see where Aaron was taken. Good. Aaron's indeciveness of what to drink, reminds me of the 'Kins. HOLY CRAP!! Where is Aaron? Oh good. About freaked. Go Kate go kate, get Baby Ben some help help. Uh oh, whose this? Sawyer...good he's gonna help. Gooooooood Sawyer.

Kate, not Cassidy again. Dammit, Clemintine does exist. Kate wasn't surprised....expected the eventual taking of Aaron from her. Kate did take him.....Sawyer broke her heart. Hmmm. Why are you helping, Sawyer? Man, I almost believe Sawyer's fondness for Juliet. Btw, Juliet is pissed!! I heart Jack's tatooes. They are rediculous.

Blahhh. Bonding in the forest with Kate and Sawyer. LUUVVV IT!

Sawyer/Kate not a good thing. Juliet/Sawyer = good thing.

Ahhhhh, the Others! Dammit, only 10 more minutes.

Ohhhh did Kate give Aaron to Aaron's Mom's Mom? That would be awesome. We'll see. Ballsy Kate, just came out and said it. Kate did protect him. But now she's mending her ways. She's brought her a photo. But she better give him to her. Oh good, she is going to! Kate came back to find Claire. Whattt? Not what I expected her reason to be, well, because it's not, but part of it is maybe. Like 10%, maybe 25%.

Back to the island and the 70's. Gosh he seems sexy. Richard Alpert is S-E-X-Y. Eyeliner and all. Can you Richard? Can you save him? Innocence will be gone -> Dammit Sayid you did create bad Ben, you stupid effer. Who is Charles? Where are they going? Where was that rock formation place? One of the stations? Am confused...I LOVE THIS MOMENT!! Locke gets to scare the S out of Ben! Love it!

LOVE: BTTF reference, Miles breaking it down, Kate and Sawyer bonding, Sawyer "doing it for Juliet"

HATE: Sayid not at all seen in this episode, Sayid created Ben, Mentioning of a Charles, Charles, who? Where is Daniel?