Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Method to remember to Blog...Random Tuesdays!

So I have decided to institute Random Tuesdays, which entails me completing a list of at least 10 random thoughts inside my head on every Tuesday.
I figure it will help me get those thoughts out and maybe come up with some better ideas for complete blogs, and more than just my LOST live blogs. So, here goes....

1) Why are there so many blog websites? How does one choose when they want to start a blog? I know I chose mine because my "Blog Hero", Stephanie Klein, used blogger to post hers. There is WordPress, Blogger, among others. So confusing. Don't get me started on Twitter...I don't have an I-phone, so difficult to do that all day, when I am not computer attached.

2) I love other people's playlists. Especially when it is crazy good alternative mellow, and alternative punky stuff. I guess those two are my favorite genres.

3) I love it when I have "discovered" things about myself that I know that I like, because I like it, not because a significant other, friend or parent wants me to like it.
What I have found that I like:
- Sci-fi stuff, that is more fantastical, like vampires, wizards and zombies books, movies, and TV shows
- Music categories described above, and 80's remakes
- Purple colored grape flavor, like sugar free grape koolaid, YUM!

4) Work reviews suck! I hate having to talk about yourself.
Significant accomplishments = Um, arriving every day and not wanting to scream when I am over stressed and overworked.

5) Spunk Ransom has HOT suspender pants.

6) Carlton Cuse, always begins his shows with showing someones eyeballs. And he likes Lance Reddick, who plays Mr. Abbadon, the Major Daniels from the Wire, and the head guy from Fringe, a whole hell'uv a lot. And is that a vampire on Fringe tonight?

7) I wish that I could have a tattoo. I am so jealous of body art, but the truth is that I don't think I could ever decide what I'd want a pic of forever. Sydney?

8) I think my security program on my computer is majorly slowing down my computer. It sucks. What do I need to do to fix this?

9) When my animals are all curled up to sleep, they are too effing cute.

10) I am beginning to think that there are either hippos or rhinos that live above my apartment.