Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Home sweet Home, but Dead is Dead

Time for LOST!!!!

And dammit I forgot to effing work out tonight because I was Blog-sessed on the Internet.

New way to begin, there's a horse. This is very Robin Hood-esque.

Purple shirt, eyeliner, so hot, Alpert. Baby Ben squinting through his eyes at Charles. Young Charles is def more attractive than older Charles W. Ahhhh, Ben first says he wants to be an other, and Charles says something about "them". Is that what he just said. I have to re-wind later. Yup, "just because you're living with "them", doesn't mean you can be one of us." Interesting....Don't know why, just is. Why didn't he say Darhma, or these others here in this camp. Who is "them" in their conve? Probably nothing...

Ohh yea!!! The Locke scaring Ben scene again! Luuuuvvv it! Punch him out, John. Going back to be "judged"....Locke can judge him. Dah Dah dahhh, the Monster. I thought it was called, "smokey". Only by Calrton and others. FYI - see the "smokey monster" pic above.

Oh, back to Season 1 with other characters and beat-up Ben. Ben is such an a-hole. Don't give him the gun. I wonder if Cesar will run the Island like Cesar.

Now when are they. Ohh, Ethan is older. Like 10 years later from when Baby Ben was shot. Oh and the Baby Alex, his "daughter". Run from whispers.......

This show is filled with wack crap. Now when? Oh back to the season 1, take 2, with diff characters. Ben had an office? Ben is as cold as ice and is a bull-esser to the max. Luuuvv it. You have to love that about Ben, you just have to. "Best Interests of the island". Hmmmm an apology, Locke is becoming all the "clever-or". Let's see Ben be judged. Let's!!

For the love of all things holy, Ben. Jeepers. Why ya gotta shoot people? Nice apology, Ben.

I want to canoe! Home Sweet home. Someone else hurt his arm...but who? Ohhh boy, summoning the monster, smokey. All shucks, I love the bold Locke, just calling it out like it is. Look, Charles was the a-hole back then, when Alex was a babe. It's like Ben is Locke and Charles is Ben. Don't you love the cyclical nature. Where is his child? Where is Penny, if Charles is on the island and Alex was already born?

Okay back to the Darhma houses....maybe its Claire in Ben's old house. That would make me smile. I miss Claire. Prob, not. Of course it's just Sun. Oh good, Locke is there, Sun. Too cooool. Toadly awesome. I also love that Locke was all shady, like half in the dark like we used to see Christian in Jacob's cabin.

FYI - for a second there I thought the vicky secret commercial was LOST back on, because they were in the forest with the models.

Back to the stare down. Love LOST for the stare down. Oh good, they explained everything during the commercial, I feel relieved. Does Lepidus have eyeliner on also? I think, yes. Watch your back, Sun. And walk away, hope Lepidus turns into a werewolf. Let's wait for BEN! Fun fun. Oh we get to see in there this time with Ben and his summoning. But last time, didn't it look different. Whateves.

Back at the well, where is the donkey wheel? I like that they get to "flush the toilet" to get smokey out. Now Alex is older. Where is Penny, will we see her? Oh, Penny is off the island with someone. Oh ok. Hmmm, did the island want Alex dead? Ben banished because it's inevitable. ewwww. Time for a time warp, to the "present" with Sun.

Jack must've lied. Have no idea about anything do you Ben. Dead is Dead. Scares the living hell out of Ben, whoa. Oh good, smokey is here, or not. Cute part with Locke coming out of the jungle, and Ben couldn't control him. And Locke just knows everything. Nice reversal. I love Ben but I am almost ready to see him and all his Hot and Cold, dead and gone.

"Present" with Sun and Locke. Oh boy! The dock. Now we get to see Ben hurt Penny or Desmond, or whatever. Ohh and back to Sun's present (my way of describing, the now). Ben hates John knowing. I like it. Oh goody, the temple!!

Yippee!! Under the temple. So excited to see under it. I am sorry, to Desmond. Ben, don't tell me you did. Nooo. Oh let us see......he shot Des, What the eff? Weird, Ben has a soft spot for kids. Crazy. Who would have thought? Little Charlie is the cutest, by the way. Yippeee, no one was killed. Because Des is the bomb. Thank god, Megan and I heart Desmond.

Dammit. 10 more minutes. Why doesn't LOST last longer?

Pretty water. Dammit, he's not a werewolf. Lepidus should totally be a ww. Yalana is crazed. She knows about something. Oh Back to B & J and they are under the temple wall. Coooooll. Is under the temple like the map from the dome wall thingy, I think?? Why is Ben being teary? Don't be teary Ben. Don't believe him either Locke. Dammit. Never trust Ben. Oh, Ben fell. There are ruins and hieroglyphics. What does that mean?Ohhh, here comes smokey. Yum. ohhh, Alex flashbacks.

Look, it's dead Alex. Creepy. Say it, "Yes I will follow him, I swear". I think angry, bold Alex rocks. Also, I guess Ben gets to live. Efff. I am about done with him, but whose kidding who, Ben's character rocks. Ben gets to live and we get to see some more creepy shizz next week. Good LOST week, I'd say.