Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Tuesdays....Charlotte & Sydney

10 more random thoughts.....

1) I am terrified of snakes. Always have been and can have snake nightmares pretty easily.

2) I hate staying home from work, but I get sick pretty easily and have realized what my body can and can't take. I feel lazy and blahhhh, but better than this morning.

3) I think that it's weird that I have not had any caffine today. I didn't feel like making coffee at 1pm when I woke up today.

4) Shell and I decided that if we are going to have any other kids (or my first kid) we were going to adopt one of the little baby girls from China who needs a home. I already have named my little one -> Charlotte. I think we are both slightly nuts.

5) I think my dog is trying to tell me something when she sits almost in front of me and just stares. But what the hell is it?

6) I think that I am actually a KStew supporter now. Loved her performance in the Cake Eaters and going to see Adventureland this weekend with Tina. Weird.

7) I have an obnoxious amount of red in my closet esp in cozy clothes. I went in to change after a bath earlier and was astounded by how much red is in there, and how bad the red shades clashed.

8) I need to go to the store to buy more carb friendly foods, like milk, cottage cheese, other low-fat cheeses, more veggies, etc. Tomorrow, maybe??

9) I need to clean the eff out of my apartment. I still need to put the rest of my kitchen back together and get my effing vacuum fixed. I hate my broken vacuum, I also hate pet hair.

10) I hope I feel better tomorrow so that I can work out. I miss it, my body misses it, but when I feel dizzy, treadmill exercise is a bad bad idea. Especially with my clumsiness factor, can you say.....broken finger from doing jumping jacks.


Anonymous said...

what a cute puppy! he needs a hug from me! i <3 dogs!!

cute post!