Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 - 25 more randomness....

14) I snatched tons of songs from my good friend Coolleen to put on my Ipod and I am still learning, and re-introducing myself to all of the new stuff (well new to me). New bands I have found: Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Mary Prankster, Death Cab for Cutie. Old Stuff I remember that I like: Elliot Smith, Garbage, Van Morrison, DEEE-Lite, Everclear (I know, I know).

15) Zack and Miri make a Porno is the funniest movie that I have seen in a very very very long time. But Kevin Smith can make a crazy funny movie.

16) I love making new friends online with my "obsession". When they mention me in their posts, I beam.

17) I also love the fact that I have turned others into fellow "obsessors" or as we like to call ourselves, "enthusiastically fond." Even if the extreme fondness is an outlet to hide what's bothering us, in some cases. But it does give me an excuse to be snarky and laugh at myself.

18) In that same vane, as a continuation of above, I have been feeling down, lonely, and just sucky lately. How can I now decide to be sad about getting a divorce? It's been nearly a year since my separation.

19) My reunification with music has made me think of the wasband. I know, the wasband that I could even miss, doesn't truly exist. He's a piece of "fanfiction" if you will. But, hearing songs that had a meaning, "once upon a time..." make me think about that faker person that I was married to with a fondness (but, not enthusiastic fondness). I'm not crazy and not that lonely. I know he was a mirage, but you know what a song can do to remind you about things. Gahhh!

20) Right now, I am listening to "Hey Ya!" which I think universally must be a "good memory" song for just about anybody.

21) I can't seem to lose weight but, I am only half trying. I diet and exercise for like half the week. But I have given up drinking diet soda, which is HUGE for me!

22) I don't think I could ever give up coffee. I only have about 2 cups a day but I HAVE TO HAVE MY COFFEE!!

23) I hate kareoke, but I secretly want to scream, "Since You've Been Gone" at a kareoke bar near you. Sans, the 'Kins.

24) I am getting my hair chopped this weekend! Not sure how at all, but it should be interesting.

25) I can't remotely have a one night stand with someone (God help me if the 'rents figure out how to read blogs or get on fb), but playing spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven is perfectly acceptable in my world. wink wink.

Whew!! Done. That is freakin difficult as all hell. But good practice.

Friday, March 27, 2009

For Catina...25 even more Random thoughts (very Twilight Heavy, sorry)

So, the viral request/note thing had been going around a month or so ago and my friend Catina and I had discussed how, after you completed the list that seemed at first, so difficult. Later you felt like you had even more to say. So in honor of our talk and the fact that I am known to be rather random anyhow, I thought I would continue with even more 25 random thoughts. Besides, it's a good writing exercise and my live LOST blog sucked this week, so here goes:

1) I love finding new snarky Twi-crack websites, where the Twihards are older, snarky, and are basically creatively sharing a passion while making fun of themselves. Other than Confessions of a Twicrack Addict, which I have spoke of before, my latest muse is the Letters to Rob folks.

2) I feel guilty about being addicted to something that on the surface is so juvenile, and possibly the "in" thing to do right now, but I don't care because it gives me something to laugh about.

3) I bought my first men's magazine yesterday, because it has Robward on the cover and is affectionately known by the Twihard crowd as the RobQ. These pics are truly gorgeously, yum!

4) I accidentally pre-ordered and had shipped to me two copies of the DVD for T. Luckily I did end up selling one to a work colleague. Accidentally ordered both because Borders.com would not let me cancel my order on line even though they had not yet shipped it. Target had the better deal and I thought I could switch my pre-order easily. Was wrong.

5) I recently got my first IPOD and love love love it. Guess what is the one movie I have on it?

6) I sometimes giggle with glee, when I scroll through the "artists" list on my IPOD and "Rob Pattinson" appears in the list.

7) I love lady bugs! I dressed as one for Halloween one year, which was actually the same night I found out that I passed the Bar Exam. Great memory, and lady bugs do seem good luck to me since then.

8) I crave crave crave lettuce. It's becoming a problem. As mentioned before, I take coumadin for a genetic blood defect that I have, which causes clotting. One friend thinks I crave lettuce which contains loads of vitamin K, that incidentally helps with clotting (what I don't want, because I am a super clotter, hence the blood thinner), because I am not supposed to have a lot of it because it counter-acts my blood thinner, coumadin. Its like I only want it because I can't have it, kind of thing.
My other friend said it was because my body is craving it because the coumadin is thinning my blood and the body is panicking and thinking it needs the Vitamin K to help me clot (my body doesn't realize I have a genetic blood disorder, I guess). Anyhow, I LOVE GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES!!

9) Loving green leafy veggies, makes cooking easy for me, which brings me to a blog post/thought I meant to write last week.

10) I almost NEVER cook anymore even though I used to enjoy it. I stopped while I was married to the wasband.

11) Continued thought on above -> Wasband sure gave mixed signals about marriage and our expectations. He once got mad at me for the lackluster meal I made for dinner = grown up married expectation. But then he would want to go out and get smashed doing shot after shot of whatever kind of alcohol his military buddies were pushing = juvenile, non- married expectation. I mean, you can't have it both ways. Either you do married, stay at home things, were you drink at poker nights and BBQs, or you do, "just dating" or "single guy" things and go out to bars, and buy 10 thousand shots for you and all your friends, and wake up hung over as all hell. Of course New Year's Eve is the one night where either behavior is appropriate.

12) Continued thought from above -> I swear I never cook anymore, because I am confused about what kind of person I am "grown up professional" or "party gal/singleton". Aren't there Sex and the City episodes about this?

13) I constantly forget to get up and use the restroom while I am at work. Not because I don't have to go, I just find myself holding it for no reason other than I want to finish one last email, and that turns into one other last email, and another.....My colleagues, remind me and call it Operation B for Bathroom.

14) One of the ladies at LTR wrote an excellent top 10 list of what it is to love about Robward and I thought I would share, because it mimicked my thoughts. http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/robward/
1) He's incredibly attractive 2) a great actor 3) a great musician 4) extremely humble 5) He just doesn't give a damn 6) what else is there to do in the ‘burbs (or when you live by yourself) 7) He has a HOT British accent 8 ) He's hilarious & sarcastic 9) He has an “I don’t give a sh*t about Hollywood” attitude and 10) He's so freakin’ hot it’s unbelievable.

**Getting too busy at work to continue for now. Will continue this weekend when I am feeling less Robsessed and get to spend time with my favorite little person, the 'Kins!**

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Baby Ben and Sayid

I wrote the whole time and then it all disappeared!

But all I can say is HOLY SH---! He shot Baby Ben! I thought that they couldn't "change the future". Isn't that what Farraday had said before. Now what the eff?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Aged like a Fine Wine....

So one of my good work friends and fellow bloggers, just had her offer accepted to buy a house yesterday. I am very proud and happy for her, but part of me feels a little jealous and green with envy. Another co-worker and I--whose age is a little closer to mine--were talking over our cubicle wall about the joyous news of our fellow, younger, co-worker and were asking ourselves what had we done wrong with ourselves that we were much older and still renting our abodes.

Well, I know my answer, two things: 1) Law School and 2) Wasband.

He had his own reasons why he hadn't yet bought a place, but we kind of kept on with this wallowing conversation and about how we felt we were missing things in our lives that our contemporaries had held for some time. My co-worker tried to compare me to a fine bottle of wine that is not yet "ready to be opened, still waiting." I, immediately told him that if I was wine, then I was the grapes that had just been stomped on.

After much more of this discussion, my little group and I decided that perhaps last year I was the grapes that were just stomped on and that now, maybe I was the grape juice that was inside the dark oak barrel, still simmering or whatever wine does, before its bottled.

The analogy seemed the best way to describe my currant situation, and I am not sure why. I know I am not at the point of being so recently "crushed", but I also know that I am not quite ready to be on the store shelf, the wine makers' bottling rack, ready for shipment, or on someone else's rack still awaiting perfection.

I also liked the idea of being locked away in a dark, wooden barrel, in a musty basement somewhere. Mostly because it felt very spunk ransom, edwardian, for me to be there, not quite gleaming in new found happiness. Not just yet.... Soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Live LOST blogging....Buckle Up

Airplanes can stall in the air? Effing crazy. Wonder if the "monster" will suck up and eat the annoying co-pilot. Why did the LOSTies never find the freaking runway?

Oh good, the Island took out the annoying co-pilot. Cesar is cool. How is Sun stuck here? What the Eff? And why is Ben not more beaten up? Wasn't he among the "injured" before?

So they are 30 years separated. Is this the first show that has had a true connect to the previous aired show, in a while? I mean the last show two weeks ago, ended with one of the first scenes on this weeks show. I think so. They have been jumping on and off island or with LOSTies or Others, between every other show.

Darhma jump suits??? Uh oh....lots of stuff has happen since you have been gone, like its 30 years before. My birth year, 1977!!! Good year to pick!

FYI - I found Micheal...he is not dead, he is on the "Usuals".

Bring 'em in! Didn't come back alone....Oh no. Jin is going nutso. My new lady (or old lady) has taken your place, Kate.

Boy, they sure trust James, Miles, et al. They get to do the island surevelliance and security. I think I like Sawyer more scruffy and less James.

Jin is being VERY forceful. He's going to take the man out. I enjoyed, his "model" by the way. Jin=Quan.

Poor poor Sun. How much does this other new lady look like Ana Lucia? Oh Wow, this is like LOST show #1. You go Sun, you follow that evil SOB. Creepy creepy guy. He is such a creepster, that Ben. He should be in the Volturi. "You wanna come?"

I want to know who the baby is! Oh, ok he's a dead baby. Stupid Ethan who takes Claire later and Charlie has to kill you.

Sawyer's Back!

Toadly have to listen to Sawyer. He is the poo. Whoa, Jin is seriously going crazy in this episode. So determined. Oh wow! It's Sayid. Don 't talk Sayid!

Hurley is back in his VW Blue Van. I really love Kate's top! ooooooo, meet and greet video. Can't wait! Hey, Sawyer just said, SOB! And, on cue, here is Ben the SOB.

Ok, let's all take a row trip across the pond....main island ahoy, maties. Oh come on, you know that they'll go, stop talking about "Trust". Do you wonder if Lapidus ever turns into a werewolf? I hope so....oh, that is how Ben gets more hurt. I love when Sun lies.

Oh, I love the initiation video! Peter Chang is the coolest. Did Juliet do that on purpose? Makes Kate a little "suspect" now, to that other check-in guy. Juliet, don't act like Ben. Man, this "quick Draw" guys is a SOB also. Boy, it sure gets dark around here fast.

I hate that Sun calls, Jin "Her Husband". He has a name. Oh good, the monster thing is hanging out or maybe they will run into Claire? Oh look a light! and is it the Dad? Of course it's Jack's Dad. Oh Eff!! Follow him, where.....Stupid commercial.....

7 more minutes!!! They are back in the freakin shack. Showing off class photos. Where's Claire? Look at Sayid cool updated clothes? Purple shirts = 2007. Oh, Sayid is back in a cell. Poooo. Poor Sayid. He is going to go ape shit.

See, even Sawyer hates James. Where did Juliet get a hair straightener? She looks awesome. Jack is like, I am not a worker. No, Sawyer is calling him a "reacter" and Sawyer is a "thinker". Ahhh shucks, Sawyer is in charge now. La Fleur is HOT! Kate thinks so also.

Sandwich delivery from...Ben I believe. Yup. Even little Ben is creepy, maybe he should play Alec.... Ahhhh Bad Robot already. Pooo, but next week looks GOOD!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remembered to Blog, but....

Not quite ready to suss out the thoughts that I had, but it was about food, cooking, and the microwave. But, I am a little crazy about "The Office" tonight.

Best word, "fetisized". Is that a word? Megan, did I spell it right?

P.S. They had Twilight on "Kath & Kim" tonight and not just sitting on a table or on a shelf. How sad is it that I was excited about that? Until tommorrow......

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I really had a good blog to write, but...

So, I did have a good blog to write, but, it's late and I want to go to bed early tonight, if I can...

Besides, LOST wasn't on tonight. What is that about? Total CRAP!! Ughh! Until tomorrow, enjoy these Kelly Clarkson lyrics, dedicated to my 100% friend, so that she remembers about people that 100% suck!

P.S. Make sure you picture, the four-year-old Mollykins singing it at the top of her lungs to make you smile even more.

Here's the thing we started off friends, It was cool but it was all pretend
Yeah yeah Since you've been gone
You dedicated you took the time, Wasn't long till I called you mine
Yeah Yeah Since you've been gone
And all you'd ever hear me say, Is how I pictured me with you
That's all you'd ever hear me say
But since you've been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so movin on Yeah yeah
Thanks to you, Now I get What I want, Since you've been gone

How can I put it? you put me on, I even fell for that stupid love song
Yeah yeah Since you've been gone
How come I never hear you say, I just wanna be with you, I guess you never felt that way
But since you've been gone, I can breathe for the first time, I'm so movin on
Yeah yeah, Thanks to you, Now I get what I want, Since you've been gone

You had your chance you blew it, Out of sight, out of mind
Shut your mouth I just can't take it
Again and again and again and again

Since you've been gone, I can breathe for the first time, I'm so movin on
Yeah yeah, Thanks to you (thanks to you)
Now I get I get what I want I can breathe for the first time, I'm so movin on
Yeah yeah, Thanks to you (thanks to you)
Now I get (I get)You should know (you should know)
That I get I get what I want
Since you've been gone, Since you've been gone, Since you've been gone

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

100% Friends & Fun

Don't even get me started on 100% sucking...anyhow, I had a 100% great time this past weekend. The girls and I went out for the first time since my birthday in September. Shell was feeling up to it, as was I. We only stayed in the Loudon area, but we hit one of my favorite places, the Clyde's in Ashburn, a.k.a., some crazy farm house with sleds hanging from the ceiling.

We talked to the locals, met nice people, drank some drinks, I had my "Janet" drink, the "BEST DRINK EVER!" And all and all very exciting and not too shabby for our first time out in a long while. The next day however, was not that great, as usually the case when one drinks too much. But what are you gonna do? I am happy that we all had a 100% great time.

Next, on Sunday at brunch, three of the Brunch gals, met at our place, where we talked 100% trash for an hour or so. Twas great and 100% informative, although I learned and heard some discussions that I only wanted to hear about 0% of. So blah blah blah....Its great to have 100% friends to make you laugh.
Speaking of a 100% friend, THANK YOU, Jodie! I enjoyed that Ting Tings song so much, that I downloaded the entire album. Please people, I need more suggestions. Feed me 100% good music!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

HOW TO BE and more Spunk

Shell and I went and saw "How to Be" at the DC Independent Film Festival. It was pretty good, not great, but very quirky and artsy. But, you know my teenage obsessed mind only wanted to see it to enjoy the Spunk Ransomness.
Okay that is not entirely true. We had an awesome time and it was my first film festival. Very cool. I contributed to the DC art scene.
Overall though, it was good, and was a good end to a fun, long, exhausting weekend. Feeling way to tired to expound on the weekend at this time, but for now....Shell, how can you not consider this face, HOT? And yes, I feel like a 16 year-old. But, content...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preview of "the movie"

Got my IPOD today. In the middle of uploading my limited CD collection to the thing, I checked my favorite twicrack site, incidentally called, "Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict" and found a preview of the Extended Scenes from the soon to be released DVD.

Maybe it was the wine talking, or the spunk ransom hormones building in me (I mean just look at that face), but I told Twicrack that I thought I was in love with her and jealous for all her contacts. But she told me earlier today she was jealous of my getting to see "How to Be" this weekend, so we are kind of even. Kind of.......

I love my Ipod to btw. Like I said, I am into music now. But I need help with music. Help?
PS I also stole the picture from her that she stole from Bostonia, who stole from Blast Magazine.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. La Fleur

After walking my treadmill for 30 whole minutes, listening to my workout mix-yup, I am into music now-, I sat down to enjoy my "treat" and other addiction, LOST.

First scene has my Sawyer, in a jumpsuit looking mighty hot, named Mr. La Fleur.

Tell me how is Elizabeth Mitchell (Charlotte) still listed in the credits when she died two weeks ago. Ohh they call Sawyer,"Jim". Think the baby is little Charlotte? Poor little Daniel....

When did these guys become such good shots? Shooting practice, after Latin class for the LOST, others.

Does Jim look more buff? Maybe its the muscle flexing carrying the dead guy. Amy's such a trickster. Did they ever stop and think that the reason that the babies dying issue is because of the radio active fence they keep crossing? Oh blessed, it's a boy, everyone is good.

I love Hippy Horace. You are NOT Darhma material. Me either....There she (Charlotte) is, ohhhh Daniel's imprinting. La Fleur means flower. Weird, that Alpert never ages....or changes his clothes.

Yummmmm, got my red wine. :)

Eyeliner...glad someone said it. Amy is nuts. What is her Darhma job? Amy is fishy, I tell you. How do so many people have this curly perfect hair. Where is the humidity frizz?1974!! I wasn't quite here yet either. But 3 years later, I was. And so were Sawyer's hormones and lovey dovey-ness, apparently.

I love the sexy Sawyer glasses. How's your head....It's been said twice in this show. I wonder who the baby boy was (is)....Anyone we met? 3 years since he was with Kate, ahhhhh. Guess 3 years is the magic number, good to know. North Valley??????? Dah, dah, dah....

WOW!!! It's gonna be Kate!! And the rest,...but all he cares about is Kate.

Live LOST blogging makes me more of a dork, but less of a Twi-crack alcoholic I think. :)


I've decided to change my blog title and start over, because I suck at blogging. I keep forgetting to do it, or rather, don't make time to do it. But don't feel bad, I have not been taking the time to exercise either.

On the other hand, I am a Twilight aficionado. Ask me any random, twilight, spunk ransom question, or about other recent vampire literature and I can tell you about it. About those mindless things, or about LOST, I am nuts. Or, to put it more properly, toadly crazy....