Tuesday, March 31, 2009

14 - 25 more randomness....

14) I snatched tons of songs from my good friend Coolleen to put on my Ipod and I am still learning, and re-introducing myself to all of the new stuff (well new to me). New bands I have found: Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Mary Prankster, Death Cab for Cutie. Old Stuff I remember that I like: Elliot Smith, Garbage, Van Morrison, DEEE-Lite, Everclear (I know, I know).

15) Zack and Miri make a Porno is the funniest movie that I have seen in a very very very long time. But Kevin Smith can make a crazy funny movie.

16) I love making new friends online with my "obsession". When they mention me in their posts, I beam.

17) I also love the fact that I have turned others into fellow "obsessors" or as we like to call ourselves, "enthusiastically fond." Even if the extreme fondness is an outlet to hide what's bothering us, in some cases. But it does give me an excuse to be snarky and laugh at myself.

18) In that same vane, as a continuation of above, I have been feeling down, lonely, and just sucky lately. How can I now decide to be sad about getting a divorce? It's been nearly a year since my separation.

19) My reunification with music has made me think of the wasband. I know, the wasband that I could even miss, doesn't truly exist. He's a piece of "fanfiction" if you will. But, hearing songs that had a meaning, "once upon a time..." make me think about that faker person that I was married to with a fondness (but, not enthusiastic fondness). I'm not crazy and not that lonely. I know he was a mirage, but you know what a song can do to remind you about things. Gahhh!

20) Right now, I am listening to "Hey Ya!" which I think universally must be a "good memory" song for just about anybody.

21) I can't seem to lose weight but, I am only half trying. I diet and exercise for like half the week. But I have given up drinking diet soda, which is HUGE for me!

22) I don't think I could ever give up coffee. I only have about 2 cups a day but I HAVE TO HAVE MY COFFEE!!

23) I hate kareoke, but I secretly want to scream, "Since You've Been Gone" at a kareoke bar near you. Sans, the 'Kins.

24) I am getting my hair chopped this weekend! Not sure how at all, but it should be interesting.

25) I can't remotely have a one night stand with someone (God help me if the 'rents figure out how to read blogs or get on fb), but playing spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven is perfectly acceptable in my world. wink wink.

Whew!! Done. That is freakin difficult as all hell. But good practice.