Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Live LOST blogging....Buckle Up

Airplanes can stall in the air? Effing crazy. Wonder if the "monster" will suck up and eat the annoying co-pilot. Why did the LOSTies never find the freaking runway?

Oh good, the Island took out the annoying co-pilot. Cesar is cool. How is Sun stuck here? What the Eff? And why is Ben not more beaten up? Wasn't he among the "injured" before?

So they are 30 years separated. Is this the first show that has had a true connect to the previous aired show, in a while? I mean the last show two weeks ago, ended with one of the first scenes on this weeks show. I think so. They have been jumping on and off island or with LOSTies or Others, between every other show.

Darhma jump suits??? Uh oh....lots of stuff has happen since you have been gone, like its 30 years before. My birth year, 1977!!! Good year to pick!

FYI - I found Micheal...he is not dead, he is on the "Usuals".

Bring 'em in! Didn't come back alone....Oh no. Jin is going nutso. My new lady (or old lady) has taken your place, Kate.

Boy, they sure trust James, Miles, et al. They get to do the island surevelliance and security. I think I like Sawyer more scruffy and less James.

Jin is being VERY forceful. He's going to take the man out. I enjoyed, his "model" by the way. Jin=Quan.

Poor poor Sun. How much does this other new lady look like Ana Lucia? Oh Wow, this is like LOST show #1. You go Sun, you follow that evil SOB. Creepy creepy guy. He is such a creepster, that Ben. He should be in the Volturi. "You wanna come?"

I want to know who the baby is! Oh, ok he's a dead baby. Stupid Ethan who takes Claire later and Charlie has to kill you.

Sawyer's Back!

Toadly have to listen to Sawyer. He is the poo. Whoa, Jin is seriously going crazy in this episode. So determined. Oh wow! It's Sayid. Don 't talk Sayid!

Hurley is back in his VW Blue Van. I really love Kate's top! ooooooo, meet and greet video. Can't wait! Hey, Sawyer just said, SOB! And, on cue, here is Ben the SOB.

Ok, let's all take a row trip across the pond....main island ahoy, maties. Oh come on, you know that they'll go, stop talking about "Trust". Do you wonder if Lapidus ever turns into a werewolf? I hope so....oh, that is how Ben gets more hurt. I love when Sun lies.

Oh, I love the initiation video! Peter Chang is the coolest. Did Juliet do that on purpose? Makes Kate a little "suspect" now, to that other check-in guy. Juliet, don't act like Ben. Man, this "quick Draw" guys is a SOB also. Boy, it sure gets dark around here fast.

I hate that Sun calls, Jin "Her Husband". He has a name. Oh good, the monster thing is hanging out or maybe they will run into Claire? Oh look a light! and is it the Dad? Of course it's Jack's Dad. Oh Eff!! Follow him, where.....Stupid commercial.....

7 more minutes!!! They are back in the freakin shack. Showing off class photos. Where's Claire? Look at Sayid cool updated clothes? Purple shirts = 2007. Oh, Sayid is back in a cell. Poooo. Poor Sayid. He is going to go ape shit.

See, even Sawyer hates James. Where did Juliet get a hair straightener? She looks awesome. Jack is like, I am not a worker. No, Sawyer is calling him a "reacter" and Sawyer is a "thinker". Ahhh shucks, Sawyer is in charge now. La Fleur is HOT! Kate thinks so also.

Sandwich delivery from...Ben I believe. Yup. Even little Ben is creepy, maybe he should play Alec.... Ahhhh Bad Robot already. Pooo, but next week looks GOOD!


Rosynek said...

I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only one still obsessed with Lost!! :) - Erica