Tuesday, March 10, 2009

100% Friends & Fun

Don't even get me started on 100% sucking...anyhow, I had a 100% great time this past weekend. The girls and I went out for the first time since my birthday in September. Shell was feeling up to it, as was I. We only stayed in the Loudon area, but we hit one of my favorite places, the Clyde's in Ashburn, a.k.a., some crazy farm house with sleds hanging from the ceiling.

We talked to the locals, met nice people, drank some drinks, I had my "Janet" drink, the "BEST DRINK EVER!" And all and all very exciting and not too shabby for our first time out in a long while. The next day however, was not that great, as usually the case when one drinks too much. But what are you gonna do? I am happy that we all had a 100% great time.

Next, on Sunday at brunch, three of the Brunch gals, met at our place, where we talked 100% trash for an hour or so. Twas great and 100% informative, although I learned and heard some discussions that I only wanted to hear about 0% of. So blah blah blah....Its great to have 100% friends to make you laugh.
Speaking of a 100% friend, THANK YOU, Jodie! I enjoyed that Ting Tings song so much, that I downloaded the entire album. Please people, I need more suggestions. Feed me 100% good music!!!