Sunday, November 30, 2008

Freakin' Finally

So, I was supposed to be writing all through November about things that I am thankful for that I would not have had if I wasn't ever in a relationship/married to the wasband. However, my freakin' Verizon Internet was not working because the DSL lines in my new place was all crapped out.

Tonight instead of writing more, I plan to rest up for a long week of being thankful and writing about it. Meanwhile, I am exhausted from my quick weekend trip to Delaware with Myrna and the Myrna fam. Until tomorrow....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, Yes! The wasband finally came for the little boy and I have been without him for almost 5 days. Not to worry about the "transaction". We exchanged the good boy for my goods without having to see one another and all was done. I still miss my special little guy, but am VERY happy to still have my big girl, the spider killer, Sydney.

To share in my joy that is all, the furry, titled head, chewbacca noise making, tail wagging, tongue hanging out, licking, following you around everywhere, awesome hiker, protector, walking/racing buddy, sounding board, and all around women's bets-friend. I would have never had the joy that is Sydney without ever having the marriage to the wasband. Please enjoy these cute cute Sydney pics.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As I have written before, at the end of this week, my beloved short, smaller, black & white bouncing dog will leave me to live with the wasband. I am obviously torn up by this inevitable parting, but have been preparing for his departure for a month.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for all the memories I had with my sweet little guy, even the bad ones involving torn ears and dog fights. I am thankful for your smiling happy face, when you bounce up and down when I come to the door, am thankful for your waggy tail that only relatively recently began wagging furiously in glee when people talk to you, and I am thankful for your perfect sits, while you wait for your love pets.

I am thankful for the short, but full memories of the time that I got to spend with you, and the fact that I saved you from that shelter in Cali. Having you in my life is something I never would have gotten had it not been for the marriage/relationship that I have had with the wasband and I am thankful for every moment and all the happiness that you caused. Marvin-Darwin, this is another blog for you, and perhaps, despite your small-ish size, your influence on me might even yield you one more. Your size doesn't accurately display your huge heart. Love you Marvin-Darwin.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Thankfulness....

So to help in my healing process, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I have decided to take this month to find some kind of iota of a piece of the failed marriage with wasband to be thankful for. As my triumphant finale, I plan to say goodbye to the relationship, as advised by my crazy doctor.

I am not feeling particularly, unhealthy about the fact that there is no relationship with the drunken buffoon but I am advised by those that are much more smarter than me about these things, that this kind of practice is a good idea. Therefore I oblige.

To begin, my first thing that I write about being thankful for, that I would not have had without the relationship with the wasband, is my friendship with my favorite Marine, Katie.

Katie and her boyfriend came out to visit me last weekend to celebrate Halloween and to visit the city. We have kept in touch over the past two years since I have left San Diego, but it was not until I had seen her this weekend, that I realized how much I loved hanging with her and appreciated her friendship.

Katie and I had many fun times together, watching football in San Diego and making fun of the Chargers' fans, chasing after Syd at Dog Beach, dancing and drinking of many a drink, but the thing that makes me appreciate Katie the most, is her support of me during one of those awful fights between wasband and I that Katie, fortunately or unfortunately witnessed.

Over the weekend, that was actually right before my clot, my friend Myrna came out to visit me in San Diego and knowing how much fun she and I would have adding another friend to the mix, we decided to also invite Katie to go out downtown with us to play. Upon planning our evening, we realized that the wasband was also planning on going downtown in San Diego that same evening to say good-bye to a fellow Marine that was getting out. Alas, the three of us headed to the city in my car, searching for a parking lot where we could leave my car overnight without it getting towed and take a cab home without draining our wallets. We found one and parked the car.

Katie, Myrna, and I had gobs of fun acting silly, dancing, eating Mexican food, and walking the Gaslamp District, while checking back in with the wasband at his "Hole in the Wall" bar, whilst he hung with the boys. Well, for some reason I accidentally ate some guacamole, which always makes me instantly get sick, with or without alcohol being added. The avocado and alcohol mixture in my gut proved too much and we decided that I should head home.

Katie, Myrna, and I explained the situation to wasband and suggested that he could stay and get a cab home separate from us, as we were not thinking we could drive ourselves. But wasband for some reason decided to come home with us and to drive himself. Myrna actually ended up riding back in another boy's car and Katie and I were alone in the car with wasband.

Wasband was drunk, not fall down drunk, but pretty f-ing drunk. Why on earth we did not take the cab, I will never know or understand. Wasband, Katie or my puking self were in no way in driving condition, but the cab was not taken.

The drunken wasband, as per his usual drunken behavior, became irate at Katie and I. This may have been for any of a number of reasons, like we were acting girly and silly, we couldn't figure out which way to take Katie home, because there were different ways to get there, and our all around intoxication. However, his blow-up turned into his screaming at me at the top of his lungs that he was not going to risk his USMC career by driving drunk anymore, pulling over on the free-way (the equivalent of I-395), leaving his sick wife on the side of the road, and him walking away.

Katie, sobered up real fast, tried to calm my crying and sobbing, and even did the honorable thing, by trying to get the retarded drunk person back into the car. Wasband screamed at Katie, called me a baby for crying and being upset, and would not get into the car. Katie drove me home.

Wasband never came home that night. He did however, make it back to the apartment as Katie informs, because she had to call over Chad to come get her. Of course, wasband came back to the apartment parking lot to get into his beloved Bronco and drive off, still likely legally intoxicated, despite his crazed outburst about not wanting to drive drunk and his earlier leaving me on the side of the free-way.

I will never forget Katie's support that night and quick action to get me out of the situation and home to be with my visiting friend. I will always be appreciative of her understanding and support. I further appreciate the other fun memories and future fun times we shall have. I am thankful that my relationship/marriage to the wasband gave me an awesome friend like Katie, my favorite Marine.