Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As I have written before, at the end of this week, my beloved short, smaller, black & white bouncing dog will leave me to live with the wasband. I am obviously torn up by this inevitable parting, but have been preparing for his departure for a month.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for all the memories I had with my sweet little guy, even the bad ones involving torn ears and dog fights. I am thankful for your smiling happy face, when you bounce up and down when I come to the door, am thankful for your waggy tail that only relatively recently began wagging furiously in glee when people talk to you, and I am thankful for your perfect sits, while you wait for your love pets.

I am thankful for the short, but full memories of the time that I got to spend with you, and the fact that I saved you from that shelter in Cali. Having you in my life is something I never would have gotten had it not been for the marriage/relationship that I have had with the wasband and I am thankful for every moment and all the happiness that you caused. Marvin-Darwin, this is another blog for you, and perhaps, despite your small-ish size, your influence on me might even yield you one more. Your size doesn't accurately display your huge heart. Love you Marvin-Darwin.