Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Seriously Janet, put down the computer and go to bed. What is wrong with you? Go the eff to bed, seriously. Even the dog is looking at me like, "Momma, we have to sleep now."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am tired and I am cold. Ugghhh. I am also in pain because I fell over one of the freaking baby gates I use to corral my animals.
If you've ever been to my little apartment you know I utilize these baby gates, to keep the animals out of the kitchen and Sydney, the dog out of the cat box. Well, stepping over the lowest baby gate ealier this evening, I lost my balance and fell right on my knees. Both of them. I hurt! Ughhh!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yesterday was indeed a VERY good day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8th....

So it's been some time since I've written anything....but there's been many reasons for this. Some reasons good, and some not so good, but never mind that. Here I am writing, that is what is important.

Today is December 8th, in case you didn't know. This date can mean lots of things to many different people. For instance it's the day after the day that will forever live in infamy. It's also around the day that the DC Capital Christmas tree is lit. And even more, December 8th is like a fellow bloggy friend's Christmas. (Seriously, Lula is a blog goddess, check out her stuff).

But these are not the reasons that pulled me out of my self-imposed blog ban.

One of the reasons, I am not even sure it IS. When it IS, I will surely come here, FB and send out emails that what I have been waiting and waiting for ages and ages, finally IS. I hope to hear word about this dramatic announcement, before the end of the week. Stay tuned...

Another reason, is that it is one of my fav blog's (yes, that Twilight Blog) 1 year Anniversary. Why would this bring me out of my blogging prohibition? Well, that crazy ass Twi-Blog has been a god send for me in my life at the time I needed to laugh the most. So, like both UC and Moon do everyday, today I write you a letter.

Dear UC & Moon,

FUCKERY! Yes, I started my letter to you with my fav curse word. This writing your thoughts and thankfulness is hard (that's what she said). I found your Letters Blog via one of those informative Twi-blog's that was mentioned in a WashingPost article about what is IN for 2009. Your blog was mentioned and linked to, in one of the informative Twi-Blog's posts, and I went to take a gander. From day one, I was hooked. I've looked and looked but can't seem to remember when or where I read the the first post. Fearing for my lack of funny, it took me even more time to make a comment. But, irregardless, all I knew was when I found your blog, I was "home".

After seeing the movie and reading all the books in some short amount of time, I was feeling very embarrassed of my 30 something Twi-session. It seemed even those friends of mine (I'm talking about you book club) that also read and loved the series, didn't want to discuss my love for that one quote, the awesome hot kiss in the movie, the background alleged rumors of the Twi-cast while filming, etc. And most importantly, no one wanted to make fun of my new found obsession with me. That is until I began reading my LTT and then LTR.

You see at the time I found the blogs. I was going through my first holiday season post separation from the wasband. I was depressed, lonely, sad, and looking for anything to take my mind off of it. Of course Stephanie's Twilight and people to discuss it, fulfilled this need. Laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and some tears later, here I am.

The girls who write these blogs are responsible, for many others' happiness, growth, and laughs. But they are also responsible for fostering many new found relationships. At this time, I have met at least one of the ladies who writes these blogs, and at least 10 others who I have met solely because of these blogs. All the funny and friendships these girl's foster everyday, make them truly special, to me and the many others whose lives they touch everyday. Not many people can touch so many and cause such wonderfulness, and I know they both feel truly blessed to contribute so much.

I am very thankful to have stumbled upon this fandom, to have fostered life long friends all over the world, to have visited cities and experienced new music, all of which I may not have been able to do without the two ladies, I call UC and Moon, or Noreen and Bunny, or ___ and ____. (FYI - people online use many aliases). Thank you so much and Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Your Twi-lawyer Forever,
Jane Trigs (like I said, aliases)

PS to my "Real Life" friends....you all will also always be my real life "home". Thank you for dealing with me and my Twi-ness. However, I know you all would agree with me, I have become, more confident, less depressed, and in a happier space since I found my bloggy pals. Many of you have even met and laughed with me as I've hung with my bloggy friends. Today, I am thankful that I have been able to add even more blissful people to my life.

PPS Let's Do This!