Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, It's About Time!

So, yeah I have been out of the picture for quite awhile. There are many reasons for my absence, among them the three week period I went without having the Internet at my new apartment, holiday outings and events, not wanting to think about the things that I should be writing about, and....well, something I am a bit embarrassed to admit, despite the fact that according to the Washington Post article above, I am one of those who are "IN", for 2009, as a self professed TWIHARD. So what is this that has me so captivated? It is my young adult-like, 18 year-old obsession, of a 31 year-old, The Twilight Series.
Okay, so I have always been a Harry Potter fan, and I always like to see the kid movies, like the Chronicles of Narnia, the Golden Compass, Christmas cartoons, and the like, but what is wrong with me?
I have done some clicking around on the Internet, feeding my new obsession, discovering some rather hilarious anti-Twilight tee-shirts, while trying to understand my drug. The funniest tee-shirt I have seen, had a slogan stating something like,"TWILIGHT - making Disney's fantasized relationships more real everyday." And alright, I totally agree, but what on earth is it that I am finding in this strange Twilight heroin?
I have thought about this long and hard over my lapse of blogging and I can only think that the idea of having someone become your one and only, is something I think that I am still looking for. Or that, the idea of choosing to become something indestructible and magical, while spending the rest of your life with the one you love, seems just so fascinating. But, when I think about it, and as I have written before in the past, I genuinely like Sci-Fi stories and have enjoyed other Vampire shows (like True Blood, the other vampire obsession).
I think it comes down to the fact that involving myself in anything that distracts me from my own boring, sad, often lonely life, that I am trying to still adjust to, is just plain, right up my alley. Well, that... and I like biting people.