Monday, January 12, 2009

I have no idea how to juggle!!!

So the party of course turned out to be toadly awesome as I knew it would. All Myrna parties are awesome!! Makes me wonder why I worried at all. I am just a big ball of worry sometimes. But anyhow, just wanted to warn anyone who enjoys playing Cranium.

If you end up being the puppeteer and you have to manipulate your "puppet" person, in order to make them appear to juggle, please please please be sure to know what juggling looks like. I failed miserably at this, and made it look like the person was milking a cow or something. I am not sure I will live it down, at least for awhile.

Note to self - make sure you know how to juggle before going to next game night. Milking a cow does not look like juggling!