Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. La Fleur

After walking my treadmill for 30 whole minutes, listening to my workout mix-yup, I am into music now-, I sat down to enjoy my "treat" and other addiction, LOST.

First scene has my Sawyer, in a jumpsuit looking mighty hot, named Mr. La Fleur.

Tell me how is Elizabeth Mitchell (Charlotte) still listed in the credits when she died two weeks ago. Ohh they call Sawyer,"Jim". Think the baby is little Charlotte? Poor little Daniel....

When did these guys become such good shots? Shooting practice, after Latin class for the LOST, others.

Does Jim look more buff? Maybe its the muscle flexing carrying the dead guy. Amy's such a trickster. Did they ever stop and think that the reason that the babies dying issue is because of the radio active fence they keep crossing? Oh blessed, it's a boy, everyone is good.

I love Hippy Horace. You are NOT Darhma material. Me either....There she (Charlotte) is, ohhhh Daniel's imprinting. La Fleur means flower. Weird, that Alpert never ages....or changes his clothes.

Yummmmm, got my red wine. :)

Eyeliner...glad someone said it. Amy is nuts. What is her Darhma job? Amy is fishy, I tell you. How do so many people have this curly perfect hair. Where is the humidity frizz?1974!! I wasn't quite here yet either. But 3 years later, I was. And so were Sawyer's hormones and lovey dovey-ness, apparently.

I love the sexy Sawyer glasses. How's your head....It's been said twice in this show. I wonder who the baby boy was (is)....Anyone we met? 3 years since he was with Kate, ahhhhh. Guess 3 years is the magic number, good to know. North Valley??????? Dah, dah, dah....

WOW!!! It's gonna be Kate!! And the rest,...but all he cares about is Kate.

Live LOST blogging makes me more of a dork, but less of a Twi-crack alcoholic I think. :)