Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 more Random Things about Me!

Yesterday, Shell was shocked that I could come up with 25 random thoughts, but I think that this is a great writing exercise and it is getting me to continually write so I am going to keep going until I have a full concise thought to get out.

1. I passed the Maryland Bar Exam on the first try! Yet, I don't practice in a courtroom, but it's nice to know that I always can.

2. I have to wear hats at work frequently to keep my body temperature up. Taking blood thinners in the winter time, is a B!

3. I blame my coumadin on everything, from my nose bleeds and heavy bruising (toadly founded) and my computer hating me (possibly unfounded).

4. I never thought that I would be working in contracts, but I like most people I work with, I have great job security, and am never bored. Very burnt out, but never bored.

5. I may never be able to have children, although I have never tried, the blood disorder that I have is one of the very few conditions that one can have, which may cause a miscarriage in the 3rd trimester. This pisses me off to no end. But I have never tried and anything is possible, we shall see.

6. I am trying to make my friend have a child for me when it comes time, because her child turned out perfect and she was in so much of a better mood when she was pregnant. It's really best for everyone involved.

7. I don't want to have a child by myself, but I plan on doing just that if I can't find myself a baby daddy by the time I am 41. Don't ask....41 just seems like a good number.

8. I am pretty relieved that I don't have kids at this point in my life because, because I love Guinness and my wine way too much right now.

9. The entire time I was married to my ex-hole, Irish, Marine, wasband, I never even liked Guinness and refused to drink it out at pubs and the like. For some reason now, its my fav. Go figure!

10. I can't bring myself to put Xmas away. It just makes me happy. I love my Xmas cheery decorations. I have taken the lights off my porch so the general public does not have to deal with my inability to put the stuff away.

11. I have been recruiting more people to read the Twilight series, and now people blame me for their lack of sleep. Mustly I like to make people become as obsessed as I am, so as not to feel too crazy.

12. I once lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers and need to remind myself that I do have the ability to lose the weight I have put on by eating my feelings, post separation from wasband.

13. I love working out once I get going, I just have to get over there. FYI - it's another excuse, but in the evening when its dark it's a bit scary to walk over to my apt complex's gym. We need more lights over there, or I am taking my dog.

14. My two animals are named after cities. Sydney the german shepherd and Savannah, the black and white cat.

15. My left leg will always be a bit thicker then my right leg, in the calf/knee area due to the vein damage from my DVT clot. Sometimes there is a one inch difference in width, if I have been standing still for long periods without good blood circulation.

16. I can only take Tylenol or codeine, or stronger. For some reason, Ibuprofen and other pain killers affect the coumadin (blasted rat killer), and only Tylenol is permitted. We all know how Tylenol barely works on mild headaches, imagine being in real pain.

17. I have been in three car accidents. One with Jodie driving, one with Myrna driving, and one with Shell driving. After the car impact, each of their first words were, "Are you okay?'

18. I have the palest skin ever. I once got a sun burn while sitting in the shade of an airport hanger, with SPF 30 on. The sun burn was so bad that I missed work the next Monday because I couldn't wear clothes.

19. Even though I am crazy lonely and sometimes wish to have a significant other in my life, I am determined to just be me, for an entire year after the separation from ex-hole.

20. I can't believe that I am where I am at this point in my life, but am thankful for all that I have.

21. Every morning for the past three, I have woken up very nauseous feeling. Unless I am the new, alternative virgin Mary, I can't be pregnant, but what the hell?

22. I have discovered that I really like sci-fi, but that I am still learning more about shows and books that are out there to enjoy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

23. I am a champ at senseless calling. In fact, my friends who are driving long distances have been known to contact me to talk because they know that I can carry on a conversation for hours about nothing. My friends also have come to expect that when they ask me what's up when I call them, that I will usually tell them, "Nothing", because I am really just senseless calling.

24. I really want an Edward, but I know that a Jacob would be better for me. Mostly I want to date/be/love someone who treats me like I am a Bella.

25. I am utterly impressed how Stephanie Klein can write so eloquently every day, when I struggle to write small blurbs that are 25 random thoughts in my head.