Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost is Life LIVE Blogging - WTF??

***Contains SPOLIERS from Tuesday Feb 16th LOST episode. ***

Neighborhoods on LOST all look the same. So this alternative, off-Island, LOST is going to be about Locke. Poor John. He now has Hurley's bad luck, but he is getting some lovin from Peg Bundy, aka Helen so all is good and can enjoy coffee in the tub. Locke may always be into destiny or at least surrounded by those that will reinforce a dependence on destiny, both on or off the island.

Island - We are the flying smoke monster which is nice, this could be a video came, called Smokey Island. So Richard was caught by Faux Locke, or as I call him Faucke.

Off-island - Back to his cubicle and the office. And they still call him Colonel. So Locke didn't go to the conference and now he is fired. Wow.

Island - Faucke discusses the way Jacob ruled Richard on the Island. Faucke said he never would have done that. WAIT, what did Faucke just see/ A boy, what?

Ben is in Jacob's laire and goes into talk with Ilana. Ben explains how her people died. She then takes the ashes that were Jacob. And apparently Faucke is now recruiting for his new Hell Army. This is most def a heaven and hell motif going on here.

Faucke goes into a cabin in New Otherton, where music is playing. Most likely it is Sawyer's cabin... And yes, here he is. Apprently, Faucke admits he is indeed dead, or that "Locke" is indeed dead. This cannot make sense to a drunk person.

Island - Sawyer in New Otherton, in his underwear, NICE!! In his underwear but he has shaved, that is odd...oh wait not really. Even drunk Sawyer can tell that it is Faucke and not Locke. NO! Don't put pants on!

Off island - Locke has his box of stuff. It's Happy-go-lucky Hurley, blocking in Locke. Hugo, not "hurley" is giving some of his luck to Locke.

Island - Walking with Ilana, see Sun, Ben, et al. They're all about to leave the statue/Jacob area. Sun suggests they bury the dead, real Locke.

Now Faucke and Sawyer walking through the woods. Can't believe Sawyer left with him. They see the kid again. Faucke chases the kid. Kid says, "Remember you Can't Kill him. That is against the rules." Faucke responds with a very Lockian statement, "Don't tell me what I can't do." WTF???

Still on island - Sawyer screaming for Locke, but Richard shows up. Richard tells Sawyer about Faucke's evil plans to kill everyone. "riiiighhht." Again, Faucke is so the devil.

Off-island - Locke is at the temp agency, Hugo suggested and freaked by the interview. Yeah!! It's Rose. She is the supervisor, here. Rose tries to be "realistic" and explains that she has terminal cancer, but she lives her life. Ohh poor Rose.

Island - Books, Faucke does not know about Steinbeck. Well that sucks. But Sawyer may just pull a Lenny on Faucke, or he may try to. "what I am is trapped." So smokey was a man, once? Sawyer, I wish you would just shoot him, really I would.

Still island - Ben is questioning the hell out of Ilana, as they carry dead Locke to the Losties, graveyard. At least Locke will be where he wanted to be. Locke would like being buried there I think. Sad times. Poor dead, island Locke. Is it fitting that Ben is giving the eulogy when he was the one that killed him and Ben admits that Locke was a better man then him? Yes. Love this.
Pilot Lapidus is all Rosencrantz and Guildenstern burying Locke and cracking jokes, all by himself.

Off-island - Locke makes an attempt to call Dr. Sheperd, but then hangs up. Locke's bag arrives from the Oceania courier. Locke admits to not going to the conference and shows Helen his bag full of knives. Locke is taking Rose's advice to heart. Maybe his life will turn around after his acceptance. But I do hate hearing Locke say there are no miracles. Off-island LOST needs a christ figure and bad!

Island - So Sawyer continues to follow Faucke. Is this how Faucke is gonna kill Sawyer? Cause if he dies I will punch someone. Okay, that was extra close.

Now we have a black and white stone in some sort of cave in the mountain. Faucke throws out the white rock into the ocean. Faucke and Sawyer walk through a doorway and see a rock with names listed and crossed out. "James that is why you are here."

So it's all a game, this finding of good and bad people on the island. Between Jacob and Smokey (the man in black or the black stone). Is there more?

Off-island - I love Locke as a coach! That is perfect for him. And a teacher. He couldn't find another thing better to do. Where is Walt? Ben is a teacher too? SHUT UP!!

Island - Sawyer wonders about the writer of the names. Jacob died yesterday. I love Sawyer's matter of factness. "Jacob had a thing for numbers." Some of those who have died since yesterday, still have not had their names crossed off. So Faucke says that Jacob manipulated all the people on the list. You were a candidate to protect the place.

Faucke's 3 choices:
1) Do nothing
2) Accept the job, become new Jacob and protect the island (but nothing to protect it from according to Faucke)
3) Just get the hell off the island.

How do we get off the island? - Together.

Again, overall WTF?


Cupcake Donna said...

Wow. You are quick. The show just ended 30 minutes ago!
Awesome that you used the Peg Bundy picture. She will always be Peg to me!
Faucke! Awesome!
So glad to have a break from Kate this week.