Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Desmond, Bruuuthaaa!


Began with the eye shot. We have My Bruutha, Desmond!

Penny's Dad and Penny's Hubby show down. Ben shot Desmond, and killed Jacob. Ben's a douche. Whidmore tells Bruuthaa that he is now back on the island and Des responds by trying to escape. He's pissed. The island is not done with him yet.

"What is Desmond doing here?" asks, Jin. Tests are scheduled,....GAHH this is moving fast! Where are these effers? Testing what the magnetic fields? This is nuts. I SEE RABITS! Crap, they're gonna do this stupid rabbit time shift thing with Des. So stupid. Why is Jin just hanging out too? Well that was stupid, do people not talk to one another? Why does this place look like a cabin? That guy is FRIED. YUCK. Don't hurt Desmond, DAMMIT!

Still Island - removing the dead fried guy. Why are we looking at this again? Srsly. DON't hurt Desmond. MOTHER EFFER! Des will be fine because of his catastrophic electromagnetic crap he got when the hatch blew up? So Des can save us all? Go DES! Already freed himself, and Whidmore confirms, he may be able to protect us all! What will happen? I am scurred.
Lights Flashing. Crazy rays, and now clouds.

OFF ISLAND - Des sees Hurley and he confirms the carrousel number for baggage. Des helps Clare. I miss her non crazy look. Des has the hots for pregnant chicks. He also can tell what baby Clare is having. A boy. Des gets picked up by George Minkowski from the ship. Des has his own driver and stuff. Wonder if he is working for Whidmore? Des you may not want company, but it seems you were hitting on preggars Clare though. Weren't you Des?
And he is working for Whidmore. Just like the other characters, they have a connection in both timelines.

OFF ISLAND - Oh wait, I thought Whidmore was Charlie's father for a sec. But no. I guess he will save Charlie for us. So here, Whidmore LOVES Des. Awesome. Wonder what turn of events had that happen.
IT'S CHARLIE!! I love that Charlie and Des have the connection both places too. So, did Charlie, just try to commit suicide? Oh no, I guess he just needs a drink. makes sense.
Charlie, is pissed about the babysitter, Des. Wait what's his job? Oh whatever. I love their accents,...keep talking.
Charlie tells a story about his love in his near death experience. I think he is talking about Clare, but it's hard to tell. In my mind it's about Clare. Des gives Charlie a "Choice". Very island-esque.

Driving around in the car, the DriveShaft song is on. Now Charlie, is offering Des, a choice, but no HOLY F*CK they go off into the water. Charlie is drowning and Des gets out. This is CRAZY. Is Charlie really gonna die by drowning again? **DES has a flash sideways about the NOT Penny's BOAT incident.** Crazy. Des goes back and gets Charlie out of the car. Charlie appears knocked out still.

STILL OFF ISLAND - Des is in the hospital being questioned. Is that Harper? I don't recognize the Doctor. Who cares. Des is going to get a MRI. Uh ohhss. What is going to happen with this madness?
FYI - MRIs Suck BAD!
Odd he has visions of Penny. Then he has a panic attack. He needs to fine Charlie. Now he runs into Jack, and then there's Charlie running down the hall in a hospital gown. WOW! Charlie knows that Des saw something, just as Charlie must have when he almost died on the plane. AHH shucks, wanted to see Charlie's bum. Charlie tells Des to start looking for Penny. I assume, that Charlie is looking for Clare, even though he doesn't know he is looking for her yet.

STILL OFF ISLAND - Whidmore is informed that Charlie is MIA. Now he's mad that Des couldn't deliver Charlie to Mrs. Whidmore. So we finally get to meet Mrs. Whidmore. YIKES. Oh of course it is Eloise Hawking. Does that mean that Penny and Daniel are related? WOW she's major understanding with Des. Interesting.... Of course he hears, "Penny". And now Mrs. W is pissed at Des about looking at the list. This is crazy ridiculous. She's schizophrenic. How is she always "so in the know?" Hawking is like the all-knowing, God-like being. She says to Desmond that "You're not ready." Des goes to leave, but wait, no. WOW. DANIEL!! Whoot. Is Daniel the Rockstar? Are Daniel and Desmond gonna throw down, because Des didn't deliver him Charlie? GAHH Commercial!

STILL OFF ISLAND - Yes, here Daniel goes by DAN! That is awesome. More Love at first sight, crap. GEEZ! Charlotte, he loves Charlotte. Dan is a musician, but he wrote quantum mechanics. Somehow, Dan knows about the sideways island timeline. Crazy. Dan knows that Des is looking for his love, Penny. The Whidmore family is all in the know. Oh, Penny is Dan's half sister. Where and when you can find her???
NO FREAKING WAY! She is running the stadium like Des and Jack had done, so long ago. Freaky.

ISLAND - And Des wakes up, back on the island in the sideways different island timeline. Des is the only one that can transfer back and forth! Of course he is. AWESOME! Des is on board with doing anything to help. GREAT!
Zoe asks what's happen to Des. He said, a lot can happen in a quick amount of time. And then of course, Sayid comes to save him?? WTF? Sayid, NOOO!

OFF ISLAND - Des had passed out, when he shoke Penny's hand. She's his constant. Ohh Des asks Penny to go for a coffee. So nice. OH WOW....he's working both sides? I have no idea?? So confusing, but awesome and wondrous. I love it!


- Too many to count. I love everything about this.

- Nothing too new learned, Danny and Penny are related, Whidmore is Danny’s Dad

- Desmond, as if we didn’t know before, is VERY special