Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Sometimes Your Package is a Who

****SPOILER POST - LIVE Lost Blogging of March 30th Episode***

Okay who are we now? This is weird. I hate the night vision point of view.
Island - Faucke speaks to Jin. They discuss the cave that Faucke showed Sawyer

OFF Island - Sun and Jin centric episode. They escape the clutches of the FAA at the airport. So they aren't married here...interesting.

Island - Faucke is running an errand and Sayid is worried about his absence of feeling.
Jin tries to escape the Faucke contingent, and the Faucke camp gets attacked by tiny arrows, shot by large nerds. They take Jin.

Island - Now at the Beach with the people. Waiting for Richie Rich, ole eyeliner to come back...now they all wait. Sun is PISSED. She wants to garden instead. Jack comes to explain the crazy lighthouse to Sun. She wants to be left alone. I think she just wants to get some.

OFF island - Damned subtitles. LAME. I like Sun's cockiness and she shows Jin some bra and boobs! So then they ummm, do it, I guess.

Island - Faucke startles Sun in the garden just as she gets a papercut. Faucke is trying to get Sun to his camp, but Sun ain't fallin for it. She runs off and Faucke chases her threw the tall grass. Faucke, is just mean and too crafty.
Even after the commercial, Faucke continues his chase.

OFF Island – Now in bed in LA with subtitles. Oh NO! Keamy is there, he’s gonna capture Jin and lock him in the freezer!

Island – Sun hit her head while she was running away. Now Ben finds Sun and she tells about Faucke.
Faucke returns to his camp and finds the passed out people that were attacked by tooth picks. “Where is Jin?”
Okaayyyy, so Jin is trapped in that weird video room that Karl was in so long ago. Guess he’s watching some videos. HE decides to turn it off. Room 23 is where it is thanks, Zoe or who ever you are.
Jin just wants to leave to go find Sun. The crazy lady, Zoe wants some answers to Jin’s old maps.

Now back to Fauck’s camp with crazy Claire and company. Crazy Claire is afraid to go home now, she has traded positions with Kate almost….and why is Kate’s name not on the wall. Great Faucke, way to entice people to hurt one another.

“No cause that would be ridiculous.” Love you Sawyer for making a mockery of it all. Faucke and Sayid heading over to the other island, by way of boat, because, thanks to Sawyer asking, we now know Smokey can’t just head over to the other island in his smokey form.

OFF Island – Keamy is being crazy, searching Sun’s room, then they invite another dude in. These guys are not cool. They are looking for the envelope of money. They send for a translator. It’s the Russia guy, Mikhail. Sun plans on giving the money to them from her acct and blah blah blah. Father can’t know, blah blah blah.

Island – Jack is inspecting Sun’s head. Sun can’t speak English anymore. Sucks.
Then Guyliner walks in. Now they’re leaving again…”pack your bags”, he declares.
Faucke is getting shot at and he walks past the pilans but not through them. Whidmore confronts Faucke about Jin. Faucke exclaims, “A wise man once said that war is coming to the island. I think it just got here.” Fun!

Island – Guyliner says they are going to stop Faucke. Sun is pissed again. Effing subtitles. Sun needs to get some BAD!

OFF Island – Sun’s father took her money from her account. Oh noes!
Here goes Jin, being put in the Freezer. Don’t worry, Sayid will save you Jin. Keamy informs that Paik was in the know about the relationship between Sun and Jin. Keamy was supposed to kill Jin, but there is no fee to pay him now.

Island – They are nerds! She’s a geophysicist. Poor Jin always getting locked up, now released to speak to Whidmore.
Ohhh Whidmore lets Jin see his baby. Whidmore MUST be good. Baby picture sharing means you’re good. Whidmore is trying to stop Faucke from leaving the island. Ohh and he plans to show Jin his package. His package is a Who!

OFF Island - Sayid comes to save Jin. They have a connection. Also Sayid has a great accent off-island. Jin wants to be free. Sayid gives Jin the means to be free, but does not free him. Now Sun is taken to the restaurant to meet up with them. They see the dead Paik mercenaries. There is a bit of a stand off and more subtitles. Jin shoots Mikhail and blinds him, nice! But Sun was also shot. EFF! She was even pregnant. CRAP!
Island - Jack gives Sun a pep talk. She gets to write. Jack found a tomoto is Sun's garden after 3 years. Special tomato! Jack asks Sun what Faucke said. Jack offers to help Sun find Jin.
Kate and Sawyer discuss the crap that's going down. Sawyer is pissed. But Faucke says he doesn't like secrets, so Sayid is investigating. AND WHAT THE EFF? NOOO! It's my Bruutha, Desmond!
- Sun and Jin are so close to being together, but their fate may keep them apart
- Having your dead wife talk to you makes you change yourself REAL FAST
- The Smoke Monster is restricted by some things, water, pilans, running quickly away
- Sawyer thinks that Smokey is kind of rediculous


Cupcake Donna said...

The Package= Baby Kwon?

The candidate Kwon is neither Sun nor Jin, but Baby Kwon?


Laura said...

The scene with Keamy and Jin in the freezer was quick, but I thought I heard Keamy reference an island. Not sure if he is talking about Craphole Island or Korea, so guess that means I will have to watch again.

I agree with Cupcake Donna...sometimes I think the candidate is Baby Kwon or even Claire's kid Aaron. In season 1 a psychic told Claire that she had to raise her kid (instead of giving him to adoptive parents) or else.

Janet said...

I thought the WHO was Charlie, but why would that be significant I have no idea. I hope it's baby Kwon. The people surrounded with this island tend to love babies.

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

So according to this, Keamy DID say something to Jin: “I’m gonna strap you in here just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to your island.” Crazy!