Tuesday, March 23, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - So, Who is Really the Bad One?

****SPOILER POST - Post is Live Blogging of Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Episode of LOST****

Ilana again?? Where is Guyliner? Ilana explains the candidates on the island to the Jack, Hurley, Sun brigade.
So now what Richard, time to explain the next step. Yes, tell us the secret Guyliner. No, they're not in Hell. Really, Guyliner....

ISLAND - Ilana is going after Guyliner. We're all talking about the illusive Guyliner.....okay, ready to flash back now....oh we did!

FB - And we're in the Canary Islands. Nice! Isabella is pretty and sick. (SIDE NOTE -The Lost creators did not borrow Isabella's name from Twilight, I can assure you....I think). Spanish, doctors, death, and crosses oh my.
I don't trust the mean doctor who has the cross. He is a dick and Guyliner may have killed him. Opps. Oh no, she died why he was gone. Now Guyliner, has nothing. Poor Guyliner, he must wear the eyeliner scar for the rest of his days, much like the Scarlet Letter.
Wow, this priest is a mean too. No forgiveness for Guyliner's sin.

Still FB - They are taking Guyliner to die for murdering the doctor,,,. And Whitfield (some guy from Black Rock?) is going to save him, no, I was just wrong. Now he's going on the Black Rock ship, to the new world. But I bet they'll get Lost, ha! Umm, the Black Rock's prisoners see the statue and the ship is what destroyed the foot statue...okay.
As the boat is shipwrecked it appears that all are alive, including Guyliner of course. So the Captain is just killing all people like a madmen. Crazy. This is an effed up history that Guyliner has....Oh wait I guess Smokey killed all the people and now he is going to investigate Guyliner....but he's saved. Strange.

Still FB - Guyliner is trying to cut himself free from the chains. He's close to death, trying to free himself. Sad times. LOOK! There's a Boar! Oh no, he lost his tool. Wow! He sees Isabella in his dreams she also says that they are in Hell. Are they? Seems so...this is depressing me thoroughly.

THANK GOD! Literally....wait no, isn't that the "Man in Black" from before? with Jacob.... They are dead!?! That guy is so the devil, not Jacob/God....I don't want them, all the Losties to be dead. They gotta kill the devil. Ummm, okay.

FB - Guyliner is eating. Oh this guy is NOT nice. He is trying to get the guy to kill Jacob. I do not trust him because he is in black and white is better. This sounds racist. But it is so how it goes in this dark/evil comparison realm.
So, Guyliner does what he is told and heads toward the statue, that has been destroyed by Black Rock. But he is getting punched out by Jacob (in his white shirt).
GOOD! Jacob says that he's NOT DEAD! YAAAYYY! He tries to drown Guyliner to prove a point. They're gonna talk.

Still FB - Guyliner FINALLY got his own blankets. Jacob must invite people to the island, ok. Jacob says he is not the devil (duh, of course he's say no). He brought the ship to the island. Okay, so the island is the cork of a wine bottle. Interesting. Jacob gives Guyliner a job to be his intermediary to all people on the island. Here, Jacob gives him the everlasting life. Oh no, the man in black gave him the chance to change his mind. DON'T DO IT GUYLINER!
He buries his wife's cross necklace.

Island @ Present - Guyliner goes to area where he buried his wife's necklace. He says he changed his mind out loud. He calls out for Faucke, aka Man in Black. BUT Hurley comes to change his mind by informing him about Isabella being there and that he, Hurley can talk to her. Hurley passes on a lovely message. Tears...
He puts on his wife's cross. Hurley tells us that we have to stop Faucke/Man in Black from leaving the island!!
Wait are there 2 men in Black? Oh wait this is from before.
Someone else can take Jacob's place, YES!

- Thankfully we are not in Hell on the Island
- Someone can take Jacob's place and keep the man in black on the island
- There is definitely a good/bad thing going on here


Lula! said...

"He must wear his guyliner scar for the rest of his days, much like the Scarlet letter."

Jane Trigs...I LOVE YOU. That's the very best ever.