Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Cheese Carrots

***Contains SPOILERS from this week's lost that aired on Tuesday, March 9th 2010***

So this week do we get to fine what of Hurley and Jack. No, right now we are running with Ben. Oh good, they are going back to the beach.

OFF ISLAND - Licing with Ben as your teacher. Odd. We are learning about Napolean. "He might just as well have been dead." Yeah it's Arzt! He blew up, on the island. NICE. Locke suggests that maybe Ben should be the Principal of their school. Interesting....not really.

ISLAND - Ben explaining about the smoke monster now. Ilana wants Miles to explain how Jacob died. Miles does his freaky shizz and then properly informs that Ben killed Jacob. Will Ben meet his end? Nope, Ilana just laid that awesome woman guilt trip.

Still Island. Now at the Beach. We never get out of this little section of the island as it seems. Maybe if they left it more often, they would have foundb the lighthouse.

OFF ISLAND - Ben is heating a dinner for his Dad. Looks like Dad has cancer. Oh, his Dad is his same Dad from Island. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Oh they are day dreaming about the Island life they may have been missing. Ohhh, Alex is here! She is a student. Oh, I missed Alex.

ISLAND - Ilana, Sun, and company, are rebuilding at the beach. Candidates to replace Jacob! We just learned an answer! I love learning answers.

"Cheese Carrots." I love Hurley's one liners. Jack is leaving and Hurley is trying to stop him from going back to the Temple. YES! It's GuyLiner, Alpert.

Ben is being nastalgic for all of us. How awesome. Suddenly, Ilana is pointing a gun at Ben and having him walk. Is she executing him? She is first tying, him up, and now making him dog his own grave, because of his murdering Jacob. Ilana doesn't mess around.

OFF ISLAND - The East India Trading Company is being studied here with Alex and Ben. This is touching. And now Ben can get to be PRincipal, but off island he deserves to be leader.

ISLAND - Ben is digging his own grave. So Jacob cared about being killed, so says Miles.

I love that Hurley asks if Guyliner is a Vampire. Hurley's questions are the best. Guyliner informs that all the people at the Temple are dead, but Kate and Sayid weren't there. I love that Jake after 6 seasons, has learned how to ask questions instead of standing there, all sad face. What? Now Guyliner warns Jack and Hurley not to believe Jacob... Huh? And like Faucke is trying to leave the island, Guyliner is trying to figure out how to die.

OFF ISLAND - Arzt and Ben are talking about taking over the school.

ISLAND - Now back in the belly of the ship with Guyliner and company. When Jacob touches you, it's a curse or a gift to keep you alive forever. Jack is going to help Guyliner die via explosion. And we learn another answer....you can't kill yourself, you must be killed by another. Ahh ha.

Jack wants to talk with Guyliner. He sends Hurley away. Jack explains the lighthouse to Guyliner. AHHHH the fuse is burning to the dynamite. What is going to happen? And the fuse fizzled. Wonder if Guyliner is pissed that he died. Jack suggests going back to where they started.

Ben hears bad sounds at the gravesite area at the Beach, it's smokey, AKA Faucke. Ben asks, "What are you doing here?" So can Ilana not see Faucke? Of course Faucke is asking Ben to stay in charge of the Island. Faucke releases Ben and tells him to come to Hydra and how she can kill Ilana there. She goes after him as he runs away.

OFF ISLAND - Ben goes to see the principal. Ben gives the principal email messages that implicate his behavior with the nurse. This is blackmail and now Ben has to choose between Alex and himself.

ISLAND - Ilana chasing after Ben in the jungle. Ben got to the rifle and is now pointing it at Ilana. She asks what he is waiting for in shooting him. Ben tells about his difficult decision between Alex and the island. Yup, he faces the same thing off island as well. Ben says he must go to Locke because he is the only one that will have him. But Ilana says she'll have him. Ohhh, teary eyed.

OFF ISLAND - Oh no. Did Ben give Alex up again? Oh wait, Alex got a good letter of reccomendation. Oh Good, Ben choose right. YeahhH!

ISLAND - Ben and Ilana come back to the beach. Que, Jack and Hurley?? Oh and Ben goes to help Sun. How lovely. Again, where the eff is Yin? Awwww, Slow hug shot. Why are they making me so teary?

WTF?? What the, huh? Ohh it's Widmore in a Sub.

- This show mader me tear up several times, all the father-daughter Alex memories and nice Ben, and the Hurley-Sun reunion.
- Learned some things. FINALLY. Biggest secret - the candidates were to be the new Jacob.


Laura said...

Okay, this episode was ten times more satisfying than the previous one. Finally we got some damn answers about what the candidates are supposed to do. I totally cracked up at Hurley asking Richard if he was a vampire (srsly it used to freak me out that he never aged) and now finally we understand what his deal is. Ben's choices and the ending made me teary, too.

I wish I had enough time to re-watch all of season 5 again before next week. During the recap episode from last week I found myself not remembering some of the more recent details that were revealed in the screen captions. So now we have 9 episodes left, then the big 2-hour finale. Then I will fall into the hugest depression of all time...can't wait! :)

Janet said...

I now. What am I ever to do without my LOST. It is LIFE!