Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Take Me to Your Leader

******SPOILER POST - LIVE blogging of LOST episode from Tuesday, March 16th******

Are we heading into a Sawyer/Jin Episode? Why would Sawyer leave the New Otherton, oh that is right, Fuacke talked him into coming with him. Is this a Kate-Sawyer reunion? Yes, it is. And anti-climatic, as usual. Why did Kate just follow Faucke? Again, Kate is DUMB!

OFF ISLAND - GOD BLESS AMERICA! We have Sawyer centric episode and shirtless Sawyer. And Sawyer's shenanigans with the cash and junk, oh wait, so now Sawyer is getting busted, or rather the chick is getting busted, because Sawyer is a mother flipping COP! That is just plain hot right there. I also love that he is working with Miles. Miles can be a legitimate investigator with his super powers. Love it!

ISLAND - With crazy Clare and her crazy squirrel baby. Thank god, Kate please put the squirrel baby out of it's misery. Kate's like WTF, Clare? So you're asking questions finally, you moron.

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer makin calls and working with Miles. Awesome Sawyer has a date,... Miles, asks "Do you want to die alone?" Miles can tell that Sawyer is lying to him.

ISLAND - Hiking adventures never cease on LOST island. Faucke has man boobs. OK, so Faucke admits out loud that he is the smoke monster. And the smoke monster can be killed? huh? How? Sending Sawyer over to Hydra island for investigations, cause Sawyer is a great liar. NICE, way to make a man feel useful.

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer goes on his set up date from Miles, and it's with Charlotte. Awwww. Oh wow, Sawyer in a suit is gorgeous. This is the greatest episode ever! Oh my goodness, Jimmy Boy still has his bad attitude and hot temper to match his hot bod.

ISLAND - Sawyer back to Hydra island, first time, since he was here doing the nasty with Kate, I think. He cuddles Kate's clothes. Um wow!Faucke's island group is like manic central.
And Sawyer finds the plane! The plane the plane! And a pile of dead people. This episode goes from good, to just crazy bad. Oh wow, there's actually a live one, here.

OFF ISLAND - Aww Charlie's bro. So nice. And Miles is PISSED at Sawyer for lying to him. A little harsh about going to Australia maybe? Miles gives Sawyer (or Jim as he's known off-island) the kiss off.

ISLAND - Gives the live one, named Zoe some water. Zoe claims that when she returned from gathering wood, all the people were dead.
Poor Kate crying by herself. Faucke comes to talk with her. He discusses the crazy Clare situation. She asks where Sawyer went.
Sawyer figures out that Zoe is not who she says she is. And now we see more people with guns. Sawyer surrenders.

Kate and Faucke chill on the beach. Wow, Kate is being uber bitchy. I like it. So Faucke is trying to bond with Kate, but comes off creepy.
More trompsing through the jungle, but now headed to Whidmore's submarine.

OFF - ISLAND - It's almost like Sawyer does the sames shizz on or off the island, just like all the other sideways story lines "Little House on the Praire" giving meaningfull messages since the 1980s.
Sawyer goes to make up with Charlotte. She bitches him out and slams the door in his face.

ISLAND - Sawyer finds a double padlocked door on his way to Whidmore, inside the sub....don da don! Now, Sawyer talks with Whidmore. Sawyer is trying to arrange his way plus some others off the island with Whidmore assistance. Trust will obviously be an issue. Saywer is going to lead Faucke to Whidmore in exchange of a way off the island. Let's see how he does this madness, or is he lying to Whidmore? Hmmmm...

Kate walking alone in the forest. She comes upon Crazy Clare, who apologizes. Is this for real? I want it to be. Why does Clare have to be so crazy?

Sawyer comes back to Faucke. He informs that the passengers from the plane are all dead. He also tells Faucke the entire plan he told Whidmore. Why Sawyer, WHY?

OFF-ISLAND - Miles walking down the street and gets picked up by Sawyer. NICE. He tells Miles all about the Sawyer guy that caused the death of his parents. Um wow, something odd just happen. Sawyer got hit by Kate's car as she tried to escape. They can't stay apart those crazy cats.

ISLAND - Yup they're together here too. Planning their escape. Then they look all seductively at one another. Ohh yummmm.

- Yes indeedy, Faucke is doubly confirmed to be the smoke monster, so he said
- Whidmore has arrived, with men with guns
- Kate is dumb, but she can cause Sawyer's shirt to come off. Always good!