Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Kate IS Stupid


Ready for my Questions to be Answered. So this is a Sayid centered Episode. Damn his hair is greasy. Nadia is very pretty. Okay in this alternative reality Sayid does not get the girl. Poor Sayid. Whoot Sayid works on Contracts too! I feel like Sayid and I are kin!

ISLAND - Sayid is going to get us some answers, but only about him and the tests from three weeks ago. LAME. Like I've said before, we have the Black/White, Good/Bad, Yin/Yang thing going on.....we get it. Get more answers Sayid. Beat it out of this man. The, "it's just a baseball" fell to the ground. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

STILL ISLAND - Crazy Clare and Faucke. Clare is looking for her son and heading in the temple for her son. He's not there Clare. Why does she believe Faucke?

OFF ISLAND - FYI - Sayid loves black wife beater shirts in all alternative realities. Sayid's brother is bad news, he also does not prefer wife beaters. Sayid is NOT that man anymore, but still likes his black wife beater, always.

ISLAND - Sayid is leaving and is banished because he's evil. Here comes Crazy Clare to deliver a message about "Him". So the Others, and mainly Lennon just now figured out Jack and Hugo were gone. Observant.
Now Sayid will be assisting Dogen...will he be torturing Clare? Okay no. Will Dogen use Sayid to kill the evil that is Faucke?. To be good, Sayid must commit murder...interesting.

OFF ISLAND - Seems like Sayid's bro is a DICK. The kids are not down with him. Brother, attacked, in hospital. There goes Jack. Hi Jack! Oh no, now Sayid is going to kill his brother's attacker, off island. Sayid is a killer no matter where he is, just as much as Jack is a doctor.

ISLAND - Kate runs into Sayid and sends her to speak with Miles. I love that this temple has a simple door but they could not find the place for years upon years. Oh Crap, here comes the Clare/Kate show down.

Now Sayid tromping through the jungle. Strange noises and now Sayid says bring it, he them stabs Faucke, who says, "Why'd you go and do that?"
Now Faucke has the knife. Will he kill Faux Sayid or Fayid?
Faucke wants Fayid to deliver a message to Dogen. But then asks him about what he wants from the world.

OFF ISLAND - Apples and Potatoes. Sayid stayed at the house and did not attack the attacker, apparently. Sayid believes he is evil off the island.

ISLAND - SO maybe Fayid agreed with Faucke, or maybe not. But he delivers a message to the others, informing them about Jacob. The Others are free. Can leave the temple and join the man or die. Well those choices suck.

Kate is looking for Clare. Goes to see her and finds her singing the falling star pocket song. Kate explains where Aaron is and Clare looks pissed. Clare warns, that "HE is coming and they can't stop him." Obviously this is Faucke. But why does Crazy Clare have to sound like a crazy person awaiting Dracula's return? I love Clare, but can someone cure her crazy, please?
Still on the island. Fayid delivered his message and now the Others are panicking

OFF ISLAND - Strange dudes come to question Sayid at his brotehr's house. They also speak Arabic, like to short order cook and prefer breakfast foods. Oh I hated this dude, forgot his name. He always seemed like such a DICK though. Martin is his first name, but we called him by his last name, Keamy before. This is a typical Mob shake down for more borrowed money, situation. But Sayid can take names and kick ass. And there is someone locked in the freezer. Yup, it's Jin.

ISLAND - Where the hell is Island, Jin? Did he come back to the Temple? I forgot. Fayid asks Dogen why he didn't kill Fayid before? Dogen tells his sad tell of drunk driving....srsly? Thanks Carlton and Damon for the Drunk Driving Message...featuring Jacob. FYI - It really was a baseball. DOgen knows that Faucke offered Fayid a similar bargain. Then, Fayid dramatically tackles DOgen in the water. There goes one of the most interesting characters remaining in LOST. Lennon is obviously distraught as he walks into the scene. Now he is dead.
Smokey invades the Temple. Kate goes to get Clare and somehow Miles where everything is. Holy crap now, Ilana saves them with Lapidus, Sun and crew.Sun learns her husband is on the island, and finally someone else asks where Jin is. Tied up at Clare's place?

Sayid is not to be saved, as he tells Ben. Ahh too much is happening. Thank God someone has a plan (Ilana). Kate and Clare go into the courtyard and see the massacre. How did they get out of the hole? Kate goes out to Faucke and the Others. No one talks to her and she just follows. Kate is stupid.

-I did not receive any answers.
-I often stand up for Kate, mainly because I love the Evangeline, but she is plain dumb.
-Can't effing wait until next week! Jin-Sun reunion. Bigger Kate-Clare showdown. So exciting.
-NOOOO, only 10 more.


Lula! said...

"Sayid likes black wife beaters in all alternate realities..."


And seriously...I love this show. This show is my LIFE and I'm not ashamed to say that. But they have GOT to give us some answers soon. I mean...the time for pissing 'round has done past. We need to know some DETAILS!!!

OK, I'm done screaming.
I also love you.

Lula! said...

p.s. Keamy is a bad dude, yes. But when I saw Kevin Durand's name in the opening credits (which I usually don't pay attention to, as I love to be surprised by the "guest appearances"), I was all, "OH HALE YES! Mr. Sexy Voice is back!"

'Cause Keamy's voice oozes sex. Straight up. No lie. He makes me moist.

Yes, I said that.

Lisa said...

There was a ladder in the pit. That's how Kate and Claire got out. When Kate got blown into the pit by the Smoke Monster, she was hanging on to it. But I got no answers, either. How can they wrap it up in only ten more episodes?

olivia said...

I am dying.....this recap is hysterical. Seriously, they need to start wrapping this shiz up....no more questions. Um, was Jack in the hospital w/Sayid's brother...I missed that!!!!

Does anyone else feel sorry for Sayid....I mean give the man a BREAK!

You rule. nuff said.

Obird :)

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