Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - With All That, I Need Some Candy. Apollo Bar anyone?

****LOST SPOILERS - LIVE Blogging to Episode on 5/4/2010.******

Begin OFF Island in the hospital as Jack wakes up Locke. Locke is disoriented as he is awaking from Jack's surgery. Jack questions Locke about treating his spine. He calls Locke "A Candidate" for a new procedure they are working on. "I can fix you" says Jack. Yeah, Peggy Bundy is here and tears and hugs and love.
Peggy hugs, Jack and says thanks for saying him.

ISLAND - Lack awakes in a boat. Jack is on Hydra Island, so says Sayid. We now see Sawyer's group with Kate, Hurley and Sun/Jin group at Hydra, at the cages. Sawyer pulls a gun, Whidmore threatens to kill Kate because she is not on the "list". Then, Whidmore talks to his peeps and requests that they hurry, because, "He's coming..." He must be Faucke of course.

OFF ISLAND - YES it's Bernard. I love him. His last name is Nadler. Jack wants to get a patient file for John Locke. He is looking for emergency surgery details on Locke. Yup. Jack, Benard was on the same flight. That's right! Old Ben asks, why Jack is so interested in Locke? Apperently Locke was in an accident with his Dad, Anthony Cooper. Car accident??

ISLAND - Jack is getting out of the boat. Sayid explains that there was a mortar attack. The group has scattered into the jungle. Faucke tells Jack that they have to rescue Jack's old boat group. Faucke is trying to rally them together...before Whidmore knows what hit him. Jack says he is NOT leaving the island. Faucke reminds that Jack's friends do want to leave and he hopes Jack will leave too. Faucke says he needs Jack's help to convince the others that they should follow him. Faucke points out that he could have killed Jack, before and right now.

Kate & Sawyer are in the cage on Hydra Island, this time the same cage together. Sawyer informs that Kate's name was crossed out on the list of names on the cave wall. Sun and Jin discuss their daughter. Awwwww. Smiles, tears, ring exchanges, kisses. Lovely. So it looks like the grid just went down that encircles them around the main building area on Hydra. And here comes smokey! People are firing at smoke, that seems smart. Really? Kate stretches out to reach the keys off a dead Whidmorian, and Jack suddenly appears and lets them all out. He announces, "I'm with him." Him being Faucke of course.

ISLAND - Jack and all walking through the island. Jack says he will take them to the plane but he is not getting on it. Sawyer thanks, Jack. Sayid is with the, says Jack. Faucke is waiting.

OFF Island - Jack is at an office looking for Anthony Cooper. He runs into Peggy. Jack is investigating into the accident that hurt Locke's back. Jack says saving Locke's life is not enough. Peggy leads Jack into the dining area of an old folks home. We see, Locke's father drooling and staring into space. Peggs explains that Mr. Cooper is John's father.

ISLAND - The people guarding the plane, who are Whidmore's shoot at Faucke, while he is in Faucke form, not smoke. However, they still die. He of course is fine. Faucke takes a watch off one of the dead guards. He is now on the plane looking at wires in the ceiling. Is is a bomb? We can't see what he is doing....

Lapidus, Sawyer, Jack and company approach the plane. Lapidus is going to investigate the plane. They see the dead men laying on the ground. Faucke admits that he killed Whidmore's people who were guarding the plane. Faucke said that Whidmore wanted to kill all the losties, Sawyer, Sayid, et. al., by blowing them up. Perhaps Faucke was disarming the bomb on the plane. Faucke is worried that the plane is not safe now. Faucke says that they should use the submarine instead. Everyone agrees. Jack will help get them to the sub, but Jack is not leaving again he says. Faucke says, "Fair enough". Clare apologizes to Faucke. Sawyer says to Jack that he doesn't trust Faucke. He wants to make sure that Faucke doesn't get on the sub. Sawyer says to Jack he will take care of it.

OFF Island - Locke awaking again in the hospital. He talks of pushing the button in his half dazed awakeness. Locke says that he "wishes that you would have believed me."
Clare shows up, and Jack goes to the hallway candy machine and buys his Apollo bar from the machine and he gets it this time. Clare shows Jack a music box that their father wanted her to definitely have. Apparently their father drank himself to death. Clare and Jack find that they were also on the same flight 815 from Sydney. Weird!! They look at the music box together. Of course it sings, "Catch a Falling Star". Jack doesn't know why their father wanted Clare to have the box. Jack offers that Clare come stay with him, because they are family after all.

ISLAND - Everyone is crouching in the grass near the sub dock. Gosh, they got their uber fast, no tromping through the jungle scene. Sawyer says they are going in HARD (twss). Sawyer makes the plan. Sawyer gives Jack the wink wink about Faucke and him not trusting him. Faucke smirks. Uh oh. They approach the sub in two teams. No one seems to be there at the dock. Sawyer opens the sub's hatch and sneaks in with Lapidus. They have guns and are creeping up on a worker in there. They ask for the Captain, but they knock the captain out when they find him. Apparently, Lapidus is not only an ultimate helicopter and plane pilot, he can also drive submarines! They get ready to start the sub. Jack puts on his backpack in the grass and runs towards the sub with Clare, Faucke and Kate maybe. Jack pushes Faucke into the water as he told Sawyer he would. There is some kind of other commotion and Kate is shot. NOOOO!!

Now there is a shoot out. They put Kate into the sub. Faucke is climbing out of the water on the dock and firing at the people firing at him. Kate is in pain. Jack enters the sub with Kate and looks for a First aide kit. Clare is still out there. Sawyer calls for Clare and tries to get her to the sub's hatch with covering fire, but as he sees Faucke, he decides to instead close the hatch, because he does not want Faucke to come with them. Oh no! Faucke tells Clare, trust me you don't want to be on that sub. Well CRAP!
Kate asks where Clare is and says that they can't leave her. They are looking in Jack's backpack for something to stop her bleeding and they find in Jacks pack, the bomb....it is ticking. Jack, "We did exactly what he wanted."

STILL Island - Jack says that they have to get to the surface NOW! They watch the timer tick down. Commotion, craziness, Sayid investigates the bomb. Jack suddenly recalls the dynamite and Guyliner and tells them all that nothing is going to happen and that Faucke can't kill them. Faucke is not allowed to kill them. Jack says that it is a Fuacke trick and he wants them all to kill one another instead because he can't kill them. Sawyer says he doesn't trust Jack's logic and pulls a wire on the bomb. The timer stops and then the count down goes faster. Sayid informs that he didn't kill Desmond and tells Jack where to find him, then he runs off with the bomb. It explodes and Sayid is gone. Sad.

They are now all sinking, in the sinking sub. Uh oh. Water water everywhere. Kate is passed out from the gun shot. Sun is trapped under something heavy. There just has to be another crises doesn't there...other than the water. Sawyer goes to help get Sun free and Jack too. Hurley leaves with Kate, after Jack convinces him to go. The sub continues to sink. Water water water. They are moving the medal thing from Sun. They succeed and then the sub rocks and Sawyer is struck in the head. Something else of course. Now Sayer is passed out too. As it turns out, Sun is still trapped behind a pipe or something and can't get free. Sun begs for Jin to go and save himself. Jin wants Jack to save Sawyer and convinces Jack to go. Jin is staying with Sun... this is crappy. Stupid Faucke.
So Jack is saving Sawyer, Sun and Jin remain in the sub, trying to get Sun free, and Sun continues to beg Jin to go. Jin tries to free her over and over. Jin says he won't leave her ever again.  Tears, sad.
Now they are dead and we see their arms stretched out and their hands lose grip.

OFF Island - Locke is leaving the hospital. The orderly asks who is picking him up. He says his fiance, Helen, aka Peggy is picking him up. Jack informs Locke that he went to see his father. Locke tells Jack the story of how he became a paraplegic in this timeline. Locke was in a plane crash with his father, where he was flying. Locke had told his father to trust him while flying and now he blames himself that his father is now injured. Jack tells Locke that his father is essentially gone, and "What happened, happened", and you can let it go. Jack says he can't let it go himself either. Jack says that he was hoping that Locke could let it go first. Locke just rolls off down the hall and says goodbye. Jack yells at Locke, that he can help him and he wished Locke would believe him. Locke stops for a moment, but still goes.

ISLAND - they arrive back on the beach out of breath. Thankfully Sawyer survived the writer's massacre in the sub. And Kate too. Jack informs that Jin and Sun both drowned. Hurley cries. Jack walks back to the ocean to cry alone looking at the moon.

Locke, sees that the sub sunk. Clare is concerned that the sub sank with everyone on it. Faucke says not all of them are dead. Clare asks where Faucke is heading off to, which Faucke responds, "To finish what I've started."

- Can you make your own decision about leaving the island? Jack doesn't want to, can Faucke force him to? He apparently needs him to leave...hmmm??
- Now I thought Faucke couldn't kill them. How is it that Jin and Sun died.....oh I guess, Sayid with the bomb and an accident  of her getting trapped killed her. Jin decided to kill himself.
- How many times did I write "Apparently" in this post? I still LOVE the show, but I think I am extra bitter this episode because 3 people died in one mother flipping show. UGHH!
- So who do you think are the two in the cave that Jack comes upon in Season One in the cave near the fresh water? Kate + Sawyer, or Kate + Jack.
- Is this show really going to be about the Kate/Jack/Sawyer triangle, I hope not. I have faith!


Lula! said...


It's the little things, Jane...these little nuggets from the past 5 seasons that the writers/producers are giving to us that are making this season so brilliant.

did Lapidus die? 'Cause that would make 4 deaths. FOUR, not three. And I love me some "Kenny Rogers," as Sawyer so brilliantly called him at the end of Season 4.

I bawled when Sayid sacrificed his life for them. I bawled when Sun and Jin died. (Their hands underwater? With Michael Giacchino's score playing? Brilliant. Horrifying. Classy. It killed me.) But when Hurley realized they were dead and he started sobbing...well, then...I just about fell off the bed. I died.

What are we gonna do after this show ends, Janey? Will you hold me?

Anonymous said...

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