Monday, August 18, 2008

Post Blues

What a typical blog to write, after coming back from vacation, but it's on my mind and easy to write about today. Of course, like everyone, coming back to work from an entire week away is almost as impossible as coming out of a bad relationship (will leave that thought for a later day...).

Today, every moment that I blink, I hope to be taken back to riding on my mean polka-dotted horse, heading down a muddy trail, or paddling down towards my vacation friends in my kayak (one of my new favorite things to keep trying). I think about all the things that I wish I would have done on vacation, and missed out on, like the view from the mountain. I think about what I might do different next time I go, and where I'll go, and even wonder who the next person that I will vacation with...

Worst thing about coming back from vacation is having to pretend like the entire event did not happen. You have to practically make believe that you weren't even gone from work at all. Well, except for the 300 emails in your work email box. Everyone at work looks at you to step right back up and continue with your projects as if you weren't still dreaming of the week before. Doesn't everyone know that at 2pm I take my afternoon siesta?

Like climbing back onto my horse, like off of a hard fall, I fall back into my seat in my cubicle, minus the fresh air, with my head reeling with thoughts of what's going to happen this week and that I hope I can get back on my diet. Most importantly, however I wonder when will the blues stop? Who knows....I may be blaming vacation blues on the million other things that I have streaming through my head and causing sadness. "Tomorrow will seem more normal", I tell myself.