Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lazy Myspace Blogging with the help of one of those quizzes

So I am being extremely lazy by taking the easy way out, but I figured answering one of those silly bulletin quiz/question things would at least get me writing and thinking. So, here goes.... This one is called 35 Secrets:

1) Who was your last text from? Luis

2) Where was your default pic taken? The Park

3) What’s your middle name? Suzanne. Why is this a secret by the way? Not that secretive, but revealing. - Don't you hate those people who are like...."I hate my middle name. It's so embarrassing." And then it turns out to be like, "Ashley" or something. Well, I like my middle name.

4) Your relationship status? Hmmmmmm. My profile on 'the Space says single, so I guess it's that.

5) Have you ever lost a close friend? Yes

6) What is your current mood? Lazy, but excited about my vaca

7) What's one of your best friend’s names? Myrna
8) What's you favorite color? Again, how is this secretive? Depends on my mood.
9) If you could go back in time and change something, would you? Wouldn't we all?

10) Have a crazy side? Who doesn't? Well, I guess maybe nuns don't and maybe psychiatrists.

11) Ever had a near death experience? Yup, Michelle almost killed me in the car and of course my DVT.

12) Something you do a lot? Compute

13) Angry at anyone? Tired of wasting time on anger, non productive.

14) What’s stopping you from going for the person you like? Don't like anyone. Am I suddenly, in 10th grade again? Oh, right....this is myspace.

15) When is the last time you cried? Recently, but can't remember the exact time.

16) Who would you do anything for? Molly
17) Do you like someone in your top friends? I like all of my TOP FRIENDS.
18) Are you funny? Not really

Okay this quiz, is really not secretive and is making me feel old. I will skip to the more interesting questions....if there are any.

Who do you trust most? Wanted to say myself, but will go with my Mom. If you met her, you would know that I am not even half-way stretching the truth.

Describe your life in one word? Evolving.

What are you thinking about right now? How long is this god forsaken questionnaire?

What should you be doing right now? Packing for the vaca or laundry, oh and probably should have come up with a better blog topic to be writing right now.

What is your favorite memory? Celebrating my passing of the Bar Exam on Halloween, dressed as a ladybug.

What are you listening to? The Simpsons on TV

Who is the last person you told I love you to? Myrna
Who was the last person who yelled at you? Michelle
Natural Hair Color? Who really knows anymore. Some shade of brown, I think.

Who was the last person to make you smile? Allison for giving me kudos for my last blog. Don't think I will get one with today's blog.

Well, at least I wrote something today, even though it was extra lame. I will try better tomorrow.