Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old or Young again

Since the wasband became the wasband, I have felt as if my life has changed in many ways. One such way is the need for spending excess time in those smoke-filled, bar stooled, drinking houses, watching everyone else getting hit on but you. Luckily this weekend, I got to experience such an experience for myself.

How exciting it is "getting" to be single again! I like the idea of getting to restart my life and find new things to do and meeting new people, but the whole, Bar/Dating scene, leaves something to be desired. All those reading this blog who have been recently married, or have "happy" marriages are all saying a "thank goodness I'm not there" under your breath. I know....I was you only a year or so ago.

But here I am, what do you do? As I wrote in one of my blogs last week, attempting to increase my self esteem is one of my main, Top Five, goals. I only hope that by increasing the self esteem, the thought of spending more weekends out among my fellow singles won't feel so daunting. This past weekend, after feeling incredibly fat, which reeked havoc on the self esteem (count them...two of my goals) and made me not want to be there the instant that I arrived.

So, again, what do you do....I played along because it was a very good friend's birthday, and I decided to drink myself happy. What do you know.....blueberry stoli vodka and diet coke, is the best drink ever!


Maryanna said...

Boys smell funny. haha. I love smoke filled places. MMMM delicious cigs!