Thursday, August 7, 2008

80's Music and Mocha Light Frapp

I have the worst vacationitis ever right now. Remember that feeling you had your last semester in high school after Spring Break, when you could hardly concentrate on anything productive? Well, that has been me for most of this week. With each day, my itis has gotten increasingly worse and worse.

When you live and work in DC and it begins to get very hot and humid out in August, Congress goes on their summer break and everything in DC slows down. Lots of things in DC depend on Congress. Not only do the actual congressional members leave to vacation, but so do many of their staff members. Outside of the Hill, many other organizations that depend on Congressional funding also slow down. Because I work at a government contractor that relies on the money bequeathed by Congress, my job is very very very slow in August. The vacationitis, coupled with the very boring days, has made work nearly unbearable. Thank god for my 80's Punk CD and Starbucks. They are the only things keeping me from falling asleep, aside from Meghan and I's chats. (My cube-mate, not Meghan, seriously fell asleep a little while ago.....Shhhh. Don't tell anyone).

So to bide my time, when we are not making a Starbucks run, I over utilize Google looking for new things to see and do while in Maine. Let's see, so far I have come up with, lots of places to eat, hike, boat, and ski. Well, obviously we will not be skiing, but the other things sound fun. I am so not dieting while on vacation....Isn't there a law against that, anyhow?