Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Babies baby babies

Are you like me? Do you know at least 5 - 10 people that are pregnant right now? What is it? I think it may be the economy. People can't afford to ignore each other any longer and go out to their local watering hole or movies. They now resort to that old fashion entertainment. Can people please start using some birth control, I mean geez. Or perhaps, maybe everyone just is feeling the need to procreate, suddenly. I don't know, but this baby boom is crazy and draining my wallet. I can only buy so many boppys or boppis, whatever they are.

What are us single folks supposed to do in lieu of this continuous gift giving? I am like Carrie Bradshaw from SATC (I wish). I want to go register for as many awesome gifts that I can and throw myself a party with cake and games. If only society let that happen. Oh well, until then...I am going to have to celebrate while on vacation and force my vacation-ites to play silly parlor games during the 4 days of rain that is expected where we're going. Don't think I can talk them into gift giving though. I want to be invited on vacations again I think.

Okay, so you're right, I am jealous..... Green with a capital "G".


Maryanna said...

making babies is cool.