Saturday, August 30, 2008

Afternoon Naps = Awake at 1:30am

So after hanging with Coolleen this afternoon, I came home and took a two hour nap. Now, I am wide awake. Napping is awesome but sometimes leaves me in this state of awakeness. Or rather I'm awake because last night I was up until 3am.

Why do I do this to myself. Ohhh,...that's right, I'm still being self destructive. Oh well, at least I am honest with myself. But I feel like a freakin' college student. But it was a fun night.

Best thing about the broken finger is that I get to point my finger at everything. It's a great conversation starter. Or maybe I just feel like having an excuse to point at others and blame them. Worst thing about the broken finger is that it has taken like 10 minutes to write this little bit. Maybe I will get better at writing sans right index finger and become faster and faster.