Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live LOST Blogging.....Miles "Gift" and Hurley helps George

What the heck, am I watching? Is this LOST?

Ohhhhh Miles! Baby Miles is freaky. I like him, he found some dead guy. Mr. Vonner. He was screaming for Kimberly. Oh, Baby Miles must seem crazy. Maybe he gets to go into the Institute with Hurley. Miles is helping Kate & Sawyer.....I think. Ohhh Sawyer calls him, Little Ben. Baby Ben is better.

Circle of Trust, No Questions asked. I dig the circle of trust, but did the tape get fixed? La Fleur's busy. Body Bag, huh? Miles can tell what the accident was and how it happened. Miles talks to dead people like the little kid in that movie with Bruce Willis.

Hard hats to carry a dead body, weird. Do we get to hear Miles actually talk to the dead? Yes, but we do not get to hear them answer. Dammit.

Teenage Miles. Crazy. Luuvv the Mohawk. Are they in England? No, it's his mum. Miles looks a bit like a skunk. Miles' father blows. Sucky father. His body is on the island??? Maybe..."The package" = the corpse. Dr. Chang = Miles Dad?? Who knows.....

Hurley rocks. Hurley + Miles also Rocks.
Kate now talking with Juliet. Oh crap Ben's Daddy is peeved and going to security. "Here we go..."
Hurley's writing in a composition book. Luv the interaction between these two. Hurley is crazed about his sandwiches. Uh oh, he's gonna find the dead guy. "Dude there's a body back here." Miles CAN talk to dead people. Hurley is so perceptive.

Look its the Otherton village disguised as an "off island" place. He's selling his services to football player's daddy. Gosh, he is ruthless. Cost extra. Miles, geez. He's going to like read his palms, ha!

LOOK it's Naomi. Groovy.

New Otherton was such a cheery place in the 70's. Except for crazed, drunken Roger. He'll die soon anyhow. Luv Kate's 70's clothes, bell bottoms, ROCK. Roger doesn't appreciate them.

Miles/Hurley, YES! Hurley actually sees the dead people, Miles senses the stuff about the dead people. They are both nuts. Hurley calls it, "his Power". Awesome!

Wow, look what they are building!!! Polar Bear feces, Ha! Wow, Dr. Chang is a douche! Crap, he is Miles Dad! I am toadly on it today.

Going to a restaurant....Miles has an audition. Dead body in the kitchen, hope I never eat there at that restaurant. Miles does his thing....Felix, Delivery to Whidmore, Photos of empty graves, and purchase order or an old airplane. 1.6 million dollars!! Woohoo.

Miles/Hurley = more goody. Now what...going to other station. Body gone, hmmmmm.
Jack helping Roger now like Kate was trying. Roger is a total douche,--to borrow Hurley's word. Kate has a weird thing for Roger's kid, that Kate....Jack is like back down. Uh oh, now they will all be against Kate and Jack.

Riding back, sans body. Orchid is classified. 3 month old son.....That's your name too, Miles. Hurley is sooooo obvious. Dr. Chang is very authoritative, ohhhh secret road..... VERY COOL.

They're building the Hatch...the one that crashed the plane, Miles.

Miles now pre-island, I think. Crap, he is getting kidnapped. Try to talk Miles out of working for Whidmore. What lies in the shadow of the statute.....What the hell, from last week's episode too?? Miles has a gift, like those from Heroes. 3.2 million = double of what they would pay. Ah ha! Wrong team Miles. Is this a new team? The shadow of the statute Team?

More Hurley + Miles. Miles is breakin' it down. Dad was never around, Hurley, gosh. Ohhhh, Hoth is for Hurley's script for Empire Strikes Back. Hurley RULES!!! Love that he wants to help George Lucas. Why does Sawyer call Jack, Doc, when he is the janitor?

Uh oh they are all looking after Kate and her jibber jabber. Silly Kate. It's a development. Miles didn't erase the tape. Ugghhh Miles, what the hell? "Get some rope". I love wild, punching Sawyer! Only 10 more minutes, NOOOOOOO.

Raking rakin raking. Miles is talking to the Daddy of the football player. He gives back the money to the Daddy and admits to lying. Profound stuff about talking to your son and saying I love you. Nice, Miles.

Miles back at Otherton with Hurley. Still love them together. Bonding over dumb Dads. Too awesome. And another Star Wars comparison to Empire. Yeah! Hurley is my man! But I liked the Ewoks. Tears, Baby Miles and Miles Daddy. Cuteness.

Now Scientists from Ann Arbor, I wonder who.... Faraday??? Yup, of course. "Long time no see".

Thank GOD they pointed out twice, that LOST will be on next week as a "SPECIAL" and then the 100th episode in two weeks. That was for all the people that need their LOST, every week, like me!