Friday, March 27, 2009

For Catina...25 even more Random thoughts (very Twilight Heavy, sorry)

So, the viral request/note thing had been going around a month or so ago and my friend Catina and I had discussed how, after you completed the list that seemed at first, so difficult. Later you felt like you had even more to say. So in honor of our talk and the fact that I am known to be rather random anyhow, I thought I would continue with even more 25 random thoughts. Besides, it's a good writing exercise and my live LOST blog sucked this week, so here goes:

1) I love finding new snarky Twi-crack websites, where the Twihards are older, snarky, and are basically creatively sharing a passion while making fun of themselves. Other than Confessions of a Twicrack Addict, which I have spoke of before, my latest muse is the Letters to Rob folks.

2) I feel guilty about being addicted to something that on the surface is so juvenile, and possibly the "in" thing to do right now, but I don't care because it gives me something to laugh about.

3) I bought my first men's magazine yesterday, because it has Robward on the cover and is affectionately known by the Twihard crowd as the RobQ. These pics are truly gorgeously, yum!

4) I accidentally pre-ordered and had shipped to me two copies of the DVD for T. Luckily I did end up selling one to a work colleague. Accidentally ordered both because would not let me cancel my order on line even though they had not yet shipped it. Target had the better deal and I thought I could switch my pre-order easily. Was wrong.

5) I recently got my first IPOD and love love love it. Guess what is the one movie I have on it?

6) I sometimes giggle with glee, when I scroll through the "artists" list on my IPOD and "Rob Pattinson" appears in the list.

7) I love lady bugs! I dressed as one for Halloween one year, which was actually the same night I found out that I passed the Bar Exam. Great memory, and lady bugs do seem good luck to me since then.

8) I crave crave crave lettuce. It's becoming a problem. As mentioned before, I take coumadin for a genetic blood defect that I have, which causes clotting. One friend thinks I crave lettuce which contains loads of vitamin K, that incidentally helps with clotting (what I don't want, because I am a super clotter, hence the blood thinner), because I am not supposed to have a lot of it because it counter-acts my blood thinner, coumadin. Its like I only want it because I can't have it, kind of thing.
My other friend said it was because my body is craving it because the coumadin is thinning my blood and the body is panicking and thinking it needs the Vitamin K to help me clot (my body doesn't realize I have a genetic blood disorder, I guess). Anyhow, I LOVE GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES!!

9) Loving green leafy veggies, makes cooking easy for me, which brings me to a blog post/thought I meant to write last week.

10) I almost NEVER cook anymore even though I used to enjoy it. I stopped while I was married to the wasband.

11) Continued thought on above -> Wasband sure gave mixed signals about marriage and our expectations. He once got mad at me for the lackluster meal I made for dinner = grown up married expectation. But then he would want to go out and get smashed doing shot after shot of whatever kind of alcohol his military buddies were pushing = juvenile, non- married expectation. I mean, you can't have it both ways. Either you do married, stay at home things, were you drink at poker nights and BBQs, or you do, "just dating" or "single guy" things and go out to bars, and buy 10 thousand shots for you and all your friends, and wake up hung over as all hell. Of course New Year's Eve is the one night where either behavior is appropriate.

12) Continued thought from above -> I swear I never cook anymore, because I am confused about what kind of person I am "grown up professional" or "party gal/singleton". Aren't there Sex and the City episodes about this?

13) I constantly forget to get up and use the restroom while I am at work. Not because I don't have to go, I just find myself holding it for no reason other than I want to finish one last email, and that turns into one other last email, and another.....My colleagues, remind me and call it Operation B for Bathroom.

14) One of the ladies at LTR wrote an excellent top 10 list of what it is to love about Robward and I thought I would share, because it mimicked my thoughts.
1) He's incredibly attractive 2) a great actor 3) a great musician 4) extremely humble 5) He just doesn't give a damn 6) what else is there to do in the ‘burbs (or when you live by yourself) 7) He has a HOT British accent 8 ) He's hilarious & sarcastic 9) He has an “I don’t give a sh*t about Hollywood” attitude and 10) He's so freakin’ hot it’s unbelievable.

**Getting too busy at work to continue for now. Will continue this weekend when I am feeling less Robsessed and get to spend time with my favorite little person, the 'Kins!**


Tasha... said...

I love your blog! Funny stuff. <---(I SO just almost typed stiff!)Hahaha!

Ok, sorry back to commenting....we have alot in common! Twilight...duh. I literally want to make out with my iPod, no really. Hmm...I sorta have a blood disorder...does hypoglycemia count? The "wasband"...fuuuunny!


Anonymous said...

we're old enough to know better but young enough not to care!!

so glad you found us!

ps i LOVE lists :)