Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seeing the Future

With Halloween coming up, I have been trying to decide what I should be for Halloween. This sparkly witch in this photo seems pretty cool, or maybe a gypsy or even a Vampire. I am thinking very strongly of going with Vampire. I always love a good bite!

But all the costume shopping and Halloween night dreaming has actually gotten me in tune with my own magical, Halloweeny skills and abilities. Did you ever realize that you could do something that you weren't entirely sure that you could do? Well, recently, last week I did find out that I could somewhat predict the future.

At work I had been known to have a particular ugly incident with SA that resulted in my resolve to use kindness. However, as I suspected from the encounter with SA at the meeting of the 4, which included at high level Program Management team member, my reputation and my work remained tarnished in this team member's eyes. I saw the future and knew that something would become of the fateful meeting of the 4. Last Friday I was removed from the program with SA and the PM team member.

Unlike my other colleagues, who mostly admit to making mistakes or forgetting to complete a responsibility during high, stressful work time, any slight imperfections that I performed were magnified by SA attempting to point out my flaws in front of those who make decisions. As I have explained, SA has also made particularly serious mistakes in her work. However, unlike with me, those who make decisions did not have SA's flubs highlighted for them.

Only my record was attacked, judged, carefully sifted through, put on display, combed through with a fine toothed comb, pointed to, spun, and written out for some to see. How did I know that this would happen? Well, when people act inappropriately, highly competitive, two-faced, and back stabbing, to make co-workers look bad in front of others, especially those who make decisions, I guess they sometimes get what they want...But as sure as I was that SA's actions would lead to my demise in the eyes of the PM's from this program, I am also sure that God, karma, pay-back, whatever you want to call it, will also return her ugliness with just desserts.