Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Weddings, Wrong Man

Lazy me! Okay not lazy, I just don't feel like delving into it, but nonetheless have a question for myself and others:

After divorce, what on earth do you do with your wedding photos/wedding album (YES, this is an actual pic from the wedding)?

These are my ideas:

1) Ask mom if she wants to keep any pics as "family" mementos? (She will probably tell me to do what I want)

2) Burn all the photos at an elaborate, good bye to marriage anniversary/clot-a-versary party on November 29th.

3) Ask Tina to give the pics to someone else who has a chrysler, in hopes that when their car catches on fire, that the pics will burn up, from an act of god.

Please, I need help....what do you do with these photos when you are happy to no longer be married to the likely adulterer, drunken verizonite (new word for wasband,....don't ask)? But on the other hand, you still do appreciate the day for what it was, and enjoy having the memories of celebrating a life event with all of your friends.

You see, 3 years ago today, the wasband and I were married the second time. The first time, we got married at the court house (Nov 29th), before he left for Iraq. We were so 1940's. I thought it was romantic and I guess it was, but it just goes to show all those currently fretting over wedding plans out there, that no matter how many times or ways you commit yourself to a person, no matter what kind of wedding you have, it never even matters. What really matters is who the person you marry really is. After the party, after the celebration, after the "honeymoon period", who is that person you married?

Seriously though...What do you do with you freakin' wedding photos? The one attached still has Jodie's hubby in it and several of my favorite marines.