Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My girl Shell went on a fun fun trip recently and brought back some fun gifts. Knowing my love for Guinness, she decided to get me some flip-flops with the Guinness logo emblazoned on the flip-flop straps. Of course they were men's flip-flops and she had to guess my shoe size. She was off an inch or two, oh well.
So apparently the flip-flop makers think that Guinness is only a men's beverage. I say NOOOO to this nonsense. Guinness, being first a beer, does lend it more to the male persuasion, however, how can anyone not see its benefits?
Its taste, its smoothness, its thickness but nutty flavor, its hints of chocolaty taste, its low calorie content, its goodness for you (see sign above), and yes, its health benefits. Bet you didn't know that Guinness was once given to nursing and pregnant mothers in the hospital due to its high iron content. Also, it is still given to some blood donors and stomach and intestinal post-operative patients, in Ireland and formally, in England. Basically Guinness ROCKS!
But seriously, I love the taste of Guinness so much that I would even drink it if it were non-alcoholic. Although, I would probably not get to experience the "aphrodisiac" benefits without the alcohol. Nonetheless, I am a female drinker and lover god's gift to beer, my Guinness.
For more info on my favorite beverage see this site and lovely Q&A.