Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I have been trying to arrange for the wasband to come and fetch one of the dogs. Like any divorce, we have to divide our possessions and that included the division of animals. Consequently, my heart has been breaking all month knowing that I would have to give up my Marvin-Darwin to the beast of a bastardy wasband.

Just today I received an email from him stating that he was not coming up here this weekend as he originally thought. My first thought, good, more time with Marvin-Darwin, second thought, hope he is not going to be completely ridiculous about finding a way to come get him and ubberly uncooperative, and third thought, OH MY GOSH, I move in a month and cannot take M-D with me, Wasband better get his butt up here beforehand or find a place for M-D in the meantime.

Of course, since the first read over of his message I have had many other thoughts, like puking, wishing I never married him, wishing I did not have to deal with ever conversing with him again, and hoping that the whole thing would just end. But to no avail, I must deal.

I also get to deal with the paranoia of his apparent attorney that has told him not to go into Virginia, where I might possibly serve him with paperwork for a divorce and create a jurisdictional issue. Although, as he actually correctly stated, "I am making him deal with this".

That sounds bad. I will deal with the big D from the wasband, despite my wish that, like him, I want it to all just disappear. I will not lay passively aside while he "takes me to the cleaners". I am merely making him go through the motions of filing for the divorce, where as I plan to be on the defensive and attack the divorce paperwork.

But here's the problem......I am numb. Not sure why. I am not shocked that this stuff is coming to a head, I am not shocked that Mr. Likely Adulterer is pushing through to get the divorce or separation finalized,....I am not sure why I am numb. That is why I write.

Maybe tomorrow, after an attempt of a night's sleep, I will feel less numb. However, I did manage to let the genius of a wasband know that coming here to meet and exchange animals for belongings on Friday, October 31st, Halloween was probably a bad idea since I will be likely performing Halloweeny duties with the 'Kins, or pre-celebrating Meghan's BDay, and because IT'S HALLOWEEN!!! And I also suggested that I could possibly send him M-D with the special pet shipping company that we used to ship the dogs from CA to VA. We shall see his response......Oh wait, he will probably have to go over it first with his attorney. I guess it pays to be an attorney yourself, or rather I don't have to pay "to go over legal issues dealing with a divorce". No, I write my friends and this blog to get out what the next step should be. ARGHHHHH!!! Boys are stupid. Throw rocks at them.