Monday, September 15, 2008

WOW!!! I am lazy.

I wish that my non-blogging-ness could be the result of the broken finger. But, No... It has to deal with my watching of all the new Fall Premieres. I am beginning to realize that I am totally a science geek. I think that is least I am realizing what kind of things that I like myself without having to only like the things that my significant or in my case, insignificant other likes.

FALL TV SHOWS that I am addicted to:
-Terminator: Sara Conner Chronicles (OK, so I like it when women get to kick ass too)
- Fringe (again, see above reason and add the creator of LOST)
- Bones (I am beginning to see a trend here)
- Heroes (haven't seen, but can't wait)
- The Office (speaks for itself)
- Eli Stone (liked this show, but maybe only because it was after LOST)
- Football, of course (I am a fantasy football person)
- Entourage (lots of eye candy and funny, funny lines)
- True Blood (VAMPIRES)
- Any show with dogs :)