Tuesday, September 16, 2008


OK so I have to finish my "homework" from the therapist....but first I have a question. Should people think you are crazy just because you see a therapist? I don't think so, I think that if one is fully aware that therapy could help with their self-esteem and improve themselves, or if a person thinks that they should see a therapist in the first place, then by definition they cannot be crazy, because a crazy person doesn't know they are crazy and would not know that they need help. Don't quote me on that "definition" though.

Anyhow, back to my homework:

h) What are some of the things you would like to stop doing. Smoking, craving too much chocolate, making excuses to not blog, and to not need someone else to be interested in me to make me feel good about myself. I think I have made some headway on some of these, but they still need work.

i) What are some of the things you would really like to get better at? Definitely to write more often and almost every day, to write about what is "really" bothering me, to again feel happy and know how awesome I am. I would also like to maybe have some kind of musical skill. I can't sing or really play any instrument. It would be awesome to learn something to make me more musically inclined.

j) What are some peak experiences that I have had? Hmmmmm. Graduating law school, passing the Bar exam, zip lining, kayaking and horseback riding on vacation.

k) What are some peak experiences that you would like to have? Mostly see above, minus the going to law school. I think I would like to take the VA Bar exam, and would like to do all three activities listed above. Hiking to the top of something awesome and looking out onto the world. Taking pictures that get hung on someone who is not in my families' wall. Oh and finish at least a half marathon, even if I have to walk it.

l) Are there some values you are struggling to establish? I think that not over indulging would be one. But there is a fine line between enjoying all of life and not over indulging in spirits and wonderfully decadent chocolate. Otherwise, I think I have pretty good values, I don't lie about me, obviously, it's all up here. I don't cheat, not even if a relationship, although I could write about a few "others" I know that could work on that value. But all and all, I think I am pretty virtuous.

m) What was one missed opportunity in life? Not establishing my career after law school. I got married and moved to Cali. Jobs in Cali were far from career builders, despite what I made from them, and they made me feel awful about myself.

n) What are some things you want to start doing now, at this point of your life? Not sure, maybe training for the half marathon and getting hold of some good photography books from my awesome friend Jen. That's probably the only thing I can start doing right now and afford to start doing at this point in my life. Why do things have to be so expensive?

Well,...that's it. I guess I found out some things I would like to do and continue doing, but I kind of knew these already. Ho hum...maybe I am crazy.