Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Hyperventilation and Excitement, No Picture Necessary

***LIVE LOST BLOGGING of Episode aired 5/18/2010***

Previously.......starts us off and we re-cap the crap ass killer episode.
Beginning with Jack's eye again and we are off island in sideways time line and Jack has his neck cut. His son is there at his apartment. They are having a great morning. It's sweet. "Don't get weird."
YEAH Clare is there with them for Breakfast. Phone Call: Oceanic airlines has located the cargo --> Jack's Dad in the coffin, except that the phone call is actually the evil Desmond trickster.

ISLAND - Morning on island. Jack is treating Kate from the gun shop. He stitches her up just as she had done so long ago. Kate is reminiscing about Sun and Jin and concludes that FAUCKE MUST DIE.

A life jacket appears on the beach on the Island. Hugo stands near Sawyer and Kate. The are all forlorn. Jack joins the,. Three left and another wreck brought them back to the island. Jack informs about Desmond's existence in a well. They are heading to look for Des.

OFF ISLAND - Locke is at school rolling through the parking lot. Ben sees Des and starts screaming. He starts punching Ben so Ben will remember Des on the island. Ben does have a flash of island memory.

Finally see Ben and Miles with Guyliner walking through the jungle. I love Miles awesome one liners. Ben hid C4 in his secret room behind the bookcase. Miles is hearing dead people. He said Wonky. Awwww Miles is hearing Ben's daughter who has been burried. Ben is sad. He walks to his house to look for the C4. Ben explains to Miles how he could summon the monster via the secreter room, in his secret room. Ben opens the safe and gets all the C4 to blow the plane to hell. They run into Whidmore and Zoe at his house in New Otherton in the kitchen. How did they not run into each other before.
So is this before last week, before Faucke leads them to the plane and then teh sub and he takes the C4 and puts it in Jack's pack back?

STILL ISLAND - in Kitchen. Ben is not trusting Whidmore. He warns of their last chance of survivor. Oh good. This is now, not before last week. Jacob had visited WHidmore to get him back on the island. Zoe warns of Faucke.

OFF ISLAND - Nurse is working on Ben at school. Locke questions Ben about the fighting and stuff. Ben says he thinks he may have saw something. The man, Desmond, was trying to get Locke to let go. Desmond now has shown up at the police station where Miles and Sawyer work. Miles is getting ready to go to an event. Des goes and confesses to being the suspect in both instances of attacks at the school. He runs into Sayid and Kate who are also in the jail.

ISLAND - Going to look for the well. Sawyer questions Faucke's want to kill Desmond. They talk about the bomb blowing up. Sawyer knows he should have trusted Jack. Hugo stops along their walk, because he sees something strange. He runs into the kid that has been hanging out around the island. The kid wanted Ilana's ashes, because they were his and he is lil Jacob, yes? And it turns out that the kid is Jacob....I think. Oh no, when the ashes burn out, they will never see Jacob again.
"You should get your friends, we're very near to the end Hugo." says Jacob.

Fsaucke steps back on the planks on the Island. Zoe make sit back to cabin. There is lots of fast stuff. Ben asks for the walky talkies. Zoe and Whidmore are off. Miles goes too. Guyliner wants to talk to Faucke to get him to leave them alone. "Good Luck with that." So smokey carries Guyliner away. Ben just hangs out on the front porch awaiting Faucke. Faucke says its just the man he was looking for and take out his knife. Faucke says that he needs Ben to kill people for him. He will give Ben the island all to himself. Faucke asks about the rigger. Ben confesses it is Whidmore and tells Faucke where to find him.

OFF ISLAND - Ben runs into his fav student, Alex. She offers him a way home. Ohhh, Alex's man is crazy Danielle, from the island. AWESOME! Love seeing her again. Co que vin night? Danielle is happy to have Ben there with her. Danielle explains that Alex's father died and that Ben was like a father to Alex. So sweet. He is tearing up.

ISLAND - Ben lets Faucke in to explore his closet containing Whidmore and Zoe. She is armed Ben warns. Ben wants to see Faucke attack Whidmore. Ben lead Faucke right to them. Faucke kills Zoe immediately. Faucke wants to know something from Whidmore. He asks Whid to whisper it is his ear. Why is Faucke threatening to kill Penny? Faucke wants to know why Whidmore came back. He explains it was Desmond and his resistance to electromagnetism. Don't whisper Whidmore! Whidmore does whisper something to Faucke so Ben can't hear. Now, Ben shot Whidmore! Ben says that Whidmore doesn't get to see his daughter. Faucke is impressed by Ben's willingness to kill.

Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Hugo get to speak with Hugo now. They can all see Jacob now. Kate is angry with Jacob. She wants to know that Sun, Jin and Sayid didn't die for nothing. Jacob is now going to explain why they died. Jacob is going to tell everything now. One of them gets island duty after he tells them everything about the island. Of course like Seacrest, we go to commercial, before we learn anything.

OFF ISLAND - Locke goes to see Jack in the hospital. They talk of Jack's son picture. Locke explains how he threw away Jack's card and how strange it is that they keep running into one another. Then Locke says that Desmond says he was there to help Locke let go. Freaky deaky. Locke admits that this is happening for a reason. They have a Fate conversation and Locke says he is ready to try and get out of the chair.

ISLAND - The 4 plus Jacob are together at the fire. Jacob begins his story.... Jacob says he made the monster and the monster was trying to kill him. Sawyer is pissed at Jacob for messing with his life. Jacob says he didn't pluck any of them out of a happy existence. They were all flawed and alone. Something they couldn't find. Kate was crossed off because she became a mother. But she can have it. The light at the center of the island must never go out and must be protected from him, smokey, the man in black, Faucke, etc. Jacob wants them to kill the monster. They hope it is possible. Jacob is giving them a choice to determine who shall stay and protect. Jack says that he should do it. It is why he is there. Jack wants to be it. And it is TIME.

Now they are just staring off into space. Sawyer makes a joke about Jack having a God Complex. The bamboo field where Jack landed, the light was nearby. Jack was confused. Jacob gives a cup of the water he has blessed. Jack asks how long will he have to do the job. "As long as you can" says Jacob. Jacob says to Jack, "now you're like me."

OFF ISLAND - Sawyer says that they are shipping all the prisoners to County Jail. Sawyer and Kate have a moment between the bars. "Nice knowing ya" Sawyer says. The three prisoner are in the back of the police transport vehicle. Sayid tells Kate that Des is crazy. Des has a plan to get them out of there. They have to do what he asks them to do and promise they will. They said, ok. Hey, Anna Shows up! She lets them all out at the dock. And it's Hugo giving Anna the money. Cause they never met. Hugo is taking them somewhere. Desmond is taking Kate to a concert, to get Jack?

ISLAND - Ben is walking with Faucke. Faucke explains he likes to walk cause it reminds him that he was human. Faucke is looking for Desmond and sees Des has escaped with a rope. Faucke says that someone helped Faucke out by allowing Desmond to escape the well. Now Faucke says that Desmond will help him destroy the island. Desmond is a fail safe....okay?


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