Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - UM WOW, which is different from SHAM WOW!

*****SPOILER POST - LOST LIVE BLOGGING to Episode from 5/11/10*******

Floating boat parts and baskets..... And there is WHO? Who is that? When are we? I know where we are? Is this the birth of the brothers, Jacob and Man in Black? Yes, yes it is!
The stream, seen so many times....Wait am I watching the Island on LOST or the West Wing or a Kaiser Permante, au-natural commercial? Oh it's Claudia who landed on the island pregnant and is found by the West Wing's Allison Janney. Claudia and Allison Janney are in the cave, where Jack found Adam & Eve, way back in the 1st Season. How nice. Now they speak English. (THANK GOODNESS)

Uh oh. Baby, coming?
Yup, baby birthing....the yugo way. Push push push. That is NOT a new born baby... but whatever. Jacob is there, born now. Lovely. Now here, comes the "other baby". Mom says she only picked one name. He is no name baby and in a black blanket, while Jacob wears Black. Then the President's future Chief of Staff punched out Jacob's Mom.

Younger Man in Black maybe, find a black box that he can play a rock game. Jacob goes to play the rock game with Man in Black, but they can't tell mother about it. So the Press Secretary is still alive, weaving. Jacob lies about what the teenaged Man in Black and him where doing with the game. This is very biblical. There is a giant sea turtle. I like jim. Mom goes to talk to the younger Man in Black (MIB). Jacob told his mom about the game. Their Mom tell MIB that he is "special". The game came from their Mom and she informs that the island is all there is. Awww MIB doesn't know what dead is.

They're both chasing the boar! Why do they always have to wear black and white. The boys come upon other hunters on teh island who look like babrians a bit. They hide from them, then run back to tell their mother of the barbarian men. The Mom is worried about the people. They are there for a reason. The Mom will not explain the reason yet. It is not time yet. She says come with me and blindfolds them. She leads them somewhere blindfolded. The Mom says she has made it so that they can never hurt each other. She leads to some glowing part of the stream that is like a cave. Mom says don't go in there and it is light, the warmest and brightest ever. MIB finds it beautiful. Every man wants the light. The men will try to take it. The light cannot go out. Mom says one of the two brothers will have to protect the place. She just says, "It will have to be one of you."

MIB and Jacob playing their game. MIB made up the rules. MIB sees Claudia standing there and she says to not be afraid. MIB runs off to find the woman (his Mom). Jacob can't see her, because she is dead. She wants to show MIB where he came from....a place he's never seen. She leads him to the encampment place. The people came their 14 years ago. Ther were in the ship wreck. Claudia informs that they came from across the see and that she, the dead ghost is his mother. MIB seems pissed. He sneaks off to Jacob who is sleeping in the cave. The go tromping through the woods with a lighted torch. MIB says that there mother is lying and that he is going to the people. Jacob begins punching and yelling at MIB for going to the other people. MIB tells Allison Janney that they don't belong there, and that she killed their mother. Jacob says that he will not go with them. MIB is told he is never able to leave the island. He says it is not true and one day he will prove it. He runs off.

Mom-Janney is watching the ocean and does not think MIB will come back. She admits she killed their mother and that she needed Jacob to stay good and that is why she killed her.Jacob asks why do you love other brother more? She says that she loves the brothers in different ways. She begs Jacob to stay with her and he agrees.

Jacob is the one we now know, he is weaving. Mom-Janney is getting old. She is tired. Jacob is looking after MIB (wonder what he told the people his name is). The two brothers are playing their game. MIB asks why Jacob why he watches. Jacob wants to know if Mom is right about the people and whether they are bad. MIB says that they are indeed all bad. They are selfish, greedy, etc. MIB thinks they are a means to an end, so that he can get off the island. Jacob believes that is impossible to get off the island. MIB throws a knife and it sticks to the well, and it sticks. The magnetism is strange and the people living with him have found something. Jacob doesn't want to leave the island because it is his home.

Jacob returns to his Mom and explains that MIB may have found a way to leave the island. Mom goes looking for MIB. She stares off at him then follows him down a tunnel of what looks like the Temple where he is heating coals in a fire. She always asks him, if she may join him when she comes upon him. MIB has been searching everywhere for the light that his Mom showed him and Jacob before when they were younger. They argue, because MIB wants to know what the island is and Mom will not tell him. But MIB has found the glowing place some way else, behind the rock, hand-made wall. MIB is making a wheel to channel the water and the light. The same wheel at the end of the season before last of LOST. Mom begs for MIB not to go. He says he doesn't belong there. Mom says that she supposes this is good bye and looks teary eyed at MIB. They hug. Mom says she is so sorry, then kills MIB by banging his head against the rock wall. WOW!

Jacob is awoken by his Mom in the cave. She says its time. They go tromping through the woods. The go to the stream, toward where the light is. He asks what's down there. Mom says it is the heart of the island. Jacob must promise that he will not ever go down into the light. She pours Jacob some wine. When he drinks the wine it means that you have accepted to protect the island. Jacob complains that she has wanted MIB to be the one to drink. Mom says it was always supposed to be him, Jacob though. She begs him to take the cup and drink again. He does. Now she and Jacob are the same, so she says.

See MIB laying in the grass with a bloody back. The well has been destroyed. Black smoke is scene and the people in the hutches are burned and dead. The camp is afire. MIB finds his game. He is distraught and then turns angry faced.

Mom has changed her tunic to white? Maybe, I can't remember. Mom sends Jacob to get firewood before it rains. He says I'll see you back home. When she returns to teh cave there is already a fire and the woven blanket is destroyed. SHe finds MIB's game and the two stones. She is killed with a spear by MIB. He looks sad and asks why she wouldn't let him leave. SHe says because she loved him then says thank you and dies. He has tears. Jacob comes upon them. He attacks MIB and begins punching him. He then drags MIB to the cave of light. He knocks MIB out and sends him down the stram to leave. The light goes out and then out comes the smoke monster. Uh oh. Scary! Jacob is confuzzled. He washes his face. He then sees his brother laying on a rock dead, stuck in a tree. He cries and hugs his dead brother. Jacob brings his brother back to their cave. He buries his Mom and MIB with the black and white rocks.

FLASHBACK to the rocks being found by Jack and Kate, and their discovery of "Adam and Eve".

Jacob says "Good-bye Brother." Then we fade out to some Doors.....


Lula! said...

This is your best post yet. And did we love Allison Janney in this episode? We did.

But here's the thing...

If I have to wait till the very last minute of this show to find out what the MIB's name is, then I'm gonna be pissed. If Jack whips out a sparkly pink cell phone and I have to read MIB's name on it, (aka Mr. Big/John/Sex and the City's series finale), I'm gonna punch someone.

are we to believe that because his birth mother never had a name for him, HE never had a name? Hence, Jacob referring to him only as "Brother?"


Lisa said...

I think his name is Esau. Very Biblical.