Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....SEASON Finale and LIVE Twitter

Okay, you all are gonna think I am effing crazy, but most already know this. I am going to try to do duel geeky computer stuff tonight while watching LOST season finale. I need to LIVE blog to LOST because it's what I do. But I also need to help out my LTR ladies with keeping #Rpattz in the top 10 Trending Topics on If you don't Twitter you probably don't know what this is, but it's like being at te top of the Twitter food chain and you have to keep tweeting #Rpattz without stopping. We've been going on for over 24 hours. So why? Well, it's the Twilight guy's Bday. You know, the one smokin up in the top right corner. Yum!!

So anyhow, I plan to go back and forth to Twitter and to LIVE blog to LOST. Lord oh mighty I am a total dork!

OK, I have 5 minutes to get ready.

Wow, is that wool? What time are we in? Jacob time I think! Am I watching LOST? What or who? Older equipment and tools cooking on rock and eating off a leaf. Ahhh shucks its BLACK ROCK! "You brought them here"? Huh? Are they like Roman Gods? He looks kind of cute, like a God. IT WAS JACOB, the cute one. Ohh and the statue.

Now which era are we in? 1980's maybe? Kids stealing NICE. Stealing lunch boxes. Is about the 80's. Maybe it is 1986? Nope it's the 1990's. And it was little Kate! Jacob saved Kate. How lovely. Baby Kate was a cutie.

Back to Darhma 70's. On the sub, Kate is complaining about Jack. Juliet gave them the stink eye.
Faraday's journal seems to have all the answers. How did he not know he would be shot? Time table explicitness? Huh? How did I miss that? That guy is a total dick. Get that drill started again. Well there goes the world.

3 years later. Going to kil Jacob with Locke. Exciting. I love this part of the island. The rocks. Ben has never met Jacob. Interesting. Is Alpert going to really question Locke about why he is alive? Ohhh, we are killing Jacob to save him. Oh good, finally more from the crazes shadow foot people. Smack friends in face with rifles. Sounds about right for LOST.
They've got a BOX, wonder if it's a magic box. Well, whatever it is, "It's terrific!"

Now, at a funeral. Whose? Sawyer's Mom and Dad? Who?? Oh Look, Jacob to the rescue again. Giving Baby James (I called it) a pen! Who's this counseling Sawyer? FYI - Sawyer did not listen to you. "What's Done is Done." Hmmmm.

Darhma 70s time again. Inside sub. When is the sub taking off? Juliet took over for Sawyer again? I love it when she does that. Oh noes, they are pulling out. Oh Juliet took over. Awesome. Horace can't call you buddy.

Sayid is thankfully there to make sens of bomb info in Daniel's journal. Messing with the bomb. Jack says, yup I know him and don't give up on Locke. He knows.
Locke has male boobies. He just does. Locke is shocked that Ben will do whatever he says. Ben's gonna kill the Jacob, not Locke. Ha!!

What the eff time are we now? Why did we have to watch Nadia die? Jacob why are you an ass? Locke can you ask Sayid to kill Jacob for basically helping to cause Nadia's death. Ok, back to the bomb with Jack and Sayid. Wow hammering Alpert hammer away at the wall. Alpert is "protecting" the leader. Sayid trusts no one. Whose house are they in? Wondering...
"deadly force'. Oh noes. Eff shoot effing Sayid why don't you. Not to worry, he always gets shot.
Ahh Kate, Sawyer, Juliet now would be a god time. Oh good, Jin to rescue.

Darhma 1970. Juliet looks pissed about the banter. Kate Thanks Juliet. Swyer smells a 3 way!
Vincent is there!! My fav! And Benard and Rose. Crazy!! Srlsy, what effing road. There is no road, They are on an island. Let's all go to the Swan. Rose and Benard are retired. They rule in their hut! Listen to Rose break it down. She's like who cares. Bernard sees how pissed Juliet is.

OK, now current time with Locke and Lapidus and the Box. Oh good, they are the good guys. Totally releived. It's Rose & Benards's cabin! Or is it Jacob's cabin?

OK now when? Post current time? OK here's Jacob again. Jacob is asking Alana for help. Picture fell. Someone else has been using it. They are gonna burn the cabin. Hmm. There goes the jungle. Now going to the statue. OMG Jacob is a 60ft flaming man, with his burning cabin (LOST Podcast joke)!

Flannery O'Connor. Jacob reading at hospital. As Locke falls from window. Jacob saves him. How nice you are Jacob. Locke has stupid goofy grin still. Catching breath at old beach. Fab. Ben loves his alone time. Ohhh, describing first Jacob encounter. Ben made up the Jacob. But he is real, for realz. Ben says that's what he does, he lies. Yeah Ben why wouldn't you want to kill Jacob?
Oh, the Baby cradle. SO sad. Oh and a Charlie ring. Ohhhh. Tear. Now, we are reminescing with Sun. Cute. And Jacob was there too and spoke Korean. Freaky.

Darhma 1970s. Kate, Sawyer and Juliet say Hells No! PART 1 DONE.

Current time - Locke and Alpert are at the statue. That is where Jacob lives you know. Duuhhh!

Back to Darhma - Sawyer and Jack gonna talk. They owe it to one another.

Pre-island Jack time, I bet. Jack's Dad says count to 5 and close your eyes. How embarassing. My heart went out to Jack when his Daddy did that. Ohhh Apollo bar. :) Jack's Daddy is a show off. Jack's Dad did put him in a time out. Jack, please believe in Jack. Oh and here is Jacob, on cue.

Back to Darhma 1970s time. Sawyer and Jack time alone. "What's done is done". Again. Jack what is your destiny? Jack is doing this for effing Kate?? Please. Oh good, it's a fight. Awesome. Sawyer don't kill him. Juliet changed her mind Sawyer. Women do that.

Now who the eff? Oh it's Baby Juliet and her lil sis. Two people that love each other aren;t always supposed to be together. Never a truer word said. Sawyer is like, Juliet WTF? Juliet is a jealous B. Juliet is effing stupid.

1970s Darhma again, but with Horace. Well they know they are coming. Kate you are gonna still be pissed. Jack now you are asking about Aaron. Jack is talking everyone into the bomb plan.

Almost time for the incident. Kate is now with Jack.

Dude, Hurley is like I killed people, Srsly. We get to see how he got there. Oh Jacob made him. Strange. This whole video is strange. And Twizzlers!!!! Just like Twilight. Jacob was waiting for Hugo. And now he will talk Hurley into going back to island. You are blessed Hurley!! "Wonderful except for the part where I am crazy." Again, God Bless Hurley!! Just be on the plane says Jacob.

Everything will be fine when Jack changes everything. Jack Rulz! Only 30 more minutes. Oh noes, Sayid is a goner. Sucks! I hope Jack jumps in the whole like a kamikazi pilot. See ya in LA. Jack how you gonna get past Horace??

OK, now back to Locke and the statue. What happened to the statue? Sun ain't taken your shit, Ben. And Locke ain't taken' Richard's shit either. Magical doors that Richard always finds. He is the "Gatekeeper". Ben is mesmorizing by the fire leading to Jacob. Locke's giving Ben his knife, then walking ahead of him. Yikes!

Well, atleast we know what lies in the shadow of the statute that those crazed people were talking about. ARe they already there ahead of Locke and Ben??

Darhma 1970s. The nuke could be the incident. What now? Oh Live together Die alone. Great, there is a crazy amount of madness happening. Incident or not incident. Jack is on the move. How is Jack such a great shot? They all are.

They hit the pocket. Go Jack Go!! Okay, now what? Large electromagnetic field.
And Juliet is gone. Stupid chains.

Current, Locke time. Here comes the MAGIC BOX. Apperently, Richard is Ricarlos. And he knows about what lies beneath the shadow. What's in the BOX?? Who is it? OMG it's Dead Locke or some other dead dude. Now what again.
Is this all stupid Ben's test? To make sure that he follows Locke. They have met in a manner of speaking. But Ben, you have a choice. What choice? Go or leave us to discuss the issues. Ben is pissed. Maybe he will die now. I hope so. Locke is Moses, Ben, just sayin'.

What about you Ben? You go Ben. They're coming.... And Jacob is burning.

Back to 1970's Darhma. Jack is dilirious. Save Sawyer who lost Juliet. Somehow Juliet is not dead. Okay....Cool. She is gonna activate the bomb or beat it to death. OK, Cool. LOST ended in a white screen. I have to wait until 2010. I guess I need a new blog topic.



C.J. said...

I read your Twitter update about letting you know what Dax says on the chat today, but for some reason you blocked me last time when I started following you.

Do you not understand that the concept of Twitter is to connect with people?


Bekah said...

i forgot you had this blog. happy day

Anonymous said...

i love when you don't blog.


Bekah said...

i love your commitment to your blog