Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Let's All Go See Jacob

Oh nooees. Every episode now has someone getting shot? Am I right? Look it's an a$$hole on horseback. It's 1970's time - Yup, Moms you killed him. Uhh, yes we came with him, if you stop hitting me in the face!

30 years when? Huh? What? 30 years before after, I missed it. Well Richard looks the same. Can't tell. John there now too. Ok and now we are 3 years after they left the Island. Your people, my people, our people. Whose people. Richard is an advisor.....For a VERY long time. And he watched them all die!! duh du duuuuu. Stupid Logo.

Okay they get yelled at and stuck in a hut, and Kate and Jack are just talking like nothing happen. "It was not all misery". Now we have the magic of the journal and we can change everything everywhere and for all time. Awesomeness. Why does Kate look so tan a Jack so bloody?

Oh Crap Darhma thugs at it again. Nobody slaps Mr. LaFleur, I mean, Sawyer. Wow, he means effing business. I hate the Sawyer beatings. I can't deal...poor Sawyer.

CRAP!! RUN Hurley RUN!!! Hurley is always looking after his peeps. Dr. Chang is here now. Hurley, "But we asked you first". I love Hurley. What year were you born? Hurley does not know his history. Faraday was right so far, except when he got effing shot! And now Jack & Kate are untied and met Whidmore.

Ok, so seeing Jacob is a problem??? Hmmmm. Going now to see a plane. What Plane? John Locke is freaky deaky! That man, the one you'll talk to, well, that me. This show is moving very very very fast.
Can't believe it's almost 30 minutes until over. Eff.

Magical, Richard Alpert came to help. I love me some eyeliner. Errr shush it, Ben! Actually Ben effing killed me, because he sucks, Richard. You should have let him die before.

1970's Evacuate the island. Dr. Chang is, "lets go." I love that Juliet and Sawyer = Love.
Uh oh. Kate can't swim. Oh no, gun shots. Great...Oh thank god!! That's where he's been this whole time. Crouched behind an effing bush. God bless Sayid.

What is anyone ever going to do? Bee-atch slap her, Sayid. Do it. Why did Kate save him, why? Everyone one on the island dies anyway. What is whose destiny? What is happening? Someone make a decision. Where's Sawyer?

Sawyer always has a plan...those two are crazy cute. And really beat the eff up. What's the plan? I guess it is to say Efff you, Sawyer Out!

Time to swim with eyeliner and Jack. Swim Swim swim. Ohhh it's the pretty waterfall. It's the temple. And they are in the tunnels. Wow, someone talked some kind of smartness for half a minute, "No, Jack. Not through the pool. It's a big bomb."

Back to John and his others in his "present time". John's gonna break it down to everyone now. "Okay, everyone, follow me to Jacob." Murmurmurmerrrrr. John Locke will be trouble. And that is why Ben tried to kill him.

Marching to the sub sub sub. What's a real world? If Sawyer leaves the show right now. I am gonna freak the eff out! And Kate has to ruin everything. Stupid Kate. If looks could kill, Juliet just shot Kate. Very official sub activity. All quiet. Sub leaving.....

Okay back to Jack. Wow, good point Sayid. Why do you trust Ellie? Okay, here's the bomby bomb. Now, what? Just what I was thinking...

Now Locke's troopers are a walking. Hahahahaha. We're going to Jacob so we can kill him. Of course we are. WTF???

To Sum up ->> WTF?? No words. Just WOW!!