Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LOST is Life LIVE Blogging - Drinking the Locke Kool-aid, Ain't Good

*****SPOLIER POST - Contains LOST Live Blogging from 4/20/2010 Episode*****

Showing of last week’s LOST and again I feel as though I need to say WTF, Desmond? Hitting a man in a wheel chair, I mean really.

Oh no, it’s the Jack/ Faucke show down. I am worried. The whole gang is here. It makes me feel sick, RUN Jack, RUN AWAY! Nooo. Faucke is Yucko! They are sitting in the forest and talking….Only Jack has a gun. Jack, asks “Why John Locke?”Apparently, Faucke needed a dead body to appear. Jack asks if Faucke was Jack’s father before, and of course, YES! Thanks for asking Jack. 1 Question down. Faucke lead them to water. Faucke has always wanted to help them leave, but they were trapped on the island because Jacob chose him. To fly away it has to be all of them, as we have learned. Oh noes, Faucke is calling John Locke a sucker. That is LAME.

OFF ISLAND – In the Ambulane with Locke and Ben. Locke wants to find Helen, aka, Peg Bundy, and tells them his name. Oh Locke and Sun come in on the same Ambulance. Looks like Sun is recognizing him.

ISLAND - Faucke walks Jack out to the Clare. Ohh it’s a Brother sister reunion between Crazy Clare and Jack. Very very lovely, please bring me tears. Clare gave up hoping that they would come back to the island and she is really glad that Jack has decided to be on Faucke’s team. Crazy Clare repeats the rule that, the second you hear Faucke talk, you are with him, just as it’s been warned before in other shows. Jack is confuzzled.

Hurley and Sawyer. Nice. Sayid is from the Dark Side now. But you can bring people back from the Dark Side so Hurley reminds us. Star Wars, duh. How did it become daytime, so suddenly.

OFF ISLAND – Sawyer and Kate at the police station after he had caught her downtown several shows ago. There’s some back and forth and sexual tension. It’s adorable. And Sawyer points out the obvious weirdness that the world is trying to put them together. Why didn’t you arrest Kate in the elevator at LAX? Kate figured it out, it was because Sawyer was trying to hide he was there.
Miles pulls over Sawyer over to discuss the shooting involving Sayid, Sun, Jin, Keamy and company.

ISLAND - Kate says that Sayid is different now. Faucke wants to leave and they all have to go together, so they repeat again. Oh here comes Zoe. Zoe wants Desmond back, but says that, “they have something of theirs [Whidmore’s]”. Why do they keep referring to Desmond, like a thing? And Zoe displays Whidmore’s mad rocket skills, as a rocket lands and explodes right nearby where she stands to confront Faucke. She gives Faucke a walkie-talkies. He smashes it and says, “Here we go!”

OFF ISLAND – Non crazy Clare at the adoption agency building in LA. So Desmond goes up and starts talking to her randomly. He is now following her…this is odd. What the eff? Des, you are crazy. Desmond is telling her she needs a lawyer to go to the adoption agency. This is a little crazy. The lawyer that he is going to see is def Mike’s ex wife. I bet cha. So Clare somehow listens to Desmond. Oh I am wrong it is Ilana. Since when is she a lawyer? Since now, I guess. Apparently Ilana has been looking for Clare and asks to speak to her for a moment, sans off-island, crazy Desmond.

ISLAND – Clare goes up to Hurley, “What’s going on?” Hurley – “People trying to kill us again.” Faucke is trying to lead everyone to the other island. He has this whole separation plan. It seems a bit suspect and Sawyer doesn’t seem to believe in Faucke. Sawyer has a “deal” with Whidmore, as he tells Jack. Sayid and Clare are nuts. So Jack, per Sawyer is supposed to get away from Faucke…okay. Faucke orders Sayid to go kill Desmond and to do what he, Faucke says. And so Sayid walks off….

Sayid with a gun, walking toward Desmond in the well. Des questions what Faucke offered Sayid. Of course it was his darling wife, Nadia back from the dead. Desmond is questioning Faucke’s power to Sayid. Desmond asks him, “What will you tell her when she asks what you did to be able to be with her again?”

OFF ISLAND – Sayid is back at Nadia’s house and is packing back up his suitcase, swiftly. He says that everything is going to be okay. He tells Nadia that he is leaving and can never come back again. The doorbell rings, it’s Miles from the LAPD. Miles says he needs to ask questions…..Sawyer catches Sayid in the back yard.

ISLAND – Desmond’s boat, or someone else’s’? Who’s is this? Sawyer says that they are going to ditch Faucke with the pilot that looks like he stepped out of a Charlton Heston Movie. Ha! “Clare ain’t coming”, says Sawyer. Clare has been, “Drinking the Locke Kool-aid!” Ha! Kate is mad because she swore she would bring Clare back. They swim out to the sailboat. Where was this boat before?

With Faucke in lead, there’s more tromping through the woods. Jack talks with Clare and asks how long she has been with Faucke. She says she trusts him and that “he was the only one that didn’t abandon her”.

Faucke is looking for Sayid, he questions Sun. She is mad because she believes he took away her English and of course, Faucke tells Sun he didn’t. Faucke is going to make sure that no one got left behind, so he says. Jack separates “his crew” to follow with him, to go and meet Sawyer. Clare watches them all run away. Faucke asks Sayid where he has been. Sayid said he shot Desmond and “Go check if you like.” They go of toward the boat.

Now Jack is running through the woods with his company. Jack is looking for Sawyer and the boat. They see them. They are all trying to get off the idland. But Crazy Clare comes gun toting to ask where they are going. Uh oh… They are leaving the idland says Kate to Clare. He’s not one of us. Kate says that they can get her back to Aaron. She reminds that Clare should have raised him. Please come with us Clare. She lowers the weapon and gives it to Kate. Clare says that Faucke will be mad if he finds out where they are.

OFF ISLAND – Back in the office building or hospital, okay office building…we have Jack and son, both in matching suits. Too cute. Ohh the lawyer was looking for Clare because of Jack’s father’s will. Awww. Ilana asks if they believe in fate? Because she found Clare. Clare tells Jack that they are related. Jack face palms….and his phone rings. It’s the hospital about Locke, I am sure. Jack has to reschedule.

ISLAND – Now they are all chillaxing on the sail boat all calm and peaceful like. Lapidus asks Sawyer what is happening and Sawyer gives the lowdown, about going to meet up with Whidmore. Sawyer goes to talk to Jack. Jack says it doesn’t feel right to leave the island. Jack says he remembers how wrong it felt the last time he left. Sawyer orders Jack off the boat, unless he is with them. Sawyer is done with the island, but Jack disagrees. So how is this Sawyer’s boat? Well, Jack apologizes for Juliet’s death and jumps off the boat. Kate Screams after him! Sawyer, “He changed his mind”. Kate is torn between the 2 men, as always.

OFF ISLAND – Sun opens her eyes in the hospital. Jin is asleep next to her. She calls out to him. She asks what happened. Effing subtitles. Ohh their baby is fine here. It’s over, Jin tells her. Okay… This is sweet but can the meet up on island now, please?
Jack is walking through halls of same hospital with his son, not Sun. His son tells him good luck, as Jack goes into surgery prep. Okay, so Jack is now going to work on Locke in the hospital. Wonder what he’ll say when we he sees him. Jack’s just amazed. He should me SHOCKED!

ISLAND - Jack out of breath back on island, having swam from Sawyer’s boat. He runs into Faucke & company on the island. Uh oh… Faucke is pissed cause Sawyer took his boat. Zoe and her band of brothers meets Sawyer and crew on the beach as the boat lands there. But wait, Oh yes! The Sun/Jin reunion! YES!! Finally. Wonderful. Oh she can speak Engrish now! All Tears and everyone smiles. We’ll never be apart again. Awwww. Sawyer takes a sideways glance at Kate.

Zoe/Whidmore crew suddenly pulls their weapons on Sawyer’s just landed boat crew, as per a walkie talkie order. And one of the awesome Zoe Rockets is fired at Faucke on the other island as he is on the beach. Explosion! Jack tries to warn everyone to move. Jack’s hearing is damaged in the explosion. Faucke takes Jack away and saves him from the beach-splosions. What is happening? Fauck says to Jack, “you’re with me now.”


- Does Jack working on Locke off-island mean that Jack can fix Faucke on the island?

- We got confirmation that Faucke was acting as Jack/Clare’s Dad, and probably all the other dead folks, except for those that Hurley can see

- Where did this boat come from? Faucke kept referring to it as his boat.

- Why did Whidmore renege on the deal? Is he the bad one? Where is Ben in this party? Was he with them or is he gone with Guyliner to blow up the plane? Where are they?

- And Desmond, he can’t be dead? Sayid couldn’t have lost his face with Nadia by killing Desmond. He didn’t want Nadia to know what he had done in his sideways timeline, and would not want her to know of his bad deeds in the island timeline, either.


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