Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Live LOST Blogging....Baby Dan, Baby Charlotte & 100th Episode

Oh Nooes! Desmond has been shot. Baby Charlie is adorable. Oh, it's Mrs. Hawking. She is NOT the mother of Ben Linus. Her son is Danny Dan.

30 years back again. Dan + Miles = win. Faraday has been in Ann Arbor, Hmmm. "How did you get back here?" Dan says, oh and by the way, my Mom was WRONG.

Whooooaaa LOST turned into STARTREK. Weird.

Is this baby Faraday? Perhaps? Yup. Looks like he was once a kid. Good to know. Ohhh he hair braces and everything. Moms talking about Destiny. Mom has job? Darhma? WHoooaaa Daniel is gonna "make time". Can you say foreshadow?

Back at 1970's Darhma, Headed to the Orchid. Phil's an ass, Sawyer. Just get rid of him. Waiting waiting waiting. Mile's Dad and Dan meet and greet. Oh, we saw this before.

Evacuation?? Swine Flu? Oh wait no eletromagnitic. "I'm from the Future."

Mile's Dad is now totally going to go bisirk. Miles here is your son. Awwww He is gonna save baby Miles.
Dan, graduating. Now, eating. Mrs. Hawking is kind if bitchy. Is she Ellie from the past? Did we find that out? Well, I guess it is obvious. Whidmore gave him a grant to do research. Grooviness.

Whattayou want Mom's? Ohhh a present. The journal? Is she dying, why is she leaving and saying, good luck? Yup, journal.

Back again to 70's. Parties over people. Sawyer is breaking it down. What do we do?

Hurley ->Wishy washy. Uh oh...Knock Knock. Daniel? Twitchy. hehehehe
Deep breathy voice, Daniel speaking, wants the hostiles. One of them is Mom and she can get them off. Brilliant.

Commercials. Uggh. FYI - Grey's Anatomy looks GOooooOOOD!

Ohhh we get to see who was talking to Dan, last season opener. Daniel can't remember anything. Whidmore, visiting Dan, he offers a NEW opportunity for Dan = go to island, again. Weepy Dan. What if, Dan What if?? Whidmore DID put it there. Ben wasn't lying about that!!
Whidmore is breakin it down to Crazy Dan. Dan's mind will be healed. (That island is awesome. Shell should go there.) Whidmore sounds like Dan's Mom, because Whidmore is Dan's Dad? FYI --I've decided this.

Fonzi times!?!?!?! God, love Hurley.

We don't belong here.....Uh ohhhh. Juliet is PISSED!! She was like, don't call her Freckles, Dammit! 1970's Dan, where are you going? Ohhh Charlotte. Baby Charlotte is VERY cute. I want her hair. Maybe I can change things.... YES YOU CAN, DAN!!
Great now there is a show down, at the motor pool. Run run run! Nice shot there Jack. Sound the alarm!!

Piano playing....Dan still remembers, kind of. Moms is here. It's Mom's business to know. Mom says TAKE JOB! Crazy Dan, says No. Magic Island can make it better, all better, crazy Dan.
Awwww, "will it make you proud of me?" Tear. He's a go, for island trip.

Back 1970's. Takin' jeep to the outside line. Entering the code. Just a scrap. Faraday is now telling it like Miles was. This is our now. OK, let's go find the others. I love the Darhma outfits on them. Juliet wants to make sure La Fleur has back.

Oh noees. They are all pissed at Sawyer. Black Darhma uniforms = mean, stupid men with guns.
So, Why your momma an idiot? Because of this one accident, the hatch will happen, then the plane crash. Because of this, than that, than this....blah blah blah. Ok we have said, whatever happened happen has been said twice. Variables need to looked at, people are the variables.

Wow, Super Dan can do anything! Kate is like so, how? Oh, by exploding a bomb, that's how. Got to go find JUGHEAD. Dammit, commercial.

Back to the first scene in the show. FULL CIRCLE. Mrs. Whidmore, does not know anything now. Oh Desmond is in recovery. Good! Desmond says, he promised not to leave again. Awww kisses. Whidmore enter stage left, Desmond is alright, says Good.
Sacrifice. Oh, it is his son. SLAP!! I think he still wants Eloise.

1970's now. We are all used to insane. Insane = GOOD LOST. Oh, here they are at the camp. Wish him luck. Go Dan nutso. Wanna talk to Eloise. Oh good, it's eye liner. Where is that bomb? Oh great, no more Dan. Who are you? Oh, I am the son you just shot.

Great LOST, next week looks great too!
Best Part - of course Hurley's Fonzi references and seeing all the stuff in the past that we were like WTF?
Worst Part - There wasn't any. That was the best!